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Edmonton at Detroit (3/11/11)

Friday, March 11th, 2011

The Edmonton Oilers played the Red Wings tonight at Joe Louis Arena. The starting goalies were Jimmy Howard and Devan Dubnyk. Rafalski was still out with back spasms.

The Oilers have been hit with a bunch of injuries this season and they have the worst record in the league. That being said, they can still win a game on any given night especially when they play tight defense, their goalie stands on his head and their opponent gets lulled into complacency. Edmonton played a 1-3-1 defense for most of the night so there was no room for Detroit coming through the neutral zone. It was a frustrating night for the Wings.

In the first period Ryan Jones shot the puck and it looked like it was going wide. Instead it hit the inside of Howard’s right leg and deflected into the net giving the Oilers the lead one to nothing.

For almost the entire rest of the game the Red Wings tried to tie it up and the Oilers just stuck to them like glue. Even through many power play opportunities the Wings could not score. Dubnyk was incredible. He was very big in the net and his positioning was excellent. He stopped everything. The only thing that got by him was a shot from the point that Bertuzzi reached down for apparently trying to catch it. It deflected off his glove and into the net but the goal was disallowed because of the fact that he reached out for it. Even though it didn’t look like an intentional redirection, they ruled that it WAS intentional just because he reached for it. It was an interesting call and will probably spark a lot of debate.

At the end of the game the Wings pulled the goalie. Lidstrom finally broke Dubnyk’s shutout with a shot from the point with just 25 seconds left on the clock. That tied it up and sent the game to overtime.

With just 42 seconds left in the overtime Datsyuk got the puck. He went left to right across the slot with his defender laid out for a block. Datsyuk dangled and waited for him to slide by. Then he fired a wrister that somehow made it through a bunch of people and found the back of the net.

So after trailing almost the entire game the Red Wings came away with the win. Dubnyk played very well and deserved a better fate, but I’m glad he didn’t get it. The Wings needed this win as they try to break out of the slump they’ve been in lately. They head to St. Louis now where the Blues are home and waiting to play them tomorrow night.

This 1-2 win brings us to:
88 points

Detroit at Edmonton (1/4/11)

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

The Red Wings played the first of five road games in a row tonight.  They were in Edmonton to take on the Oilers.  Khabibulin was in net for Edmonton and the Wings went with Chris Osgood.  Brad Stuart was fine after being hit in the head with a puck last game, so that was very lucky.  Eaves was still out of the lineup with an upper body injury.  Of course, Modano, Cleary and Datsyuk were all out as well.

For the first two periods the Wings were in control of the game.  They had a three to one lead heading into the third after goals by Zetterberg, Bertuzzi and Draper.  The Oilers only goal was scored on a defensive breakdown where Brule was left all alone in front of Osgood.

Then came the third period and everything changed.  The Oilers outshot the Wings in the third and managed to tie the game.  They scored once when Peckham received a centering pass in the slot and put it by Osgood.  Then there was a defensive zone faceoff that the Wings lost and Gagner threw it at the net.  Osgood wasn’t ready for it and it slid between his legs.

The score was tied and the Wings were battling to get the lead back.  Bertuzzi tried to pass one across the slot to a wide open Filppula but it hit the skate of an Oilers player and deflected into the net.  If it had got through to Filppula he would have buried it anyway as he was in perfect position and the net was wide open.

Then just 44 seconds later Helm was sprung by a lead pass from Abdelkader.  He entered the zone with speed and his defender fell down giving him tons of space.  Helm ripped one into the top corner of the net for the insurance goal.  It was kind of funny that 44 and 43 scored 44 seconds apart.

The Oilers pulled the goalie but they weren’t able to get another goal and the Wings didn’t get an empty-netter.   Chris Osgood made several incredible saves in this game, some right at the end when the Oilers were pressuring.  It really shows his professionalism to give up a bad goal and not get the least bit rattled.  That was win number 401 for Ozzie.

