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Dallas at Detroit (11/18/09)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Tonight it was the Dallas Stars in Detroit to take on the Red Wings. Alex Auld was the Stars’ goalie and Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings for the fourth straight game. Osgood is still recovering from the flu. Jimmy Howard has won the last three games in a row.

About halfway through the first period Modano was on a breakaway and Rafalski was called for hooking him. On Dallas’ power play Ribeiro entered the zone and tried to pass the puck through the slot. Ericsson went down and was sliding feet first towards the net. He swept his stick along the ice attempting to cut off the pass. Instead he tipped the puck by Howard and into his own net. Dallas was up one to nothing.

The Red Wings best scoring chance of the period came in the final few minutes when Zetterberg made a great pass up the middle to feed Cleary on the breakaway. He shot it but Auld came up with a nice save and kept the Wings off the board. So the period ended with the Stars still up one to nothing.

Early in the second period the Stars were applying some pressure. Howard made several good stops in a row. Then Richards got the puck and passed it back to Niskanen at the blue line. He released a quick shot with a lot of traffic in front of the net. Jimmy Howard never saw the puck but it somehow found its way through all the bodies and into the net. That gave the Stars the lead two to nothing.

Later in the period Zetterberg took a pass from Leino at the blue line and brought it to the net. He went forehand to backhand and shot it up and over Auld for a Red Wings goal.

A few seconds later Brad May fought with Krys Barch. They have a long running history of fights stemming to May’s time with the Ducks. This was their fifth fight in the last three seasons. It was a pretty good fight. I’d say May was the clear winning. They grabbed a hold of each other’s jerseys right away with their right hands and were throwing lefts. May landed several solid punches. Pretty good stuff!

In the third period Brad May scored a goal but nobody noticed that it went in the net. On the replay the puck was clearly in the net long before the whistle blew and long before there could have possibly been intent to blow the whistle. It was sitting in the net for at least two seconds before the whistle. Unbelievably, they didn’t allow the goal even after reviewing the play and conferring with Toronto. I can’t wait to hear an explanation of this one because it was so obviously the wrong call. If he intended to blow the whistle before the puck was in the net then he must have been thought the play was dead before the puck even reached Auld and that’s completely ridiculous.

Later Ericsson was called for holding. On the power play Neal passed it through the slot to feed Eriksson in front of the net. Howard didn’t get over in time and Eriksson tapped it in. That gave the Stars the lead three to one. Of the three goals that was the only one that Howard even had a chance at stopping. His play was pretty good tonight for the most part.

The Wings pulled the goalie in the final minute but weren’t able to score. The final score was Dallas three, Detroit one.

The officials in tonight’s game were the worst I’ve seen all season and possibly in the last few seasons. There were some pretty bad penalty calls against both teams. There were several hooking calls that were very weak, a delay of game call against Auld that was pretty nitpicky and several missed calls. The disallowed game tying goal was just the icing on the cake. It very well could have cost the Red Wings the game or at least a point. It definitely cost Brad May his first goal of the season and he doesn’t score many goal so it really sucks for him. In general I think the NHL does a great job of applying common sense and making sure the right call is made. They really blew it tonight though.

This 3-1 loss brings us to:
23 points