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New York Rangers at Detroit (2/7/11)

Monday, February 7th, 2011

The Red Wings hosted the New York Rangers tonight at Joe Louis Arena. The goalies were Jimmy Howard and Martin Biron. The Wings welcomed Pavel Datsyuk back to the lineup tonight. Holmstrom was not quite ready to go yet so he did not play. The Wings entered the game in a slump having been shut out for the two previous games.

Detroit got off to a pretty poor start again in this game. For the first half of the opening period they had only one shot on goal even though they had a power play. The Rangers were completely in control of the game. Jimmy Howard was looking a little shaky but still managed to keep the Rangers off the board with some help from the defense and some desperation plays.

About halfway through the period it was like they flipped a switch and started competing. Datsyuk, Cleary and Helm led the way by example with their hard work. They played much better for the rest of the first period and it continued into the second.

The hard work paid off for Datsyuk early in the second period. He battled for a puck in the corner and got it out to Hudler. He then went to the net and got the puck back. He shot on the forehand and Biron stopped it but as Datsyuk was passing through the crease he reached back and backhanded the puck into the net. That broke the Wings goalless drought which had lasted for more than six periods.

The Wings continued to work hard and compete for the rest of the game. In the third period Stepan scored to tie the game. But then Hudler answered with a goal after a nice feed by Ericsson. Later in the period Miller scored on a rebound of an Abdelkader shot and put the Wings up by two. Not much later Dubinsky scored to bring the Rangers back to within a goal.

Nearing the end of the third period the Rangers had a 5 on 3 power play when the Wings high-sticked Sean Avery twice in a row. The second time he was cut so that was a double minor. The Wings killed off the penalties and held on for the win.

This was a great game once the Wings became engaged. It was awesome to see Detroit start scoring again and compete at a high level.

This 2-3 win brings us to:
70 points

New York Islanders at Detroit (12/31/10)

Friday, December 31st, 2010

The New York Islanders were in town tonight to close out 2010 with the Red Wings. The goalies for this game were Howard and Roloson. Eaves was out of the lineup tonight with an upper body injury. Coach Babcock joked that he had hurt himself by raising his arms too much in the previous game when he had his first career hat trick. Tomas Tatar got the call up from Grand Rapids to fill in for him.

This game was a different sort of challenge for the Red Wings and Jimmy Howard. The Islanders play a very conservative, slow, grinding style of hockey. It makes it tough to stay sharp and to keep up the intensity level when playing against them. As Mickey Redmond put it, they lull you to sleep.

All of the Islanders’ goals in regulation were quick strikes after face off wins in the Red Wings’ end. The first one was actually knocked in by Lidstrom when it bounced off his stick in front of the net. It was a good demonstration of the importance of face offs, especially in the defensive zone.

Franzen scored first for the Wings, and then the Islanders scored the goal that went in off Lidstrom’s stick. The Islanders scored again with just three seconds left in the first period. That was a demoralizing goal since the Wings had been in complete control of the game. They just let their guard down for a second at the very end of the period and that was enough for the Islanders to strike.

In the second period the Islanders scored a third goal. It was a tip-in that Howard didn’t have much chance of stopping. Then at the end of the period the Red Wings scored with just nine seconds left. Bertuzzi got bumped into Roloson. He still made the save but gave up a rebound. The play continued while Roloson was lying on the ice trying to sell a penalty call to the refs. Filppula picked up the puck and put it in the wide open net. Roloson was really sour because he thought there should have been a goalie interference call. He must not have realized that Bertuzzi was shoved into him. Roloson pushed the net off the moorings and really gave an earful to the referee. That goal made it three to two Islanders at the end of the second.

In the third period Tomas Tatar got his first NHL goal. He skated through the slot as Helm released a shot. It wasn’t clear that Tatar even saw the puck but he tipped it in with his backhand. That was the game tying goal and really got the crowd revved up. It was a big moment for Tatar and I’m sure it’s one he’ll never forget. He was clearly excited about it and had quite an exuberant celebration.

