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Philadelphia at Detroit (1/2/11)

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

The Philadelphia Flyers played the Red Wings tonight at Joe Louis Arena. The goalies were Howard and Boucher.

The Red Wings had good energy to start the game. They controlled the play in the first period and had a lot of quality scoring chances although the shots on goal were pretty even. There were no goals in the first period.

In the second period the Flyers took over. They scored three unanswered goals. The first one deflected off Filppula’s stick and Howard had no chance at it. The second one hit three people on the way to the net. It would have taken blind luck to stop that one. The third one wasn’t deflected but Howard never saw it because of traffic in front of him. I wouldn’t pin any of the Flyers goals on Howard but the Wings still made a goaltending change. Osgood started the third period in relief of Jimmy Howard.

The Red Wings really stepped it up in the third. Just 51 seconds into the period Filppula scored after making a nice move to fake out his defender and then burn the goalie. It was a really pretty goal. Later in the period Zetterberg got one to bring the Wings to within a goal of tying it up. Zetterberg’s goal was scored on a rebound that he banked in off of Boucher’s upper body. It was a good, hard-working goal.

The Wings tried to tie the game and came close a few times but the Flyers held on for the win. Overall I think the Flyers worked harder and deserved the win. The Wings out-worked them in the third period but that was too little too late. They looked pretty disorganized throughout the second period.

Brad Stuart left the game in the third period after being hit in the back of the head by a shot from Jeff Carter. It was hard to tell if the puck hit him in the helmet or the head. He was cut on the back of the head but that could have been caused by the helmet digging into him. If he was hit directly in the head then I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a concussion. Let’s hope he won’t miss any games.

This 3-2 loss brings us to:
53 points

Detroit at Philadelphia (4/4/10)

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Detroit was on the road today to play the Flyers in Philadelphia. Osgood got the start for the Wings to give Jimmy Howard the day off. Howard (and the rest of the Wings) had just played the day before. Brian Boucher was in net for the Flyers.

Very early in the game, Franzen lost the puck at center ice and Carcillo ended up with it. He took it to the net and shot high on Osgood’s glove side. It looked like one that Osgood should have had but it made it into the net. That was just 17 seconds into the game.

A few minutes later Laperriere hit Helm along the boards. It looked like Helm either caught the shoulder in the face or else hit his face on the glass and the ended up bleeding quite a bit. He had to go to the bench for repairs. It looked like he had a broken nose since they had so much trouble stopping the bleeding. When the repairs were done he had his nose packed with gauze. It looked like a mostly clean hit but as Eddie Olczyk mentioned, Laperriere left his feet on the hit so it could have been called a charge but I didn’t think it was that bad.

A bit later the Wings got caught deep in Philly’s end and the Flyers had a four on two the other way. Laperriere passed to Timonen in the slot. Osgood was playing a shot from Laperriere all the way, as he should. Kronwall wasn’t able to take the pass away so Timonen was left with a wide open net and buried it making it two to nothing Flyers early in the first period.

Later the Wings entered the Flyers’ zone and everybody went to the front of the net. Kronwall shot from the point and the puck ended up bouncing around. Cleary tried to tip it in but Boucher blocked it. Cleary whacked at it again and this time got it into the net. That put the Wings on the board and made it a one goal game.

Just a few minutes after that goal, Cleary took the puck to the net. He shot it but it was blocked by Boucher and went back to the point where Rafalski put it back on net. Boucher stopped that one, too but the rebound dropped down near the crease where Helm pounced on it and backhanded it into the net to tie the game at two. The broken nose didn’t seem to be bothering Helm too much.

Late in the first period Franzen and Hartnell came together, hesitated a second and then just attacked each other. Hartnell ended up down on the ice with Franzen on top of him and they wrestled for a while until the referees pulled them apart.

That was about it for the eventful first period. The Wings were outshooting the Flyers 17 to 9. This game was a bit nasty. There were some huge hits and both teams seemed pretty grumpy. Also the puck was really bouncing strangely. I don’t know if the ice was bad or what but everybody seemed to be having a tough time with the puck.

Less than a minute into the second period the Flyers scored again. They got the puck in deep and shot one that Osgood blocked. Rafalski tried to clear it back but accidentally put it right in the slot. Giroux was right there and ripped one that beat Osgood to make it three to two. That goal should have never happened because Laperriere should have had an unsportsmanlike penalty at the other end. After a collision with Datsyuk they both fell to the ice with Laperriere on top of Datsyuk. When he got up he intentionally pulled off Datsyuk’s helmet. It was a pretty cheap move.

