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Osgood Out With Sore Groin

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Chris Osgood missed practice today with a sore groin.  There’s no indication yet as to how serious it is.  They also haven’t said when this problem started or if Osgood’s poor play of late is in any way related to this injury.

Mike Babcock implied that Osgood might be out ten days but cautioned that he didn’t really know yet.

Cleary Out For Another Week

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The Detroit News is reporting that Dan Cleary is still a week away from playing.  He’s recovering from a second scratch on his cornea.  The eye swollen so badly that it hurts just to open it and he can’t see out of it.  That’s made it impossible for him to do any skating.  The second scratch was most likely caused by rubbing the eye after getting the first scratch.  

I’ve had a scratched cornea before and it can just about drive you crazy.  It feels like there’s something big in your eye and if you don’t realize what’s going on the impulse is rub it.  Unfortunately that just makes things worse.  

Let’s hope that Dan Cleary can make a full recovery and return to the lineup soon.