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Detroit at Calgary (1/7/11)

Friday, January 7th, 2011

The Red Wings continued their western Canada road trip tonight with a game against the Flames in Calgary. The goalies were Howard and Kiprusoff. Eaves was back in the lineup tonight after recovering from an upper body injury but Filppula was out. He’s suffering from a sore groin that hopefully won’t turn into a nagging problem.

The Flames played a very determined game. They were all over the Red Wings, outshooting them in every period. There were a lot of crazy goals at both ends of the ice. Most of the goals that Howard gave up were deflections of some sort. At the other end Kiprusoff faced some deflections as well but he also gave up a few that he should have stopped.

Rafalski scored his first two goals of the season tonight in what was a milestone game for him: the 800th game of his career. Eaves and Helm also scored for the Wings. Detroit never had the lead in this game and those four goals were only enough to tie the score and send the game to overtime.

There were no goals scored in the overtime even though the Flames were on the power play for most of the final two minutes if you include the time they spent with the extra man waiting for the delayed call.

In the shootout the Wings went with Hudler, Bertuzzi and Zetterberg. The Flames selected Tanguay, Hagman and Bourque. Kiprusoff stopped Hudler and Zetterberg but Bertuzzi got one past him. Howard stopped all three of the Flames shooters to give the Red Wings the win.

This was a tough win for the Wings; they had to really gut it out. With so many of their top guys out they were able to continue stepping it up and getting goals from other people. It was made even tougher by the loss of Stuart who was hit in the face by a shoulder from Kostopoulis in the third period. Stuart was down for a while and left the ice spitting blood. He did not return to the game. Kostopoulis was called for roughing and I’m sure the league will review the play to see if they should hand down a suspension for the head shot.

All things considered this was a good two points for the Wings against a Calgary team that played very hard.

This 5-4 win brings us to:
57 points

Calgary at Detroit (11/21/10)

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

The Wings played the Flames tonight at Joe Louis Arena. Howard and Kiprusoff were the starting goaltenders.

This was another game where the Red Wings weren’t at their best but they still found a way to get it done.

With just 3.2 seconds left in the game Zetterberg scored the game tying goal after receiving a beautiful pass from Datsyuk. Then Lidstrom scored in the overtime for the win.

It was certainly an exciting finish and it showed us once again how the Wings can win even when they aren’t at their best.

Cleary left the ice with an upper body injury after taking a hard check into the boards. Ericsson and Franzen were also banged up. Hopefully, none of that will be serious.

This caps off an incredible six game home stand for the Wings in which they got 11 out of 12 possible points. Great job, Red Wings!

This 4-5 win brings us to:
28 points

Detroit at Calgary (11/3/10)

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

The Red Wings rolled in to Calgary tonight to face the Flames in the first game of their west coast road trip.  Howard was back in net for the Wings tonight after having recovered from back spasms.  Ericsson also returned to the lineup tonight.  Kiprusoff was the goalie for the Flames.

The Red Wings played really well tonight.  It was a solid road game from start to finish.  They didn’t capitalize on the power play but they were very good on the penalty kill.

Jimmy Howard looked excellent in his return.  He made a ton of incredible saves.  Kiprusoff did as well at the other end though.

There were many high points to this game.  Abdelkader, Cleary and Modano all had especially good games.

Modano managed to snap his goal drought.  After being set up by a nice play from Cleary he carried the puck in on a breakaway and ripped it over Kiprusoff’s shoulder.  He’s starting to look a lot more comfortable playing the Red Wings’ system so that’s great news.

Abdelkader scored one as well, in nearly the same part of the net, after being set up by Datsyuk.

Overall I’d say this was a textbook road game.  Detroit had nearly double the shots on goal as Calgary.  Great job by the Wings!

This 2-1 win brings us to:
15 points

Calgary at Detroit (10/21/10)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

The Flames were in Detroit tonight to face the Red Wings. The goalies were Jimmy Howard and Miikka Kiprusoff. Franzen was back in the lineup after being medically cleared to play.

