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San Jose at Detroit (2/25/09)

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Tonight the Sharks came to town to play the Red Wings. Nabokov was the goalie for the Sharks and Conklin was in for the Wings. This was the Wings first game against the Sharks since the return of our old nemesis Claude Lemieux.

The bad blood started early in this one when Cleary hit Thronton from behind and he went heavily into the boards. That started a scrum and it wouldn’t be the last. From that point on, they all wanted a piece of Cleary. In his defense Thornton did turn his back to the hit at the last minute. There’s no way Cleary could have pulled up in time.

A few minutes later Detroit went on the power play. Hossa got the puck near the boards, went to the net and shot. Nabokov got some of it but not enough to stop it from getting through. That gave Detroit the early lead.

Later in the first period Detroit’s fourth line scored a great goal. The puck hit Draper in front of the net and bounced up. Leino swatted it out mid-air into the net.

A few seconds it looked like San Jose had scored but after a long review they overturned the call. The referee called it a goal from right behind the net. It wasn’t definitive but the replay looked like it probably didn’t go in. Surprisingly, they reversed the call even though the replay wasn’t very clear.

Early in the second period Zetterberg scored on a shorthanded breakaway. He pulled up just before he got to the net and did a 360 to lose his defender. Then he beat Nabokov with a quick shot. Before the breakaway it looked like the puck hit the netting which should have resulted in a whistle but it wasn’t caught. Ironically, the Sharks scored a goal against the Red Wings last season when the same thing happened. As Ken Daniels pointed out, that’s justice albeit a year later.

A few minutes after that San Jose scored a power play goal. It was a shot that came from near the blue line but Conklin was screened and never had a good look at the puck. That made it three to one.

Hossa left the game in the second period after a hard hit to the head. It wasn’t intentional. He fell awkwardly from one hit into another; it was just bad luck. He left the ice and went straight to the dressing room.

In the third period they were 4 on 4 because of offsetting unsportsmanlike calls. Then Datsyuk drew a penalty on Dan Boyle. He hit him with his butt and Boyle got frustrated. He came back at Datsyuk and slashed his stuck breaking it in half. That earned him two minutes and made it 4 on 3 for about a minute.

On the power play Zetterberg got the puck behind the net. He snuck it in the back door and made it four to one.

That was it for this game and what a game it was. Both teams played with playoff level intensity. There were lots of hits and great action. It was a little bit chippy; both teams played with an attitude. Conklin made a lot of great saves. The only downside was the injury to Hossa. Hopefully, that won’t turn out to be anything serious.

This 1-4 win brings us to:
88 points

Detroit at San Jose (1/17/09)

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

The Red Wings rolled into San Jose for tonight’s game against the Sharks.  Interestingly enough, this game marked the latest point in the season that two teams with this high of a win percentage have ever played each other in the history of the NHL.  It’s kind of an obscure stat but still interesting.  Osgood was the goalie for Detroit and Nabokov was in for the Sharks.  Also, this game gives us another look at Todd McClellan’s awesome new team.  The Sharks are arguably our biggest rival in the Western Conference.  The victor in this game would claim the top spot in the West.

The Sharks scored first in this game.  Dan Boyle got puck right around the faceoff circle.  He ripped one that went over Osgood’s shoulder into the top shelf.  It was a heck of a shot to give the Sharks the early lead.  Osgood didn’t give him much room but Boyle threaded the needle perfectly.

Just a few seconds later Filppula entered the zone with the puck.  He released a shot that Nabokov got a piece of but not enough to stop it from going into the net.  So the Red Wings had a quick answer for Boyle’s goal.

Later in the first there was a delayed penalty call against the Red Wings so the Sharks had an extra man on the ice.  They moved the puck really well and got a pass from one side to Pavelski on the other side.  He one timed it into the net before Osgood could get over.