This 5-3 win brings us to:
55 points

Edmonton at Detroit (11/11/10)

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Tonight the Oilers were in town for a rematch of last Friday night’s game in Edmonton. The goalies were Khabibulin and Howard. Miller was in for this game and Eaves was a healthy scratch.

The Oilers entered this game in a bit of a slump. Khabibulin had been pulled from his previous game and they seemed to be lacking confidence. It was a perfect opportunities for the Red Wings to capitalize on a young, struggling team.

The Wings smelled blood right from the start of this one. It was already three to nothing at the end of the first period.

Babcock had changed up most of the lines for this game. Only Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Holmstrom were unchanged. Hudler was moved to a line with Filppula and Franzen. Cleary, Modano and Bertuzzi made up the third line. Abdelkader moved to the fourth line with Helm and Miller. It was not a punishment for Abdelkader who’s been playing very well.

The new lines were very effective. Cleary and Holmstrom each had two goals and Franzen finally got his 100th career goal. We’ve seen in the past how one goal from Franzen can open the floodgates so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go on a hot streak. Filppula scored as well to give the Red Wings a total of six goals for the night.

The Wings did a great job tonight. They’ll face the Avalanche at the Joe on Saturday. Hopefully the hot streak will continue.

This 2-6 win brings us to:
21 points

Detroit at Edmonton (11/5/10)

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Tonight the Wings were in Edmonton for the first of back to back games to wrap up their western Canada road trip. The goalies for this game were Howard and Khabibulin. Hudler was back in the lineup tonight and Miller was a healthy scratch.

The Wings played well in Edmonton. It was another solid road game. Abdelkader had another great game. He was right on the spot for the Wings’ first goal when he popped in the rebound of a Modano shot.

Filppula scored a nice, opportunistic goal and Cleary bagged an empty-netter at the end.

Jimmy Howard played very well tonight, too. He only allowed a single goal even though the Oilers had 30 shots, the same amount as Detroit had.

Ericsson dropped the gloves with Brule after a hard (but clean) hit on Datsyuk against the boards. The linesman came in to break up the fight but for some reason one came in before the other and basically held Ericsson’s arms while Brule wailed on him. Not cool. The linesman paid for it though by taking a punch to chops during the scuffle. It must have just been miscommunication by the linesman as to when they were going to step in.

This was a good road game for the most part. Team defense could have been better but Howard made sure to keep the Oilers from doing too much damage.

This 3-1 win brings us to:
17 points

Edmonton at Detroit (3/30/10)

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

The woefully bad Edmonton Oilers were in town tonight to face the Wings. As bad as the Oilers have been this year, they seem to have had Detroit’s number so it was important for the Wings to start on time and not underestimate their opponent. The goalies were Jimmy Howard and Jeff Deslauriers. There were a few milestones in this game. Datsyuk was playing in his 600th and Zetterberg was in his 500th. Congrats to those guys!

The Oilers seemed to have a bit of confidence in the first few minutes of the game but the Red Wings stepped it up and had several scoring chances early. Then Filppula fired from the point with Bertuzzi and Lilja (of all people) going to the net. It looked like the puck hit Lilja right on the winged wheel and went in the net. It was a rare offensive move by Lilja and it worked out great for the Red Wings. They were up one to nothing. The goal was credited to Filppula but Lilja seemed to think it was his.

A little bit later Franzen was maneuvering with the puck and got it back to Kronwall who was standing all alone in the slot. He one timed it and beat the Deslauriers for the goal making it two to nothing Red Wings.

Nearly at the end of the period there was a delayed penalty coming to the Oilers. Miller chipped it into the corner and Williams dug it out. He threw it back to Miller in the slot and he fired it on net and scored making it three to nothing at the end of the first period.

During the first intermission they changed the first goal from Filppula to Lilja. It was also announced the Penner, who had left the bench after being hit in the face with a puck, would not return.

As bad as the Oilers were playing it could have been a lot worse. Deslauriers made several incredible saves.

Towards the end of the second period the Red Wings were on another power play. Holmstrom had the puck behind the net and centered it to Franzen who was left wide open. He ripped it and scored to give the Wings the four to nothing lead.