The Red Wings got off to a bit of a slow start but luckily Jimmy Howard was red hot from beginning to end. He only allowed two goals on 36 shots. That’s too many shots but few enough goals to give the Red Wings a chance to win. Howard stood on his head to stop the puck, making several incredible saves.

The Flames scored twice. Both goals came in the first period and both were scored by Backlund. Jimmy Howard wasn’t to blame on either goal.

The Red Wings were outshot by Calgary in the first and third periods but they made their shots count. The Wings’ first goal was a thing of beauty. Datsyuk stole the puck and made an outlet pass to Holmstrom. Then he jumped back into the play. Holmstrom passed it back to Datsyuk who by now was on the attack. Datsyuk served it up to Zetterberg on a platter and Hank buried a one-timer.

The Wings’ second goal came in the second period and it was another example of Datsyuk’s magic. He did some fancy stick handling and turned his defender inside out along the boards then passed it to Lidstrom who wound up and fired a slap shot from near the blue line. Kiprusoff had trouble seeing the puck because of traffic in front and it got by him.

In the third period Franzen scored an amazing goal. He didn’t have any room for a shot so he elevated the puck and banked it in off of Kiprusoff’s mask. The puck landed on his shoulder and he tried to balance it but it fell behind him into the net.

Then to seal the deal Bertuzzi scored a great goal unassisted. He stole the puck, took it up ice and threaded the needle over Kiprusoff’s shoulder.

It was a good win for the Wings after a sluggish start. Credit Howard for making it possible as the Flames played a solid road game. The Wings’ goals were fantastic, they just need to work on starting on time and making fewer mistakes early in the game.

This 2-4 win brings us to:
9 points

Detroit at Calgary (3/15/10)

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Tonight’s Red Wings game was on the road against the Calgary Flames. It was a head to head matchup between two teams that are directly battling each other for the eighth playoff spot. Detroit had something to prove tonight since they gave up three unanswered goals in the third period against Calgary last Tuesday to lose the game. The goalies tonight were Jimmy Howard and Miikka Kiprusoff. The Flames were one point behind the Wings coming into this game so it was a must win for the Red Wings. If they lost, the Flames would go up by one but if they won they’d be three points ahead of the Flames.

Early in the first period the Red Wings turned the puck over. They were trying to get out of their own zone and Conroy jumped on an errant pass. He went to the net and shot the puck. Howard stopped it but Conroy came back and got another whack at it. He didn’t miss the second time and the Red Wings were in the hole early.

Although they were outscored one to nothing, the Red Wings played really well in the first period. Drew Miller was especially effective. The shots on goal were even but the Wings had three times as many scoring chances as the Flames. Unfortunately, Kiprusoff stopped them all so the period ended with Detroit trailing by one.

In the second period the Red Wings seemed to turn it up even more. They were getting chance after chance and pressuring hard. The game had a great pace to it. The Red Wings were moving the puck at will and creating lots of opportunities.

Towards the end of the second period the Wings finally got a power play, their first of the game. During the power play Glencross had a shorthanded chance and was hooked with by Zetterberg. He was awarded a penalty shot. Howard came out to challenge and stopped him cold. The Red Wings power play continued. Rafalski got the puck to Datsyuk with Holmstrom screening in front. Datsyuk took the puck towards the net, made a few moves and fired. It was a perfect shot placed where Kiprusoff could hardly see it until the last second. It found the top, far corner and tied the game at one.

In the third period Rafalski was called for high sticking. It was unintentional but it drew blood so it was an automatic double minor. The Red Wings went to work on the penalty kill and shut down the Flames. For four minutes the Flames tried unsuccessfully to put together some offense. The Red Wings killed it off nicely and kept the game tied.

The Wings continued to pressure hard for the rest of the third period but the score was holding fast. Then, with less than a minute and a half to go, Stuart made a nice play to keep the puck in the zone. Franzen picked it up and circled back to the point to get some room. He fired with Holmstrom in front. The puck was actually a pass. It was headed well wide and Holmstrom redirected it into the net for the go ahead goal. It was an amazing deflection off the shaft of the stick.