Late in the second period our old friend Ville Leino dug the puck out from behind the Red Wings’ net and got it to Timonen. He passed it through the slot to a wide open Asham standing on the in front of the crease on the other side of the net. Asham tapped it in to give the Flyers the two goal lead again.

The Wings ended the period on a power play so they had a little over forty seconds of the man advantage left over to start the third. Detroit was really outplayed in the second. The Flyers had caught up to nearly even in shots on goal and they had 10 more hits than the Wings.

Early in the third period van Riemsdyk made an errant pass that was picked off by Zetterberg. He took it to the Flyers end and passed it ahead to Williams. He dropped it back to Datsyuk who pulled it in and snapped a wrister that just flat out burned Boucher high on the stick side making it three to four Flyers. It was a great play all around and a heck of shot by Datsyuk.

The battle continued throughout the third period but the Wings weren’t able to tie the game. They pulled Osgood and applied some major pressure for about the final 30 seconds but the Flyers held them off.

I think the Flyers were definitely the more desperate team in this game. They have reason to be desperate since they have a very tenuous grip on the eighth playoff spot in the East. The Wings played pretty well but the Flyers played a gritty game. Also, Osgood was a little too rusty, I think. The early first period goal was a tough one to give up. Without that goal it would have been a different game.

This 3-4 loss brings us to:
96 points

Philadelphia at Detroit (3/17/09)

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Tonight the Red Wings faced the Philadelphia Flyers in Detroit. Osgood was our goaltender and theirs was Biron. Holmstrom and Filppula were both out for this game. Holmstrom with a knee problem and Filppula was still nursing his back.

It wasn’t shown on Versus, but the Red Wings honored Kirk Maltby before the game for playing 1000 games in the NHL. They had a ceremony similar to the one they had for Draper a few weeks ago.

This game started with a lot of energy and scrappiness. Early on the Red Wings had some good power play chances including a lengthy 5 on 3 but they weren’t able to convert.

Then, with 3:26 left in the first period The Flyers got the puck on a breakaway. Hartnell ended up in ahead of Hossa. Hossa was dogging him and pretty much doing all he could do without taking a penalty. Hartnell shot the puck and beat Osgood to give the Flyers the one nothing lead.

Less than five minutes into the second period, The Flyers brought the puck into the Red Wings zone. Carter passed to Lupul who scored on Osgood. Brad Stuart was there taking away the pass back to Carter. Kronwall was also there next Carter. This was one that Osgood has to stop. It was a good shot but he just didn’t react quickly enough with the glove hand.

Nearing the end of the second period Datsyuk got the puck at center ice. He a made a few great moves to beat some defenders then snapped one that beat Biron through a tiny sliver of net that he left open. It was an amazing shot. That cut the lead in half and made one to two Flyers. That score held until the end of the period.

During the intermission Versus cut away to follow Marty Brodeur’s historic 552nd win to become winningest goalie in NHL history. It was an amazing moment, although I would have preferred to watch it later and see the Red Wings game live. They rejoined the game about three and a half minutes into the third period. The score was unchanged so hopefully we didn’t miss too much action. Seeing that made me wonder how many cups the Red Wings would have won if they’d had Marty Brodeur. All of them I suppose. :-)

Not long after they returned to coverage it looked like Datsyuk’s stick got caught in Hartnell’s skate. Hartnell went down very heavily. It’s a good thing he was wearing a helmet. It was not intentional, but I’m really surprised they didn’t call a trip anyway. If I was a Philly fan I would have been livid. As a fan of the game it probably should have been a penalty.

Halfway through the third period Datsyuk made an absolutely brilliant play. He made a move around the defender to get the puck and immediately passed it across the ice to Franzen who nailed it home to tie the game. It was truly a thing of beauty.

Then just a few minutes later Ericsson dished to Samuelsson who hit Zetterberg as he was nearing the net on the rush. Zetterberg took his time, ripped one and beat Biron. Suddenly the Red Wings were leading two to three.

Detroit held on to win even though Philadelphia had quite a push at the end. This was a great win for the Wings. Overall I’d say they played very well.

Detroit had tons of great chances but Biron made some incredible saves. The Flyers had fewer chances but they made the most of them. Detroit approximately doubled Philly’s shots on goal. We needed 100% more shots to score 50% more goals. This tells me that our goaltending doesn’t even have to be as good as the opposition’s. If they’re just half as good that’ll be enough to win on most nights. For the most part I thought Osgood played well tonight. There are just those few mistakes that can cost you the game a lot of the time. It was a great comeback win though, no complaints. We got to hear the Irish jig three times tonight. Too bad Shanny wasn’t there to hear it.

This 2-3 win brings us to:
103 points