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Dallas at Detroit (2/24/11)

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The Dallas Stars came to Joe Louis Arena to play the Red Wings tonight. The goaltenders were Jimmy Howard and Kari Lehtonen. Eaves was out of the lineup after being injured in the previous game. Luckily his knees are okay, it’s just a sore groin and he’s only expected to miss a few weeks. Mursak was called up to fill in for him.

It was another slow start for the Wings tonight. In the first period they were outshot by the Stars even though they had two power plays. Ribeiro scored towards the end of the period and then, even worse, Loui Eriksson scored a shorthanded goal with just a few seconds left. So the Red Wings went to the dressing room down two to nothing after one period.

Detroit came to life in the second period. Early on it looked like Rafalski had scored but the goal was waved off because of incidental contact between Holmstrom and Lehtonen. About halfway through the period Barch scored to make it three to nothing Stars. A few seconds later things started to get nasty after Ribeiro gave Howard a jab and a lot of pushing and shoving ensued. No actual fights broke out but there was a long list of penalties. There was no more scoring in the second period so the Wings were down three to nothing to start the third.

Early in the third period tempers flared when Ott started slashing at Franzen. Ericsson took exception to it and dropped the gloves. Ott landed a few punches towards the end but it was pretty clear that Ericsson won the fight. That’s saying something since Ott is a pretty experienced fighter. Towards the end of the period the Red Wings finally got on the board when Holmstrom scored a power play goal. They pulled goalie in the final few minutes but Langenbrunner scored an empty netter and that was all she wrote.

Once the Wings got going they badly outshot the Stars but Lehtonen played remarkably well and they had already spotted them two goals by that point. Detroit hasn’t been playing very well at home lately; maybe they’re too comfortable there. The good news is that the next five games are on the road.

This 4-1 loss brings us to:
80 points

Detroit at Dallas (12/29/10)

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

The Red Wings played the Stars in Dallas tonight. Jimmy Howard was the goalie for Detroit and Dallas went with Kari Lehtonen. Rafalski and Zetterberg had both been nursing sore backs but they were okay by game time so they were in the lineup. Mursak was also in again after being called up before the last game to help fill in for all the injured forwards.

The first period was kind of strange. Dallas badly outshot the Red Wings but it still seemed to me like the Wings were in control. Detroit scored the only goal of the period when Bertuzzi spotted Hudler on the other side of the slot and made a perfect pass to him. Hudler one-timed it into his half-open side of the net. Although the Wings were outshot, scoring chances were nearly even.

The second period was even crazier than the first. Dallas scored three goals in under a minute and half. The first one happened when Brad Richards got in behind the defense and beat Howard one on one. Then Fistric fired one after a face off win that was deflected on the way to the net.  Howard had no chance on that one. Then it was a rebound that popped out quickly to Benn who shot it in before Howard could reposition himself. Just like that the Stars were up three to one. It was tied again by the end of the period though as Lidstrom and Eaves both scored great goals.

The third period was all Detroit. Brad Stuart scored first, and then later Draper scored as well. Then Eaves scored his second of the night. In the final few minutes the Stars pulled their goalie and Eaves got an empty-netter. Although the net was empty, it wasn’t an easy goal. He shot it from his own zone under pressure after handling a bouncing puck. That gave Eaves his first career hat trick and the Red Wings fans in the building let their hats fly.

This was an excellent road game for the Red Wings. They played with a lot of energy and they really showed their depth as lots of guys continued to step it up in the scoring department in the absence of some of their top point getters. Hudler, Lidstrom, Franzen and Bertuzzi all had two point nights. Eaves had four points!

This 7-3 win brings us to:
52 points

Dallas at Detroit (12/19/10)

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

The Red Wings played host to the Stars tonight. The game had an early start time of 5:00. The goalies were Osgood and Raycroft.

Detroit got off to a slow start in this game. Everybody was kind of sluggish, even Datsyuk. They all seemed lackadaisical and somewhat careless with the puck. Even so the Red Wings jumped out to a two to nothing lead in the first period.