With 1:12 left Flames called a timeout and pulled the goalie. With 14 seconds left the Red Wings took their timeout to set up for a faceoff in their own zone. They lost that draw but the puck was deflected out of play. They lost the next draw, too but the Wings got control and cleared it as time ran out.

What a great win this was for the Wings. They really needed this one and they came together and played a very good, complete game. Now they stay in eighth place and are three points up on Calgary. Great job, guys!

This 2-1 win brings us to:
80 points

Calgary at Detroit (3/9/10)

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Tonight was another very important game for the Red Wings in their run for the playoffs. The Calgary Flames rolled in to town just one point behind the Wings in the Western Conference standings. Miikka Kiprusoff was in net for the Flames and for the Red Wings it was Jimmy Howard.

There was a really good pace to the first period but no scoring. The stats were pretty even. Both teams looked pretty good and were battling hard. It was shaping up to be a great game.

In the second period the Flames dumped the puck into the corner and it came hard off the boards right to Langkow. He fired a perfect shot that got up and under the crossbar making it one to nothing Calgary. It was a pretty easy goal for the Flames on kind of a lucky bounce.

Later in the second Datsyuk took a pass from Holmstrom as he was flying up the wing and shot a backhander. It looked like Kiprusoff should have had it but somehow it got through him and went in the net. That tied the game at one and gave Datsyuk his 20th goal of the season.

Nearing the end of the second period the Red Wings went on a power play when Calgary was called for too many men on the ice. During the power play Lidstrom fired the puck from the point. It was going well wide of the net but Holmstrom redirected it with the heel of his stick and scored. It was classic Holmstrom and it put the Red Wings up two to one.

The score held until the end of the second period. The hectic pace and playoff atmosphere continued throughout the period.

In the third period Bourque shot the puck and Howard made a nice stop. The rebound came to Iginla though and he quickly put it in the net to tie the game at two.

Just a few seconds later the same line was on the ice for the Flames and they started pressuring hard. Things got a little sloppy in the Red Wings’ end. Iginla fired a shot and it hit Bourque in the shin and went in the net. Just like that the Flames had the lead three to two.

Late in the third period Detroit had about a minute of power play time. They pulled the goalie to make it six on four. Just after the power play ended Higgins threw the puck down the ice and put it in the empty net making it four to two Flames. He must have thought they were still on the penalty kill because if he’d have missed the net it would have been icing.

That was it for this game. The Red Wings looked good up until the third period when it looked like they just rolled over. I don’t know if Calgary stepped up their play or if the Red Wings eased off but either way the third period was much different than the first two. The Wings were outshot 15 to 4 in the third. The Flames had a couple of power plays in that time but that wasn’t really that much of a factor.

It was a bad loss for the Wings. They just keep making it harder on themselves.

This 4-2 loss brings us to:
74 points

Calgary at Detroit (11/27/09)

Friday, November 27th, 2009

The Calgary Flames were tonight’s opponent for the Red Wings. Osgood was Detroit’s goalie and Kiprusoff was in net for the Flames. The Red Wings were on a stretch of games where they’ve been playing pretty well but not scoring. They hoped to snap that streak tonight.

It only took 28 seconds for the Calgary to score on the Red Wings. The Red Wings were all hanging around in front of their net. Jokinen got the puck and passed it to Lundmark in the slot. He was wide open for the tap in. The Red Wings just didn’t seem ready; it was like they hadn’t really got going yet.

In the first period it looked as though Detroit had finally broken their streak of bad puck luck when they appeared to score a power play goal. The goal was waived off though because they said Cleary had interfered with Kiprusoff’s ability to do his job. It was a terrible call. Cleary was on the edge of the crease. He may have brushed up against Kiprusoff a little bit but that didn’t stop him from being exactly where he wanted to be and doing what he wanted to do. Cleary didn’t prevent him from doing anything. It was par for the course though the way things have been going lately for the Wings.