Early in the second period Hossa drew a penalty.  On the power play Datsyuk passed the puck from the boards to Hossa in the circle.  Hossa shot the puck immediately and burned Nabokov to tie the game at two.

Nearing the five minute mark of the second period Detroit took the lead.  Datsyuk threaded the needle through traffic in front of the net.  He got the puck to Franzen on the other side.  It was an easy tap in goal for Franzen to put the Wings up three to two.  This goal came after a very timely timeout call by Babcock that got some much needed rest for his guys.

Later in the second Detroit was shorthanded after Samuelsson hit Nabokov and then got involved in a scrum.  On the penalty kill Lilja slashed Thornton so the Wings were short two men for a minute and a half.  The Wings killed off the 5 on 3 but the Sharks scored with just three seconds left on the second penalty .  There was a shot and the rebound came to Ehrhoff.  He teed it up and launched it past Osgood to re-tie the game.

Then the Wings scored right off a faceoff win.  Zetterberg won the draw by kicking the puck back with his skate.  It ended up pinballing around in front of the net and Zetterberg popped it in.

Near the end of the second period the Sharks were on the power play.  There was a shot from the point that hit traffic in front of the net and bounced to Cheechoo.  He poked it in to tie the game at four.

There was a nasty edge to this game that built throughout the first two periods.  It definitely had a playoff feel to it.  In fact it had the feel of the old Colorado Detroit rivalry.  These two teams do not seem to like each other very much, no matter how good of a friend the Sharks coach is.

After two periods the Red Wings had been badly outshot by the Sharks.  That is very unusual for the Wings and even more unusual is that fact that the game was still even.  Based on the shot total I’d have expected to be losing at that point.

At the end of the second there was a rather large scrum.  Somehow Thornton ended up with an extra minor even though everything seemed pretty even.  That gave the Wings a power play to start the third period.  Franzen received a minor in that scrum but was not in the box reportedly because he was injured.  They announced that he was out with a lower body injury and would not return.  Very disturbing.  I later learned that the problem was a sore hip that had actually been bothering him throughout the day.  It was not anything that happened during the game.

Midway through the second period Michalek took the puck at center ice and entered the Red Wings zone with speed.  The Wings gave chase but it was too late to catch him.  He came in one on one against Osgood and took a shot that beat Ozzie to take the lead for the Sharks.

A few minutes later it happened again.  Patrick Marleau got the puck streaking into the Red Wings zone.  He split the defense, came in on Osgood and burned him for a goal.  That put the Sharks up six to four.

With only two minutes left in the third Detroit scored again to pull within one.  Zetterberg dropped the puck off for Rafalski.  He skated in hard a ripped it past Nabokov for the goal.

With Osgood on the bench in the final minute the Red Wings had several good chances to tie the game but the Sharks and Nabokov came up strong to prevent it.

Even though the Red Wings lost, this was a very entertaining game.  It was hotly contested from beginning to end and felt very much like a playoff game.  I can’t wait to see the two teams play again.

This 5-6 loss brings us to:
68 points

San Jose at Detroit (12/18/08)

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

San Jose came to town tonight to test the Red Wings.  Nabokov was in net for them and Conklin was in for us.  Osgood is nursing a sore groin but was still able to back up Conklin.  San Jose is the best team in the league right now so the Red Wings needed to bring their A-game tonight.  The Sharks had just played the night before and had played a lot of road games in a short period.  For that reason we probably didn’t see them at their best.

The Wings got off to a much better start then they’ve been doing recently.  They were playing pretty tight defensively and getting some saves from Conklin.  There were a couple of close calls including one where Conklin was down and the puck was in front of the net and up in the air and seemingly everywhere.  Somehow it stayed out of the net though.

The Red Wings got the first goal of the game.  Lebda made a short little pass to Franzen just inside the blue line and Franzen ripped it from way up there.  Nabokov wasn’t expecting such a quick shot and he just flat out missed it.  Then less than two minutes later Datsyuk ripped a shot from the high slot that also beat Nabokov giving the Wings a two goal lead.  Kronwall was in front of the net and may have distracted Nabokov but he was out of the way by the time Datsyuk released the shot so he should have had a clear view of it.

