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Red Wings To Face Columbus In Round 1

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

The St. Louis Blues beat the Colorado Avalanche today so they moved all the way up to sixth place in the Western Conference. For the Red Wings that means that the Columbus Blue Jackets finish seventh and will face the Wings in round one of the playoffs.

The playoffs start on Wednesday but the specific schedules haven’t been announced yet. They will probably come out sometime tomorrow.

Columbus will be a tough team to play in the first round but let’s face it, they all will. The good news for the Wings is that you can’t beat the travel. The trip between Detroit and Columbus is one of the easiest we could have hoped for. For us Eastern Time zone viewers that’ll also ensure that we don’t have games that start at 10:30. Those always make it tough to function the next day.

So bring on the Blue Jackets and let’s go Red Wings!