Near the end of the first period Moss and Dawes entered the Red Wings’ zone with Ericsson back. Moss tried to pass across but Ericsson broke it up. Then Ericsson tried to gather the puck and Dawes poked it back into the slot. Datsyuk was there by that time and took the puck. Dawes poked it again, off Datsyuk’s stick this time, it went into the net. It was a really crazy play. That made it two to nothing Flames. The bad luck just continued to pile up. It was almost becoming comical. How much bad puck luck can one team have?

After two periods the Red Wings still hadn’t scored even though they had 32 shots on goal to Calgary’s 11. And don’t forget they even had one shot go in the net but even THAT didn’t earn them a goal. I suppose that one didn’t count as a shot on goal since the play was disallowed. I don’t know what more they can do. They’re playing well, they’re shooting from everywhere, and they’re even putting the puck in the net once in a while. Eventually they’ll have to get a goal. I have a feeling that when they start scoring it’s going to be a flash flood of goals.

Just 25 seconds into the third period the Red Wings were caught off guard again. Lundmark passed it to Jokinen who ripped it from the faceoff circle and beat Osgood high on the short side. That made it three to nothing Flames.

Nothing changed throughout the rest of the third period. The Red Wings lost three to nothing and were shut out for the second game in a row. It’s frustrating to watch and I’m sure way more frustrating for the team but there are always periods like this in a hockey season. It makes for a pretty boring game when the game winning goal was scored just 28 seconds into the first period. The Red Wings are trying to stay positive and they’re shooting the puck like crazy. Those are both good things. They’ll come out of this slump soon and score a ton of goals. They’ll have another chance to score tomorrow night when they play in St. Louis.

This 3-0 loss brings us to:
26 points

Detroit at Calgary (10/31/09)

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

The Red Wings wrapped up their five games road tonight with a Halloween game against the Flames in Calgary. The goalies were Osgood and Kiprusoff. Leino was a healthy scratch and Ericsson was out because he wasn’t feeling well. Uh oh, put him in quarantine! Also out was Filppula who, as it turns out, broke his wrist on the play where he left the game in Edmonton. He won’t need surgery but will miss about six weeks with a cast on his wrist. In were Meech, Maltby and Abdelkader. Datsyuk and Zetterberg were on different lines for this game because Filppula was out. Babcock didn’t want both Datsyuk and Zetterberg to be tired at the same time if there was no Filppula to put in. That kind of implies that Babcock puts Filppula in the same category as Datsyuk and Zetterberg. That’s quite an implied compliment! Lidstrom and Rafalski were paired up tonight to try to shut down Iginla.

As has become the (very disturbing) custom, the Wings were caught off guard at the beginning of the game. Right off the opening puck drop the Flames starting taking it to the Red Wings. The Wings were on their heels for the first 30 seconds and the Flames came inches away from scoring. Osgood saved at least one golden opportunity from happening for the Flames.

In the second minute of the game Lebda flipped the puck over the glass attempting to clear it down the ice. He got the automatic two minute penalty for delay of game. The Red Wings did a good job killing off the penalty against the most potent power play in the league.

Just as the first period ended Kiprusoff made an amazing save to stop Draper who had received a pass from Eaves on a two on one breakaway. Thanks to that save, and several other great ones by both Kiprusoff and Osgood, the first period ended with no goals.

Late in the second period Calgary scored the first goal of the game. Bourque got the puck down low and worked it around behind the net. He threw it towards Osgood and it popped up in the air, hit somebody in front of the net and bounced in. There wasn’t anything Osgood could have done about that one. Even in slow motion I couldn’t tell exactly how the puck ended up in the net.

Just 35 seconds later the Wings tied it up. Draper dropped one off for Stuart at the point. Stuart brought it to the top of the circle and ripped it. He just flat out beat Kiprusoff.

Less than a minute later Datsyuk passed one across the ice to Holmstrom in the high slot. Holmstrom ripped one and burned Kiprusoff again. That made it two to one Red Wings.

That score held until the end of the period despite some really good last second chances by the Flames. Osgood stopped them all and held the lead.