In the second period Detroit continued to play very well.  They scored their third goal thanks to an amazing pass by Datsyuk and quick shot by Hossa.  Datsyuk entered the zone while the rest of the team was changing.  Without looking he passed the puck back to the slot where Hossa was headed.  It was placed perfectly for him to snap it.  Nabokov got a piece of it but it ricocheted into the net giving the Wings a three nothing lead.

In the third period the Red Wings played some tight defense.  The Sharks did have a few good chances but Conklin made some excellent saves to preserve the shutout.  Detroit added to their goal total with a nice play that had almost everybody involved.  Lilja got it started with a pass into the zone which was taken by Hudler.  He passed it to Cleary who sent it to Filppula.  The passes were fast enough that Nabokov wasn’t in position to stop Filppula’s shot, he just had to tap it in.

Later in the third there were offsetting penalties so we had some 4 on 4 play.  San Jose turned the puck over in their own zone to Datsyuk.  He took a quick shot from the slot that may have been deflected.  It got past Nabokov to give the Wings their fifth goal.

To add insult to injury the Wings scored yet again.  It was right off the face off and the puck came back to Kronwall.  He passed to Stuart in the middle who shot from the blue line and it found it’s way into the net.  Datsyuk took the face off so he got one of the assists which gave him four points for the night.

That was the end of the scoring.  Conklin played very well and earned the shutout.  The Wings looked great in this game.  It was a solid sixty minute performance.  Exactly what I’ve been wanting to see all season long.  The only thing that could detract from the victory is the knowledge that the Sharks were really out of gas before this game even started.  Still though, the Red Wings played a great game.  They didn’t give the Sharks any chance to come back and they continued to played well with the lead.

This 6-0 win brings us to:
46 points

Detroit at San Jose (10/30/08)

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Detroit played one of their arch rivals, the San Jose Sharks tonight. The Sharks are now coached by ex-Red Wing assistant coach Todd McClellan.  He accepted their offer just days after winning the Stanley Cup with Detroit. Ty Conklin was in net for The Red Wings and Evgeni Nabokov got the start for the Sharks.

In the first period the Red Wings did not look very good.  The Sharks dominated in the face off circle, puck possession, and shots on goal.  Conklin was again fantastic in net.  Lilja made a horrible turnover right in front of his own goal and Conklin made an amazing save.  I suspect Lilja will still spend the night in the doghouse and I’d say he deserves it.

In the opening seconds of the second period Hossa surprised Nabokov with a quick shot that beat him for a goal.  It was the Red Wings turn to be leading in a game in which they were being outplayed.

The Sharks got on the board in the second period as well.  Thornton gained control of the puck along the boards behind the net and he passed it to Marleau who was charging up the slot for the quick goal.  It was a great setup by Thornton.

Then the Sharks scored again.  There was a scrum around the net and they were all banging away at Conklin.  Apparently it was poked in by Jamie McGinn who was credited with his first goal in the NHL in just his second game.

Immediately after the goal Hossa was called for tripping so the Sharks got a power play on top of the to add insult to injury.  The Sharks scored again on the power play to make it three to one.  They beat Detroit to the puck after a dump in and centered for a quick shot and a seemingly easy goal.  The Sharks were just dominating and seemed to be out Red Winging the Red Wings.

The Sharks continued pouring it on in the third period.  It was another example of the Sharks dumping it in and then winning the battle for the puck and scoring a goal.  If you’re keeping score, that’s four in a row without an answering goal by the Red Wings.  Something tells me there’s some tough practices in the Red Wings’ future.

With 32 seconds left Detroit scored a very nice but meaningless goal.  It was a give and go between Kopecky and Rafalski that worked like a charm.  Rafalski got the goal.  It was a great quick passing play that they could have used a lot more of throughout the game.  After that Detroit pulled the goalie to try and climb back within one.  However, time expired with the Red Wings losing four to two.