A few seconds later Filppula was called for interference. The faceoff was won back to Gilbert with a bunch of traffic in front. Gilbert ripped it and Howard wasn’t able to pick it up in time and they scored. That made it four to one with about three minutes left in the period.

Less than a minute after that goal Comrie received a pass entering the zone. He faked a shot and then put it between Howard’s legs for another quick goal. Just like that the Oilers were right back in it.

Early in the third period the Oilers shot and Howard dove out of position. Stortini got the puck and tried the wrap around. He banked it off Howard and into the net. Suddenly the Oilers were one shot away from tying the game.

Just past the halfway point of the third period Rafalski got knocked down in the corner and Cogliano came away with the puck and took it behind the net. He passed it to Gilbert in the slot who one timed before Howard could stop it. That tied the game with the Oilers’ fourth unanswered goal.

It seemed like the Wings had lost their will to win this game. Jimmy Howard was forced to make some great saves just to keep it tied. They obviously experience a letdown after getting such a comfortable lead but the Oilers refused to go away.

The Wings got their jump back and were pressuring but Deslauriers was playing great. With 1:07 left Detroit finally broke the tie. Datsyuk shot the puck and Stuart tipped it down. Deslauriers was jumping and the puck went down and under him into the net. It was nearly a high stick by Stuart so it was reviewed extensively but the call on the ice was upheld. The Wings had the lead back again.

The Oilers pulled their goalie. Lidstrom was called for holding but by the time the Wings touched the puck there was only 10 seconds left in the game. The faceoff went to the corner and the Red Wings tied it up until time ran out.

They were very lucky to get two points tonight. They got too far ahead too early in this game and then became a little bit complacent. But hey, it’s a win and it’s two points were are crucial as the Wings are now battling Nashville for the fifth playoff spot.

This 4-5 win brings us to:
93 points

Detroit at Edmonton (3/19/10)

Friday, March 19th, 2010

After a relatively long break, the Red Wings were on the road tonight to play the abysmal Edmonton Oilers. They’re the worst team in the league. Of course that opened up the possibility that the Red Wings could underestimate them. Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings and for the Oilers it was Devan Dubnyk.

Less than a minute into the game the Oilers scored. It was a dump in that Penner received behind the Red Wings net. He passed it out front where Brule caught it and sent it to Cogliano at the other side of the net. He one timed it and scored giving the Oilers the early lead one to nothing.

After the goal the Oilers continued to pile it on. The Red Wings looked flat and seemed overwhelmed by the Oilers offense. Jimmy Howard was peppered with one shot after another. He was making some great stops but there was no way it could last long. Ryan Whitney took the puck to the slot and was left all alone. Brule was in front of the net blocking Howard’s view. Whitney shot the puck and beat Howard and just like that the Oilers were up two to nothing.

Babcock took his timeout after that but didn’t say a word to the team.

The Wings looked pretty bad in the first period. The Oilers had all the jump and Red Wings looked tired. Detroit had only 9 shots on goal to Edmonton’s 16.

In the second period the Wings put together a few good shifts in a row and built some momentum. Helm dumped the puck in and Draper chased it down behind the net. Helm continued through the slot to the front of the net. Eaves moved up to about the faceoff dot and Draper passed it back to him. Eaves one-timed a bullet and beat Dubnyk to put the Wings on the board.

The second period was much better than the first for the Red Wings. There weren’t many shots on goal in the second but at least the Wings had more than the Oilers, 5 to 4.

In the third period it was announced that Eaves had left the game with an upper body injury. He had been hit hard early in the second period but he stayed in the game and even scored the Wings’ first goal so it seemed like he was alright. Apparently something was wrong though and he didn’t finish the game.