In the third period Jason Williams’ stick came into the bench area and caught Brad May in the face while he was just sitting there minding his own business. The way he reacted looked pretty bad. It seemed to have caught him right in the eye with end of the stick blade. Hopefully, it’s just a cut around the eye and not an injury to the actual eye.

With just over a minute to go in the game Kiprusoff left the ice for the extra attacker. The Flames turned the puck over to Maltby and he put it into the empty net from the blue line to wrap up this one.

The Red Wings played a really good game tonight after the opening 30 seconds or so. The goal of the road trip was to win three out of five games. Well they only won two of them but two of the losses were overtime losses so they still ended up with six out of ten possible points so this was a very successful road trip.

This 3-1 win brings us to:
13 points

Detroit at Calgary (3/23/09)

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Detroit travelled to Calgary for tonight’s road game against Flames. Osgood was our goalie and Kiprusoff was in for the Flames.

The Flames opened the scoring in the first period. Osgood was beaten by a shot from Dion Phaneuf. Osgood was in position, and had a good view of the puck but he just missed it with the glove hand. He got a piece of it but not enough.

The first period ended with Detroit behind one to nothing. They had some good chances but just couldn’t get it to go in.

In the second period Lundmark took a shot from the goal line. Osgood pulled slightly away from the post and the puck dropped in front of the goal line behind him. He reached back and pushed it into the net giving Calgary their second goal.

A few minutes later Samuelsson nearly scored on a breakaway. He hit the post with his shot and it slid across the goal mouth right on the line.

Then the Flames scored again by getting the puck in the corner of the net behind his skate. It clearly wasn’t Osgood’s night so Mike Babcock pulled him and put Conklin in. All three of the goals allowed were ones that Osgood probably should have stopped. It was just one of those days.

Later in the period the Flames also had a puck that sat on our goal line and nobody could put it in. I guess that evened up the bad luck a little bit.

A few minutes later the Wings were buzzing and getting a lot of shots. The puck came out to Datsyuk at the bottom of the circle. He pounced on it, turned and scored. It was a great play and a great shift all around for that line.

In the third period Conroy dug the puck out from along the back boards and passed it to Glencross in the slot. He shot quickly and beat Conklin. That extended the Flames lead to three goals again.

At about the halfway point of the third period Franzen scored a great goal to pull back within two. Franzen brought the puck into the zone, made a few moves on the defenders and ripped one by Kiprusoff. It was another awesome individual effort by Franzen.

A few minutes later Rafalski sprung Hudler with an incredible outlet pass. Then Hudler made a sweet move tapping the puck around the defenseman and then getting it back. He shot and scored to pull within a goal.

The Red Wings tried to tie the game but Calgary scored the empty net goal with about 30 seconds left. This one ended three to five. The Wings actually played pretty well in this game but they just gave up too many easy goals. It’s hard enough to score on Kiprusoff without needing four just break even. Also, the officials were almost invisible in this game. Usually, that would be a good thing but it seemed like they missed a lot of calls. The Red Wings only had one power play the entire game. There were also a few goals that didn’t count because of quick whistles. Oh well, time to forget about it and think about Edmonton.

This 3-5 loss brings us to:
105 points

Calgary at Detroit (3/12/09)

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

The guests of honor for tonight’s game were the Calgary Flames. Kiprusoff was the goalie for the them and Conklin was in for us for the second game in a row. This was supposed to be Osgood’s night to start but Babcock decided that it would be better to start him in the next game instead since that’s a road game.

A bit past the five minute mark Calgary scored first from a really unlikely angle. Jokinen got the puck way down below the goal line and swept it towards Conklin. Somehow the puck got between the post and Conklin’s skate and ended up in the net. I’m sure Conklin would want that one back.

Later in the first period Detroit went on the power play. Datsyuk took a great shot that got up over Kiprusoff but it hit the crossbar and dropped down. Zetterberg jumped on it and pushed it in behind the goalie to tie the game at one.

A few minutes later Phaneuf hit Cleary in the lower back as he was heading into the boards. Cleary lost his balance and crashed heavily. He had to be helped off the ice. Phaneuf got a five minute major on the play. It wasn’t a hard hit but it was just enough to throw off Cleary’s balance and make him lose an edge.