Even though the Red Wings have been getting points there hasn’t been too much to like about the last several games.  The only bright spot is how well Hossa is playing and how well he’s gelling with his new line mates.  We’ve seen west coast slumps early in the season before for the Red Wings.  It’s not anything to worry about and I’m confident that Mike Babcock with have his team continually improving throughout the season.  The cup hangover will not be an excuse.

This 4-2 loss brings us to:
16 points

No President’s Cup Yet For The Red Wings

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

The Red Wings aren’t getting any help from San Jose in their attempt to claim this year’s President’s Cup.  San Jose continues their incredible hot streak. They haven’t lost in regulation since February 20th!  I hope this run is wearing them out but somehow I doubt it.  I expect they’re going to ride this winning streak a long ways.

If The Sharks win the rest of their games they’ll end up with 112 points.  Detroit currently has 111 and the tie breaker.  The Red Wings need at least one point in any of their next three games to win the President’s Cup.  Hopefully, they’ll put this to bed in the game tonight.

San Jose at Detroit (2/29/08)

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Since this is my first game review it’s going to be a bit scattered. I’m going to talk a little bit about the last ten games for context. Normally, a game review will just be about the one game.

For the last ten games the Red Wings have been in the worst slump I’ve seen in four years. I think it really started with the All-Star break. That seemed to interrupt their rhythm and even though they kept winning for a few games after that, they didn’t really deserve to win some of them. Then came the injuries. Losing Lidstrom, Rafalski, Kronwall, Chelios, Cleary, and Hasek all at the same time was devastating to this team. For several games it looked like they just couldn’t play without the regulars on the blue line. Even our top line was ineffective. It really highlights the fact that defense isn’t just about stopping goals, they play a huge roll in setting up the offense as well. You don’t really notice how important they are until they aren’t there.

On the bright side, this was a great opportunity to see some of the youngsters in action. I thought Jimmy Howard looked great in the games he played. Derek Meech also looked fantastic. We’ll be seeing a lot of both of them in the years to come. Incidentally, the two games that Howard came in to relieve Osgood, were not Osgood’s fault. Ozzy can only perform 10 miracles per minute and the team kept asking him to perform eleven.

For the last few games I thought they had been playing better. They’ve been working together and pretty much playing well enough to win. It seemed like they were getting used to each other and the new guys were getting more comfortable. Unfortunately, they kept losing though.

In the San Jose game the Wings played very well, I thought. Brad Stuart stepped in for his first game, and looked great. He was hitting people all over the ice but in a controlled fashion and really made his presence felt. Kronwall returned from injury and also made a big impact. His assist on the Zetterberg goal was pure brilliance. Hasek returned as well, and gave up a goal on the first shot of the game. That was just to knock the cobwebs off. Overall I think Hasek played well.

The really unfortunate part though was a terrible mistake made by all of the on-ice officials. In the Detroit end, the puck popped up and hit the netting. The players all relaxed, but none of the officials noticed that the puck was out of play. Nobody blew the whistle and puck dropped down right in front of the Red Wings net and Setoguchi poked it in for the Sharks game winning goal. Thanks to the replay, everybody in the building knew that it was not a good goal, but the puck going out of play is not something that the rules allow to be reviewed on video. Therefore the on-ice call had to stand even though everyone knew it was wrong. I feel bad for the officials since it was an honest mistake and they have to live with knowing they probably cost the Wings the game at a time when they really needed a boost to get their confidence back.

Regardless, the Wings played great and hopefully they can keep it going and start getting some wins again.

I also want to welcome back Mickey Redmond after successfully recovering from lung surgery! I was very pleased to see to him when I turned on the game. Attaboy, Mickey! Continued recovery, good health, and long life to you.

This 3-2 loss brings us to:
90 points