The Red Wings continued to pressure well during the third period. They were really outshooting the Oilers and controlling the game but not scoring. It got towards the end and they pulled their goalie. As time was winding down the puck was trapped in the corner. Edmonton was just trying to sit on it to kill off the time and Zetterberg was battling for it. The puck squirted out and Datsyuk grabbed it. He passed it to Rafalski who was right on the doorstep. Rafalski buried it with 0.3 seconds left in the game. It was incredibly close. It was really unbelievable. So the Wings tied it up and guaranteed themselves a point.

After the perfunctory faceoff to finish off the final fraction of a second the game went to overtime. Nothing much happened in the OT. It ended with no winner so the game headed to a shootout.

The first shooter was Potulny for the Oilers. He made some nice fakes, waited until the last moment and got the puck up and over Howard’s pads and in. Datsyuk was up first for the Wings. He made a nice move, too, but his shot hit the goalpost. Brule was up next. He fired one over the glove and in before Howard could react. Williams came up next, faked and scored on Dubnyk with nice shot to keep hope alive. Nilsson came up for the Oilers and Howard stopped him with the glove. It was up Filppula to tie it up for the Wings. He made a few moves and shot but Dubnyk stopped him.

The Red Wings had to settle for a single point tonight but really they were lucky to get that. After essentially taking the first period off they still managed to come back and get a point. They played pretty well in the second and third periods but that’s not enough to deserve a win. It’s a good thing they got the point though because Nashville and Calgary just keep winning. That point will keep the Flames from pulling ahead of the Wings. Their points are tied now but the Wings are still in eighth because they have a game in hand.

This 2-3 overtime loss brings us to:
81 points

Edmonton at Detroit (12/3/09)

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

The Edmonton Oilers were at the Joe tonight to face the Red Wings. Jimmy Howard was in for the Wings as he’s been on a hot streak. Jeff Deslauriers was the goalie for the Oilers. Rafalski was out with back spasms so Jakub Kindl made his NHL debut.

The Red Wings fathers were with the team today as they’ll be joining them on the New York road trip for the weekend.

Early in the game the Oilers scored a fluke goal. Visnovsky brought it into the zone but kind of lost control of it. It hit Zetterberg’s stick and bounced up. Lebda hit it with his stick and it bounced forward and down landing right in front of Howard and bouncing into the net. The Oilers had the early lead one to nothing. I believe that was Kindl’s first shift. It wasn’t his fault but it’s probably a little bit disheartening just the same.

With about two and a half minutes left in the first period Robert Nilsson took a pass near the faceoff circle. He made a move around Ericsson and then faked out Jimmy Howard and scored. It was quite a play; he made a few people look silly.

With almost no time left in the first period Lidstrom made and incredible pass from his own corner to hit Bertuzzi perfectly at the Oilers’ blue line. Bertuzzi took the puck in and passed it back to Cleary in the slot. Cleary one timed it and scored with just nine tenths of a second left in the period. That brought the Wings back to within a goal.

Detroit had a few good chances in the first period but Edmonton had a lot more. They also had more shots on goal even though the Red Wings had a power play and the Oilers did not. In short, the Oilers were playing really well and Detroit was just trying to keep up. It was huge that they were able score the late goal to get back in the game.

In the second period Abdelkader was the recipient of a high hit. I didn’t see a great replay but it looked like he was hit in the face. He went down hard but he seemed fine. Right after that Maltby and May got into a scuffle with a few of the Oilers. The end result was a power play for Edmonton but Detroit was able to kill it.

Later in the second period the O’Sullivan tried to make a centering pass but it hit Datsyuk’s stick and redirected towards the net. Howard was already moving to position himself for a shot from the other side of the ice. He wasn’t able to close the five hole in time and it puck rolled right through and into the net. It was another fluky goal and it put the Oilers back up by two.

Just a few minutes later O’Sullivan brought the puck in on Howard who somehow got caught way out of the crease. O’Sullivan went around him and put the puck in the net. That made it four to one Oilers.

After the second period the Red Wings were still being badly outplayed. The Oilers were playing well and were also getting lucky bounces. The Wings needed three goals just to tie.

