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Detroit at Ottawa (2/2/11)

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

The All-Star break is officially over and the Red Wings were back in action tonight in Ottawa. The time off was helpful for Dan Cleary who returned to the lineup tonight. Datsyuk wasn’t quite ready to go yet but he’s expected to play some time this weekend.  The starting goaltenders were Jimmy Howard and Robin Lehner.

This was a crazy game full offense and not very much defense. Ken and Larry joked that the teams were still in All-Star form, in the sense that they were all about scoring and not doing much defensively.

Franzen scored five goals in this game including the empty netter at the end. Rafalski bagged his 500th career point. Halfway through the second period the Senators made a goalie change and Brian Elliott came in. He became the goalie of record when the Sens tied it up on his watch.

This was one of those crazy games where everything seems to go in the net. The Wings were lucky to win this game after giving up 5 goals. They’re going to have to buckle down a lot more defensively from now on.

This 7-5 win brings us to:
68 points

Ottawa at Detroit (2/13/10)

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

The Ottawa Senators were in town tonight to face the Red Wings in their final game before the Olympic break. There was a lot of lineup news tonight. First off Filppula was out of the lineup with a sore groin. Eaves was still out with his ankle sprain. Kronwall had his new knee brace so he was in the lineup. Maltby was in but he’s nursing a shoulder problem that may require season ending surgery. Brad May had been put on waivers yesterday as a first step in clearing cap space for Lilja. The goalies for tonight’s game were Brian Elliott and Jimmy Howard.

Before the game started they had a ceremony to honor all of the Olympians in tonight’s game and there a lot of them. Counting Babcock there were 13 Olympians in the game tonight. They had the kids of the Red Wings players and staff come out wearing the Olympic jersey for each country represented and then announced the players from that country. It was pretty cool. The kids did a great job and really seemed to enjoy it. It must have been quite a thrill for them.

The Senators came into this game absolutely on fire. They had won 13 of their last 14 games including a stretch of 11 in a row. They have an overflowing bounty of points and Detroit is in dire need of them. Both teams wanted to finish on a high note heading into the break but for Detroit it was critical.

Halfway through the first period Draper took a faceoff deep in the Senators’ zone. He won it but got tied up so Maltby grabbed it and sent it back to Stuart at the point. He shot it and Elliott looked like he had it covered but Meech slapped at it and knocked it out from under his glove and back to the slot. Maltby chased it down and buried it for the first goal of the game putting the Red Wings up one to nothing.

Later in the first period Detroit was on the power play. Zetterberg made a great play at center ice to get the puck and enter the zone. Datsyuk got the puck and tried to center it for Zetterberg but it squirted all the way through to Lidstrom at the point while Datsyuk circled around behind the net to the same side of the ice as Lidstrom. Lidstrom fired what Elliott expected to be a shot but was really a pass to Datsyuk. He tipped it perfectly into the top corner of the net. It was just an incredible tip; it shouldn’t even be possible.

A few seconds later Howard made a huge save when the Senators had a breakaway chance. That would have been a game changer if Howard hadn’t stopped it.

Nearing the halfway point of the second period the Senators got the puck in deep. Howard came over to the post and Kovalev chipped the puck but not towards Howard. Instead he chipped it towards the slot much like Meech did in the first period. Regin was standing right on the doorstep and when the puck came to him he chipped it in easily making it two to one Red Wings.

In the second period Holmstrom left the game because his bruised left knee was bothering him. I don’t know if he aggravated it during the game or if it was just sore from playing. Not good news though.

Just past the halfway point of the second period Detroit was on the power play. The Senators tried to clear the zone but Miller made a nice play to keep it in and passed it ahead to Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi took it towards the side of the net and made a sweet pass to Cleary through the crease and right between Elliott and Carkner. Cleary tapped it home perfectly to give the Wings the two goal lead once again.

In the third period Datsyuk had a shot that did not score but was so amazing that it deserves mention. As he was skating by the net he put the puck back between his own legs which made it look completely like he was about to make a brilliant pass to somebody behind him. The only thing is he didn’t pass it or drop it off. With his stick between his own legs and the puck behind him he shot the puck on net. It was just incredible. It surprised Elliott but he recovered quickly enough to stop it anyway. I have a feeling we’ll see that move again. It’s bound to work more often than not.

With about a minute and half left Ottawa pulled their goalie. To clear the puck from the Red Wings’ end, Datsyuk chipped it up high through the air to center ice. Chris Neil tried to catch it but he missed and it dropped to the ice right in front of Franzen. He took off towards the empty net and put it in for the insurance goal making it four to one.

The Red Wings played a very complete game tonight. From end to end they worked hard and played like a team. Most importantly, they were able to get the early lead in the game and then hold on to it. They never let up and held the lead the entire game. Things have really been looking up the last few games.

The Wings now head into the Olympic break on a high note and hopefully can continue the trend afterwards. They don’t play again until March 1st.

Now we get to see our favorite players switch up teams and go at it. Enjoy the Olympics, everybody!

This 1-4 win brings us to:
68 points

Detroit at Ottawa (10/11/08)

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

In the second game of the season the Red Wings seemed a little more energized than they did in game 1.  They still had some giveaways but generally looked better.  They dominated in puck possession and shots on goal but they still had trouble closing the deal and putting the puck in the net.

In the first period Picard scored for the Senators with a 5 on 3 power play goal.  Then the Red Wings tied it up with a blistering shot by Filppula.

In the second period the referees went on a penalty spree.  The Red Wings had an unproductive 5 on 3 for over a minute and the Senators had several power plays that were shut down by the Wings.  Near the end of the period the Senators scored on an amazing individual effort by Foligno.  He brought the puck in and was mugged by two Red Wings and lost the puck.  He kept fighting through check and I thought we might see another penalty but even dragging two guys he was able to get control of the puck again snap it past Osgood.  So even with a boatload of chances and some mostly solid play by the Red Wings, they still ended the period trailing by one.  

A few minutes past the halfway point in the third period the Red Wings caught the Senators in a line change and Franzen brought the puck in.  He lit Gerber up with a pinpoint shot that was just beautiful.  That tied the game at 2.  That goal really gave the Red Wings some jump and they were buzzing for another.

It was down to 1:17 left in regulation when Franzen crossed the blue line and released a wrister.  It changed direction a time or two on the way and Gerber got a piece of it but it still trickled past him into the net giving the Red Wings the lead.

After the Senators pulled their goalie Dan Cleary shot for the empty net from his own end and missed thereby icing the puck.  That made the end a ittle bit interested but the Red Wings were able to hold on and win the game.

This 3-2 win brings us to:
2 points