The tied score held until the end of regulation so the game went to overtime. In the OT the Islanders took a penalty, and then before it was over, the Red Wings took one. So we had some 4 on 4, 4 on 3, 3 on 3 and then 4 on 3 the other way. That was a quite a variety of scenarios in just a few minute span. Unfortunately, the Islanders scored during their 4 on 3 power play to win the game. It was a good shot by Parenteau that beat Howard cleanly.

This was a frustrating game to lose because the Wings were the better team by far. They outshot the Islanders 41 to 23. The Red Wings dominated this game. It was just a fluky goal and some opportunistic quick strikes by the Islanders that cost the Red Wings the game. It was a bit of a bummer way to end the year but at least they got a point.

This 4-3 overtime loss brings us to:
53 points

Detroit at New York Islanders (1/12/10)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

The Red Wings went back on the road tonight to play the New York Islanders. They were only home for a few days after their long west coast road trip and didn’t even play a game there before heading back on the road. The goalies for tonight’s game were Roloson and Howard.

After just 1:29 of the first period the Islanders scored. They got the puck in deep behind the Red Wings net and quickly passed it back out to the slot. Moulson was there and nobody really seemed to notice him. They were all focusing behind the net and the puck came out so quickly that by the time they looked at him he had already tipped the puck in.

A few seconds later the exact same thing almost happened again. Howard was ready for it this time and stopped it with his stick.

Towards the end of the first period Helm was gathering the puck in his own end he wiped out along the boards. He made a last ditch attempt to clear it as he went down but ended up turning it over to Gervais. He then fed it to Schremp in the slot who shot it quickly and scored for the Islanders’ second unanswered goal.

The Islanders outplayed the Red Wings in the first period. The Wings only had seven shots on goal and the Islanders had 13.

More than halfway through the second period Stuart tried to pass across the ice in front of his own net. He fanned on the pass and put it on a platter for Schremp right in the slot. He was all alone in front of Howard. He made a move and got Howard to commit one way then put the puck around him the other way to make it three to nothing Islanders. A few seconds later there was a goaltending change. I don’t really think any of the goals were all that terrible, it was really just the team playing poorly in front of Howard. The change was probably just supposed to shake up the team rather than punish Howard.

After Osgood came in it continued to be a shooting gallery as the Red Wings gave up three or four really good scoring chances almost immediately.

A few minutes later Maltby was called for slashing and the Islanders had the first power play of the game. The Wings almost killed it off but with just a few seconds left the Islanders got the puck over to Streit. He stepped up and shot it beating Osgood and making it four to nothing Islanders. This game was becoming hard to watch. It looked like a different team from the San Jose game.

The Red Wings only had two shots in the second period and only nine total compared to 26 for the Islanders. It was pretty awful.

About halfway through the third period the Islanders scored again. If anybody still cares, it was a faceoff in the Red Wings end and they got the puck to Okposo. He shot it from the top of the circle and Tavares was in front of the net. He either screened or distracted Osgood but either way it was five to nothing.

A few minutes later Gervais got the puck in the offensive zone and he took a few steps along the blue line with it and ripped it. Of course it went in the net making it six to nothing. It may have hit Meech’s skate but does anybody really care?

I don’t know if the Red Wings were just worn out from the long road trip or what but this is the worst they’ve played in a long time. They just didn’t show up tonight. They were completely dominated by the Islanders. I’ve never been so happy to see time run out in a game.

This 0-6 loss brings us to:
52 points

Detroit at New York Rangers (12/6/09)

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Tonight the Red Wings traveled to New York City to face the Rangers. Both teams were on the second night of back to back games. Jimmy Howard was the starter for the Wings and Lundqvist was the goalie for the Rangers. Rafalski was back in the lineup tonight having recovered from his back spasms so Kindl was out. Leino was also out and Brad May was in.

The Red Wings had their dads with them again for this game although some of them had their sons or mentors instead of their fathers. They were hoping to show them a win tonight after they saw them lose at home and then lose in a shootout last night in New Jersey.

