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Detroit at Minnesota (2/12/09)

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Tonight Minnesota was in town to face the Wings. Osgood was in net for us and Harding was the starter for them.

In the first period Detroit scored with a nice team effort. Kronwall had the puck at one point and looked off the defender. He passed across to Lebda at the other point. Lebda took the shot. Harding got most of the puck but it trickled through him somehow and dropped in behind him. Samuelsson pounced on it and drove it home to give the Wings the early lead.

Later in the first period Minnesota had a 5 on 3 power play. They managed to score with a great shot by Burns. It was a one timer wrist shot that he launched very quickly; a very tough shot.

In the second period Hudler scored on a great give and go. Lilia passed to Hudler who gave it to Hossa. Hudler got open and took the pass back from Hossa. Hudler took the shot and scored a sweet goal to put the Wings up by two.

Then, just a few seconds later Draper scored another Wings goal. Hossa got in deep and circled around the back of the net. He passed it to Draper in the circle.  Draper ripped it and scored. Three one Wings.

Nearing the end of the second period Leino scored a nice wrap around goal. Detroit was just dominating play at that point. To quote Mickey Redmond, “Minnesota’s playing like they’re killing a penalty with five guys on the ice.” Leino’s goal made it four to one Wings.

In the third period the Wild scored when Koivu made a great play while shorthanded. He entered the zone against Samuelsson and made a nice move to get by him. Then he put the puck way to the right and pulled it back all the way to across the crease to the left side of the net. Osgood couldn’t get back over in time so Koivu scored the shorty.

That was it for the scoring in this one. Detroit held on to win four to two. The Wings mostly dominated the entire game. As Mickey Redmond pointed out, the best line in this game was Hossa, Hudler, and Filppula. As good as Datsyuk and Zetterberg are every night, that line was fantastic . Osgood looked great in this game, too.

This 2-4 win brings us to:
81 points

Detroit at Minnesota (1/3/09)

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

The Minnesota Wild hosted the Wings for tonight’s game.  Detroit was coming off of the Winter Classic game so there was the chance of a letdown after all fanfare and novelty.  This was just a regular old indoor game.  Osgood was back in net for the Red Wings and Harding was in for the Wild.  The Wild were without Gaborik who will be out for most of the rest of the season with hip surgery.

Through most of the first period Minnesota did a great job of clogging up the neutral zone and keeping the Wings from doing much damage.  Near the three minute remaining mark Zetterberg made a great individual play to steal the puck and skate it in deep.  He took it around the back of the net and dished it to Samuelsson who one-timed it into the net.  Shots on goal in the first period were 11 to 8 in favor of the Wings.  It seemed like the Red Wings completely dominated the period.  The Wild had most of their shots early and Ozzie was able to hold them off.  After the first few minutes it was all Wings.

The second period was pretty tight defensively.  No goals were scored and the Wild actually out-shot the Red Wings.  They had some power plays and the Wings did not so that was probably the reason for the shots on goal difference.  Osgood looked really sharp through the second period as he weathered the Wild’s shots.  

The Red Wings took a penalty with about a minute and half to go in the period.  As they were killing it off Lilja accidentally put the puck over the glass so he was called for delay of game.  That gave the Wild a two man advantage.  The Wings killed it off until the end of the period but they would have to contend with a 5 on 3 and a fresh sheet of ice to start the third.

They killed off all but one second of the first penalty.  The Wild won the faceoff deep in the Red Wings end and passed back to the high slot.  They shot the puck and it hit Kronwall’s stick and changed direction a little bit.  Because of the deflection Osgood had to reach for it and wasn’t able to control the rebound.  It came right back out in front and Nolan shot it into the net.

Just 16 seconds later Clutterbuck tipped the puck off of Kronwall’s stick in the Red Wings end as they were about to start up ice.  Mienttinen took it, turned and shot immediately.  Osgood wasn’t expecting it and it went right past him into the net.  Just like that the Wings were down two to one.

The Red Wings had two power plays in a row in the third period as they were trying to tie the game.  The Wild killed off the first penalty.  During the second one Franzen swatted the puck out of the air into the net right in front of the goal.  The referee called it no goal but after a lengthy video review they overturned the decision and awarded the goal to the Red Wings.  That tied the game with four and a half minutes left.

Osgood made a huge save in the final minute to hold the tie and send game headed to overtime.  The Red Wings played pretty well in this game.  The only reason the game was tied was because of a little bit of bad luck and one or two crucial mistakes.  

They made it through the overtime without a decision so the game went to a shootout.  The first shooter was Kolanos for the Wild.  He tried to go through the five hole but Osgood shut the door.  Datsyuk was up next.  He scored an amazing goal.  He waited for Harding to go down and then he dangled the puck all they way around the crease.  He basically flanked the goalie and then put it up over his outstretched pad.  That’ll be a highlight goal for sure.  Next up for the Wild was Burns.  He tried to get fancy and lost the puck so he didn’t get a shot off.  Zetterberg came up for the Wings.  Harding poked the puck away from him before he was able to take the shot.  Koivu was next.  He tried to go high on the glove side and Ozzie snatched the puck and the win.

This 3-2 win brings us to:
57 points