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Kronwall Out Four Weeks / Laraque A Gutless Coward

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

The update on Kronwall is not great, but not as bad as it could have been. He has a sprained MCL but he has no ACL damage so that’s relatively good news. He’s expected to miss at least four weeks.

Georges Laraque intentionally stuck his leg out to hit Kronwall knee on knee in last night’s game against the Canadiens. Of course he denies it and uses the fact that they only called tripping to back up his story.

The league is reviewing the play and will determine if a suspension will be handed down. In a case like this, when there’s obvious intent to injure, I would be very much in favor the league suspending the player for however long the injured player is out. Laraque shouldn’t play until Kronwall does. Of course we’ll be lucky if he’s suspended for a game or two.

That was just a purely gutless move on Laraque’s part. He went out there on that shift with one goal. He wanted to even up the Canadiens’ chances by taking out some Red Wings players. The Kronwall hit happened right after Laraque had just high sticked Helm in mouth. It was the very same shift! There’s no place in hockey for that kind of dishonorable play. I’m disappointed and he should be ashamed. There’s no reason he couldn’t have gone out on that shift and cleanly hit Helm and Kronwall. That would have had a big positive impact on his team. He wouldn’t have cost his team six minutes of penalty time and two goals and it would have been awesome instead of spineless.