With 3:52 left in the major, Leopold shot the puck over the glass from his own zone so the Wings had a 5 on 3 for a full two minutes. During the 5 on 3 Sarich took a penalty for crosschecking. His penalty couldn’t start until the second one ended so it ended up being nearly four minutes of 5 on 3. At that point the game turned ugly. There was a big scrum in front of the net and Franzen and Aucoin started pushing and shoving in front of the net; they both were getting penalties. Then Vandermeer came in and started exchanging punches with Franzen. He nailed Franzen in the back of the head with an elbow and Franzen went down hard. Ken, Mick, and Larry didn’t notice that it was an elbow but it really looked like it was. Vandermeer got a 10 minute misconduct so I’m pretty sure it was an elbow.

Kiprusoff made brilliant save after brilliant save throughout the 5 on 3. Finally, when the 5 on 4 was down to a minute and change Samuelsson got a quick pass and roofed it before Kiprusoff could get over. That made it two to one Red Wings. It was an incredible performance by Kiprusoff to allow just one goal through all of that power play time.

Cleary returned in the second period. That was a big relief.

Also in the second period Detroit ended up with a 4 on 3 power play. On top of that, one of their players had a broken stick. Rafalski and Lidstrom were trading passes and eventually Lidstrom ripped one that got by Kiprusoff. Holmstrom was in front of the net making life miserable for Kiprusoff. That goal made it three to one Red Wings.

Halfway through the second period they announced the shot totals were 35 to 7 in favor of the Wings and that’s not counting the three or four posts and crossbars. Part of the reason that it was so lopsided was that the Wings had so much power play time.

Later in the second period there was some 4 on 4 play. Lidstrom sprung Filppula who took it into the zone and shot one that got between Kiprusoff’s legs. That gave the Red Wings a four to one lead. Mike Keenan was livid because before the goal he thought the Wings should have been called for tripping.

A few seconds later, still 4 on 4, Calgary scored. Aucoin shot the puck and Langkow redirected it right in front of the net. Conklin didn’t have a chance of stopping that one. That made it two to four.

With only 3:22 left in the third period Calgary scored to come within a goal of tying the game.  Vandermeer shot it and the puck bounced around in front of the net. Lundmark was there to pick up the bounce and put it in the net. At that point Detroit had not had a single shot on goal in the third period.

Less than a minute later the Flames scored to tie the game. Glencross shot from the faceoff circle. The puck hit Jokinen and then went between Conklin’s legs. He got a piece of it but it still got through. It bounced between his skates and into the net. Once again the Wings had blown a lead. At that point the shots on goal in the period were 14 to nothing in favor of the Flames.

About a minute after that goal the Flames took the lead scoring their third goal in 3 minutes and 22 seconds. Lundmark wrapped around the net and put the puck past Conklin. This was looking like another epic collapse by the Wings.

With 42 seconds left Datsyuk shot and the puck and it hung on the goal line. Cleary was there to poke it in and tie the game up again. That goal sent the game into overtime on their first shot of the period.

After two periods Detroit thought they had won the game. But after the third period they were lucky to have salvaged a tie. It was still quite an epic collapse even though they managed to tie it up.

Nobody scored in the overtime.

In the shootout Datsyuk went first and made it look easy. He went to his backhand and put it up high on Kiprusoff. Cammalleri came out next and did almost the same thing. His move was more pronounced than Datsyuk’s but it had the same effect. He froze the goalie and scored up high. Zetterberg was the next shooter. He made a move but Kiprusoff stayed with it and stopped the puck. Iginla went next and hit the post. Then came Hudler. Kiprusoff stopped him. Jokinen came out next for the Flames. He scored the winner.

The Red Wings played a great two periods tonight. Unfortunately this type of play isn’t going to get them very deep in the playoffs. At some point of the goaltenders need to be able to steal a game. Maybe it’s time to call up Jimmy Howard.

This 6-5 overtime loss brings us to:
97 points