The lead wouldn’t last long though as Dallas answered with two goals of their own later on in the period. Many of the goals were tipped or redirected so it wasn’t really a reflection of the goalies’ performances.

The Red Wings got better as the game progressed. They were better in the second and dominant in the third, although shots on goal were pretty even throughout.

Detroit was protecting a one goal lead as the game wound down but Dallas was able to tie it up.

The game ended up going to overtime and Loui Eriksson scored the game winner for the Stars.

I thought Eaves, Helm and Abdelkader played very well tonight. Abdelkader had a great fight with Ott midway through the second period. It took a little while to get going but Abdelkader nailed Ott with an uppercut and then landed one on the back of his head. Then Abdelkader took Ott to the ice. It was close but I’d give this one to Abdelkader.

I think the Wings didn’t get started early enough in this game but they played pretty well later. I wonder if the 5:00 start time threw off their routine enough to impact how ready they were at the start of the game.

Overall, the game was pretty even. The Stars played great but Detroit could have had two points out of this one. It’s a shame to have to settle for one.

This 4-3 overtime loss brings us to:
44 points

Detroit at Dallas (10/14/10)

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

The Red Wings were in Dallas tonight for Mike Modano’s homecoming game against the Stars. The goalies were Osgood and Lehtonen.

Modano got a warm reception from the fans in Dallas but that was where the pleasantries ended. The Red Wings looked really sluggish in this game. I got the impression that the ice was bad because it looked like they were all laboring to get going and the puck was bouncing around a lot. If that was the case, though, both teams had to deal with it equally so it’s no excuse.

The one bright spot was that the Red Wings held the Stars to just 15 shots on goal. Unfortunately, four of them went in the net. I didn’t have the sense that Osgood was playing poorly though. It just seemed like a lot of bad breaks.

Offensively the Red Wings weren’t able to put much together. They turned the puck over a lot and often had trouble handling passes cleanly. When they did mount an attack Lehtonen was a brick wall.

The Wings did score one goal near the end of the game. It was a fast play from Hudler and Bertuzzi that found Kronwall on the doorstep with Lehtonen out of position. Kronwall was able to get the puck under Lehtonen’s arm before he moved over. It was a pretty goal, but it was too little too late.

Franzen was hit in the first period by Fistric. It happened very quickly and it was hard to tell what happened on the replay. It looked like Fistric might have hit Franzen in the face with his shoulder. Franzen went down and was slow getting up. He left the ice and did not return. We’ll have to wait for word on the injury and the nature of the hit.

Babcock wasn’t too upset with the play of his team so they must have been trying harder that it looked like they were on TV. To me they seemed lethargic for most of the first two periods. Maybe the Stars were just playing that well. Regardless it’s a four one loss for the Wings.

This 1-4 loss brings us to:
5 points

Detroit at Dallas (1/16/10)

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

The Red Wings were in Dallas today for an afternoon game against the Stars. Alex Auld was the goalie for the Stars and for the Red Wings Jimmy Howard continued his run as the number one goaltender.

This was an important game for the Wings. It was a conference game against a Stars team that is chasing Detroit in the standings. The Stars really need these points so that means the Wings need to get them instead. The Red Wings were still trailing the Kings by a point in the standings for the eighth playoff spot. I’m getting the feeling that every game for the rest of the season is going to be an important game.

Both teams got off to fast starts in this game. The pace was great and they were both skating hard.

In the first minute of the game Ott started trying to start a fight with Stuart. Stuart was having none of it but it was pretty clear he intended to fight with somebody in this game. Barch and May also were ready to go early. They like to fight in each game they play together.

Early on in the game Lidstrom made a nice outlet pass to Zetterberg who hit Bertuzzi streaking into the zone. Bertuzzi took it to the net and made a sweet move on Auld. He put the puck in the net and then followed it in himself. It was a beautiful goal and it gave the Wings the early lead one to nothing.