The Red Wings had a much better start in this game they had in the previous two. They put tons of offensive pressure on the Rangers. There was one sequence where the puck went all the way across the net mouth about two inches from the goal line. It was just incredible that it stayed out since there were about five people standing in the crease.

After all that pressure and good play the Wings still ended up falling behind. Higgins took the puck into the zone and passed it across to Boyle in the slot. Boyle redirected it and got it up. It hit Howard in the shoulder but still got by him and into the net. The Rangers had the first lead of the game.

The first period ended with the Wings down one to nothing after soundly outplaying the Rangers. It seems like lately in the first periods of games the Red Wings either play terribly and end up way behind, or they play very well but make one small mistake and still end up behind. Luck has not been on their side lately.

Early in the second period Callahan had a breakaway with Ericsson chasing him. Ericsson hooked him and Callahan was awarded a penalty shot. He made a nice move but Jimmy Howard didn’t bite. He got his pad down and stopped the puck nicely.

Later in the second period the Red Wings went on the power play. The Rangers killed it off but just after it expired the Wings tied the game. Zetterberg shot it with Holmstrom in front. It went by Holmstrom and hit Lundqvist. Then it bounced out front and Datsyuk put it past the goalie to tie the game at one.

That score held until the end of the period so they went into the second intermission with one goal each.

In the third period Zetterberg was called for tripping when he made a nice hip check on Sean Avery who was practicing for his new career in Hollywood. This was after some legitimate penalties were not called even though they led to scoring chances for the Rangers. Luckily the Red Wings were able to kill it off so no harm done.

Just after that power play Bertuzzi was called for high sticking. On that power play the Rangers had a ton of scoring chances. Avery missed an open net at one point. Howard came up huge to stop about four or five shots in just a few seconds and help the Red Wings kill off the penalty.

The Red Wings broke the tie with about two minutes left in the game. It all started when Lidstrom made a great play on Gaborik to prevent a scoring chance and then did a beautiful job of protecting the puck and clearing it out to Zetterberg who took it into the Rangers’ zone. Holmstrom went to the front of the net and Zetterberg passed across to Cleary. He shot it from about the goal line and somehow the puck got into Lundqvist’s pads and made it through into the net. That gave the Wings the lead with only a few minutes left in the game.

The Rangers pulled their goalie with a little over a minute to go. As they tried to score Rozsival was called for interfering with Zetterberg. So the Rangers had to pull the goalie just to get back to even strength. With just over six seconds left Draper got an empty net goal to seal the deal.

The Wings played pretty well in this game. Jimmy Howard did a fantastic job. Stuart also had a good game and made one huge hit on Anisimov. It was a great win and it was also nice that the dads finally got to see them win.

This 3-1 win brings us to:
33 points

New York Islanders at Detroit (3/27/09)

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Tonight the Islanders were in Detroit to face the Wings. We don’t get to see the Islanders very often so the Red Wings didn’t really know what to expect from this game. Even Mike Babcock admitted that he knows very little about the Islanders because he never watches Eastern Conference games.

The goaltender for the Islanders was ex-Red Wing Joey MacDonald and for the Wings it was Chris Osgood.

The first period was pretty exciting. Detroit had some good scoring chances and good energy but weren’t able to score. The Wings were out-shot, out-chanced and out-hit in the first period so those weren’t good signs. Osgood looked pretty sharp in the first period. He seemed to have shaken off the poor showing in his previous start. Like all good goalies he has a short memory.

In the second period Detroit had some great scoring chances again. Hossa got a crossbar, and Samuelsson was robbed thanks to a diving save by MacDonald. It was starting to seem like one of those nights where nothing goes into the net.

With the Red Wings on the power play in the second period they got burned for a shorthanded goal. Okposo took the puck up the ice and passed it through Samuelsson to Nielsen. He faked to the left and Osgood bit leaving the right side of the net wide open. Nielsen chipped it into the net for the shortie.