In the third period Ericsson left the game injured. It looked like he might have rolled his ankle a little bit. Hopefully, it won’t be serious. Pretty soon they’ll just have to take the entire Griffins roster and put them in lineup.

That was about it for this game. The Red Wings didn’t play very well. I think the bad bounces might have taken the wind out of their sails a little bit. This continues the trend of the Wings playing poorly when their dads are watching.

This 4-1 loss brings us to:
30 points

Detroit at Edmonton (10/29/09)

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

The Red Wings faced the Edmonton Oilers tonight on the fourth game of their five game road trip. Jimmy Howard got the start for tonight’s game after a great win in the last game against Vancouver. Khabibulin was the goalie for the Oilers. Eaves and Helm were back in for this game; Maltby and Abdelkader were out.

The Oilers were battling the flu as one player was confirmed having the Swine flu and eight others had flu like symptoms. The Wings took all possible precautions to prevent catching it. They sprayed down all the surfaces in their dressing room and used some special mouthwash. Everybody was trying to avoid shaking hands with people and they were also being careful to wash their hands often. Hopefully that’ll be enough.

The Oilers came into this game basically unable to score. In their last three games they only had two goals. They needed 42 seconds to score against the Red Wings. In that time they had three great scoring chances. Howard made two fantastic saves but he was out of position after the second one and the rebound was put into the net by Jacques. It wasn’t Howard’s fault. He made a great save and the Red Wings defense didn’t help him out at all.

Then Stuart put a huge hit on Ganger. It was a clean hit but Peckham came in and tried to start fighting with Stuart. Peckham ended up getting called for roughing and the Red Wings went on the power play.

After one of the commercial breaks Ken Daniels described a tradition that I’d never heard of but it was something I thought was just so cool. The tradition apparently was started 50 years ago by Red Wings trainer Lefty Wilson and it’s still going to this day. It’s meant to emphasize the point that you win as a team and you lose as individuals. So the next game after a win the jerseys are hung up with team logo face forward and after a loss they’re hung up the other way, with player’s names facing forward. What a great way to visually point out the importance of teamwork. I love it!

Later in the first period Zetterberg made a good play on Penner to force him to the corner but he got the puck back to Horcoff who quickly shot it. Howard stopped the shot but he didn’t control the rebound and Penner stepped up and knocked it into the net. That gave the Oilers a two nothing lead.

A few minutes later Bertuzzi was called for hooking. On the power play Hemsky shot one over Howard’s glove hand and into the top corner of the net. The Oilers were moving the puck at will and Howard had to move back and forth across the crease so he wasn’t set for the shot. That made it three to nothing Oilers.

About one minute into the second period Hemsky took off on a breakaway after a Red Wings turnover. He beat Howard for the Oilers’ fourth goal of the night. It was not looking good for the Red Wings.

A few minutes later Helm took the puck into the zone and ripped one from the top of the circle. He beat Khabibulin to break the ice for the Red Wings and make it four to one Oilers.

Later in the second period the Oilers had a power play. There was a big pile up in front of the net. The officials felt that Howard never covered the puck so there was no whistle. Eventually the puck ended up in the net. Five to one Oilers.

Then Filppula was run into the boards hard and went straight off the ice. That was a huge loss for the Red Wings as he’s been one of the few players who’s been consistently effective.

Then Zetterberg shot the puck from along the boards. It hit Khabibulin in the skates and bounced out. It then hit Chorney in the skates and bounced into the net. It was a lucky break for the Wings but it was still five to two Oilers.

In the third period Draper backhanded a pass to Ericsson who ripped one from the point and beat Khabibulin. It was a heck of a shot and it brought the Wings to within two goals.

A couple of seconds later Datsyuk fed Bertuzzi with Holmstrom in front of Khabibulin. Bertuzzi shot from the slot area into the top corner of the net. Suddenly the Red Wings were within one goal of tying the game with over 12 minutes left to go.

A few minutes later Patrick Eaves scored his first goal as a Red Wing in a very timely fashion. It was a beauty of a shot. Helm took it into the zone and drew the attention of two Oilers. He dropped it off for Eaves who had to fight to control it and somehow got off a great shot through everyone that burned Khabibulin for the game tying goal.

