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Sameulsson Heads To Vancouver

Monday, July 6th, 2009

The Red Wings roster shake up continued last week when free agent Mikael Samuelsson signed a three year deal with Vancouver.

He was an important part of the Red Wings team over the years. He had his ups and downs but overall he was a great asset.

Samuelsson admitted that the reason he decided to leave was for the money. That’s a shame but oh well, it opens a spot for somebody who wants to play for the Red Wings. I’d rather have a player who’s heart is in it than someone who just cares about money.

Good luck to Sammy in Vancouver, but may they never beat the Red Wings.

Red Wings Sign Hossa

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

The Red Wings signed unrestricted free agent Marian Hossa today.  The brilliance of Ken Holland continues to amaze the hockey world.  Hossa wasn’t really even talked about very much as most of the buzz centered around Mats Sundin.

Hossa signed to a one year deal for $7.4 million making him the second highest paid Wing after Lidstrom. Hossa was one of the few Pittsburg Penguins players to be effective in the Stanley Cup finals.  He was the most dangerous Penguin player and he makes the Red Wings REALLY scary next year.  Hossa was reportedly offered more by other teams, and Pittsburg offered him a 7 year deal at $7 million per year.  Hossa said he wanted to play in Detroit because it was his best chance at the Stanley Cup.

Ken Holland has also recently signed Brad Stuart to a four year deal and potential backup goalie Ty Conklin.