With about five minutes to go in the second period, the Islanders had the puck behind the Red Wings net. Jackman tried a wrap-around shot. Osgood was there but the puck when through his legs to other side of the net which was wide open. Bailey jumped on it and popped it in to give the last place Islanders a two to nothing lead over the mighty Red Wings.

Detroit came out in the third period with their tails on fire. They were in Islanders end taking shot after shot for most of the first three minutes. Filppula had a great chance that hit another goal post and came right back out. Unfortunately, the only thing to show for all the pressure they applied was a goaltender interference call on Cleary.

They killed off the penalty and went back to work. The Wings earned a power play during which Datsyuk and Franzen each hit goal posts but nothing went in. Detroit pulled their goalie and turned up the heat a little more but they weren’t able to score.

It was Joey MacDonald’s first shutout of his career and he earned it. He and his three irons should be charged with burglary after this game. He robbed Samuelsson a few times and Datsyuk at the end. When he wasn’t in position to make the save the goal posts or crossbar had his back.

This was not a good performance by the Wings. They didn’t really start pressuring until the third period and by then it was too late. It was pretty clear that they didn’t care much about this game at first. Or, more precisely, I think they thought they could win without having to try very hard and that’s never going to be the case. Every team shows the Red Wings their best game. Any team in the league can beat any other team on any given day. As they say, that’s why they play the games.

The Red Wings should learn a lesson from this one and then just shake it off and move on. It has no bearing on their season overall.

This 2-0 loss brings us to:
107 points

New York Rangers at Detroit (10/18/08)

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Tonight was Ted Lindsay night at Joe Louis arena.  It was the counterpart to Alex Delvecchio night which was held last Thursday.  They unveiled some new artwork similar to the one the other night.  Earlier in the day they also unveiled another concourse statue of Ted to match the ones of Alex Delvecchio and Gordie Howe.

Zetterberg was out with a sore groin and Brad Stuart was also out with a bruised leg after blocking a shot in the last game.

Meech made the most of his opportunity filling in for Stuart.  He ripped one from the point about 30 seconds into the game.  The shot was redirected by Samuelsson and into the net giving the Red Wings the early lead.  The shot hit the bottom of the crossbar and down into the net.

Just a few minutes later Filppula entered the zone and shot the puck.  All the Rangers were focused on the shot and Franzen was pretty much ignored coming up the middle.  Lundqvist stopped the shot but the rebound came right to Franzen and he buried it.  That made it 2 to 0 inside of four minutes.

The Rangers got into the game before the midpoint of the first period.  The Red Wings were all digging for the puck in the corner and nobody bothered with Callahan.  Gomez made a nice pass to him and he was wide open against Osgood with all kinds of time and space to pick his shot.  Osgood made a move and Callahan beat him.

In the second period the Red Wings scored again.  Hossa passed to Lidstrom who took the shot which was then deflected by Holmstrom and then off the skate of a Ranger player.  Homer got credit for the goal.

A couple minutes after the Wings goal, the Rangers scored an answering goal.  The Wings were focusing on Gomez and he passed it to the open Dawes who beat Ozzy.

The second period ended with the Red Wings winning 3 to 2.

Early in the third period the Rangers scored to tie the game at 3.  They had some sustained pressure  with four or five good chances and finally Rozsival popped it in.

Just a few minutes later New York took the lead when Voros shot from behind the net and banked it in off of Ozzy.  After that Mike Babcock took his timeout to settle things down a bit.

Towards the end of the third period the Rangers were called for too many men on the ice.  The Red Wings made them pay with a power play goal to tie it up again.  Kronwall took a shot from the point that was stopped by Lundqvist but he offered up a juicy rebound that was driven home by Hudler.

At the end of regulation the score was still tied but it didn’t take much overtime to decide a winner.  Just a few seconds in, Datsyuk made a great pass to Hossa in front of the net.  Hossa scored for his first goal as a Red Wing and his 300th goal of his career.  As an overtime game winner it couldn’t have come at a better time.

This 5-4 win brings us to:
7 points