The Red Wings continued to pressure and nearly scored the game winning goal several times. Khabibulin thwarted them every time until regulation time ran out. The Wings got a point that was pretty much the definition of stolen. Talk about turning it on late in the game.

During the overtime period the Red Wings’ attack continued. They had many chances but couldn’t score. At the other end Howard stayed strong supported by some great play by Lidstrom and others. The game headed to a shootout.

Gagner was the first shooter and Howard stonewalled him. Jason Williams went next. It was close but Khabibulin got a piece of it and stopped him from scoring. Hemsky was next for the Oilers. He made some moves but Howard didn’t bite and stopped it. Datsyuk made a few small head fakes and shot but Khabibulin didn’t buy it. Patrick O’Sullivan was next. He hit the post and then it went in. Zetterberg was next for the Wings needing a goal to stay alive. He shot and Khabibulin stopped it for the win.

The Red Wings only got one point but they have to feel good about even getting that. To come back and tie this game was quite an accomplishment.

Filppula never returned to the game. His injury was described as an upper body injury. Hopefully it won’t be anything long term.

This 5-6 overtime loss brings us to:
11 points

Detroit at Edmonton (3/24/09)

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Detroit was in Edmonton for tonight’s game. They were coming off a disappointing loss to Calgary last night in which they played pretty well but gave up too many soft goals. Holmstrom rejoined the lineup for tonight’s game. Conklin was in net for us and Roloson was in for the Oilers. This game also featured the same stingy referees from last night’s game who only called one penalty on the Flames all night.

This first period started pretty uneventfully. The two teams traded power plays without converting. Then near the end of the period the Red Wings ended up two men short for almost a minute after Cleary and then Zetterberg each took penalties. The Oilers took their timeout before the first faceoff of the 2 man advantage.

Detroit killed off the first penalty but the Oilers scored before the second one expired. Grebeshkov took the shot from the high slot area. Penner was in front of the net but it looked like Conklin could still see the puck. It was a good hard shot over the glove hand.

There was no more scoring in the first period so the Wings went into the dressing room down one to nothing.

The second period came and went without any goals.  There was some good end to end action and the Red Wings had their chances but just couldn’t close the deal. So heading into the third period the Red Wings were still down one to nothing.

In the third period Ericsson shot from the point with Franzen in front of the goal. The puck was going high so Roloson was up, but at the last second it was redirected downwards. It looked like it hit the defenseman which caused it to change direction. That finally tied the game at one.

With about three minutes left in the third period Franzen drove to the net and shot. He hit the post and it was like he smelled blood. The puck went back down to the Red Wings end and then he got the outlet pass again. Once more he drove to the net and dipped his shoulder, but this time he dished to Hossa at the last second. Hossa blasted one that beat Roloson to take the lead with only two minutes left in the game.

Just a few seconds later Detroit put the icing on the cake. Datsyuk won a faceoff back to Lidstrom at the point who took the shot. Roloson made the stop but the rebound came right to Filppula next to the net and he smacked it in.

Then the Oilers scored another goal with the clock down to one minute left. Wilson found Kotalik in the slot and he shot one that beat Conklin up high. That made it three to two Red Wings.

The Oilers pulled the goalie and put forth a strong effort but the Wings were able to hold on.

This was a great win. Even though the Red Wings played pretty well it felt like they stole this game because they went so long without scoring. They sure made up for it at the end though. Conklin had a strong game and so did Franzen among others. All in all, it was a good bounce-back game after the tough loss last night.

This 3-2 win brings us to:
107 points

Edmonton at Detroit (2/7/09)

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

This afternoon the Edmonton Oilers came to town to face the Red Wings. Roloson was in net for the Oilers and Conklin got the start for the Wings. Leino was back in for this game looking to keep his point per game streak alive. The Oilers were missing Horcoff, Gilbert and Visnovsky due to injuries. Of course Holmstrom is out long term for hernia surgery. He’s expected back sometime in March.

The game started out with a frantic pace. Then Roloson took one of the cheapest shots I’ve ever seen. Cleary was in front of the net with his back to Roloson waiting to try for a deflection. Roloson brought his stick up between Cleary’s legs and hit him right in the crotch. There’s no excuse for that. I hope he gets suspended and fined. There’s no way it was an accident, he knew exactly what he was doing. Obviously he wanted to send a message early on and make Cleary hesitant to work in front of the net. The good news is that the referee saw it and called a penalty. Half way through the power play the Red Wings made Roloson sorry for being such an ass. They were moving the puck well between Leino and Hudler. The puck came back to Rafalski at the point and he rifled it into the back of the net. Maybe that’ll help Roloson learn to keep his stick to himself.

Just 1:31 later Detroit scored one of the prettiest goals I’ve seen in a while. Draper entered the Edmonton zone with the puck and had Lebda just flying up the middle. Draper hit Lebda with a perfect pass right in front of the net. Lebda just had to deflect it into the corner. It was timed so well that he didn’t have to slow down or handle the puck or anything. It was not the most likely two to pair up for a pretty goal but they both have speed and they used it on that play. That’s a little more karma for Roloson.

Edmonton called their timeout after Detroit’s second goal. The timeout didn’t help the Oilers. A few minutes later Cleary got his own share of revenge on Roloson. It was right off the face-off and Datsyuk got the puck back to Kronwall at the point. He sent it to the front of the net. Roloson was way out at the top of the crease ready for the shot from Kronwall but instead he passed it to Cleary who came from the other side and got in behind Roloson. Cleary tapped the puck in for the Red Wings third goal in less than six minutes.

A bit later Detroit went on the power play again. Kronwall shot the puck from the blue line and Hossa redirected it in the middle of the slot. Roloson never had a chance. That made it four to nothing with about seven minutes left in the first.

With about two minutes left in the first Zetterberg stole the puck from one of the Oilers. He and Datsyuk started up ice. Zetterberg passed to Datsyuk in front of the net and Datsyuk tipped it in giving the Wings their fifth unanswered goal of the first period.

Franzen was hit in the hand by a shot in the first period. He came back and played after that but at some point he left the bench and went to the dressing room. They said his return was questionable.

Roloson was out after the first period although none of the goals were really his fault. I think they just replaced him out of mercy. The backup goaltender Deslauriers started the second period.

The second period was relatively uneventful. Through most of it there were no goals but with about six seconds left Lidstrom scored with a hard shot from the top of the circle. That made it six to nothing. The Red Wings had a lot of chances in the second but Deslauriers made some good saves. At the other end Conklin also made some really good saves to keep the Oilers off the scoreboard.

Early in the third period Edmonton broke the shutout. Stortini had the puck behind the net and he wrapped around with it. He took the shot which took a bad bounce and went in off Conklin’s arm.

A few minutes later Penner scored scored the second goal for the Oilers. He first kicked it so it wouldn’t have counted if it went straight in. However, Conklin got a piece of it and it bounced up into the air. Penner then hit it in with his stick so it was a good goal.

Later in the third Edmonton scored again. Pouliot picked the top corner where there wasn’t much room and roofed it perfectly knocking the water bottle to the ice.

Then a few minutes later Samuelsson stole the puck and caught the Oilers changing. He went one on one against the goalie and beat him. That made it seven to three Red Wings.

Fourteen seconds later Maltby wound up and shot one from the point. Leino tipped it in front of the net and scored. That continued Leino’s point per game pace and made it eight to three.

That was it for this game. The Red Wings looked awesome. They kind of let up a little bit in the third but I’m sure it’s hard to keep the intensity level high when you know you don’t really need to. It’s a good thing they had such a big lead because that gave them the chance to rest some of their key players. That’s important because they play in Pittsburgh Sunday at 12:30. That’s not much time to rest between games.

This 3-8 win brings us to:
75 points