A few minutes later Modano went to the box for slashing. It was a call that Mickey Redmond and Mike Modano both thought was pretty weak but he did knock the stick out of the hands of Helm. On the power play Zetterberg passed to Bertuzzi in front of the net. It was in Bertuzzi’s feet and he didn’t get a shot away. However, the puck slipped through to the other side of the net where Rafalski had stepped up and he popped it home to take the two nothing lead. Modano was pretty hot about it and was really giving it to the referee.

The period ended with Wings leading two to nothing even though they were outshot eleven to seven. It didn’t really seem like the Stars had more shots because the Red Wings were so effective on the few shots they had. It’s starting to become common for the Wings to be outshot.

In the second period Richards brought the puck into the Red Wings end. He faked a shot and held on to it. Then when it was almost too late he ripped it. It hit Brad Stuart’s stick in front of the net and deflected in. That made it two to one Red Wings. There wasn’t anything Howard could have done about it.

After two periods the Wings were still being outshot by the Star but not by much. For the most part the game was even. Of course the Wings were leading in the most important category, two to one in goals.

In the third period the Stars scored on a play where Barch was basically sitting on Jimmy Howard but there was no call for goalie interference. Wandell brought the puck out from behind the net and sent it to the front. It hit something in front of the net and bounced out to Eriksson in the slot who shot it past Howard. There was really no chance for Howard on this one either considering he had Barch all over him. Regardless, the game was suddenly tied at two.

The third period was just crazy. There was all kinds of checking and bodies flying everywhere but no goals.

After three periods the score was still tied so the game went to overtime.

The craziness continued in the overtime period with no winner so the game went to a shootout.

The first shooter for the Star was Neal and Howard stopped him cold. Datsyuk went next and he made a nice move but missed the net. Richards was up next for the Stars. He made a move but Howard didn’t bite and stopped the shot. Next was Zetterberg. He tried to make a move but Auld poke checked the puck away. Eriksson was up next and he couldn’t beat Howard either. It came down to Bertuzzi as the last shooter for the Wings. He went wide left and Auld had none of it. He poked the puck away again.

Modano was up next. He shot and Howard stopped him. Then Filppula was up. He deked and shot but missed again as the goalie showcase continued. Robidas was up for the Stars. He came in fast but Howard stopped him, too. Then it was Cleary. He made some nice moves but still couldn’t score. Ott was up for the Stars. He came in with speed again and the referee waved it off but it looked like it might have crossed the line.  The referee was in perfect position to see the puck so it’s most likely that he made the right call but they still spent a lot of time reviewing it. Somehow, after the review they called it a goal. It was unbelievable since there was no replay where you could see it cross the line. I’ll be interested to hear how they made that decision. Eaves shot next for the Wings and missed so just like that Stars had won the game.

This was a very unsatisfying way for the game to end. It felt like a win but the Wings only got a point out of it and gave up two points to the Stars. Not great and very disappointing.

The Wings have the Blackhawks to contend with tomorrow. That will be a critical game for them.

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out how important Jimmy Howard has been to the Red Wings. He wasn’t in the top three for player of the game today and I think that’s just because people are quickly getting used to him being awesome. Considering how much the scoring and the shots on goal have dropped off lately, I’d say that if it weren’t for Howard the Red Wings would be in BIG trouble. Osgood is a great goalie, but in all fairness we have to admit that he’s probably past his prime. I don’t think he could have earned the Wings as many points as Jimmy Howard has.

This 2-3 overtime loss brings us to:
55 points

Detroit at Dallas (12/19/09)

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

This afternoon’s opponent for the Wings was the Dallas Stars who played host to Detroit and were just two points behind the Red Wings in the standings. The starting goaltenders were Jimmy Howard and Marty Turco.

Well, my wishful thinking didn’t help after the last game. Henrik Zetterberg has a partial shoulder separation and will miss two to four weeks. There was a spot of good news though as Helm returned to the lineup today.

The Stars got off to a good start in this game. They had an early power play and had a lot of good shots in a short period of time. Jimmy Howard was great though and made a few world class saves.

Then Brad May fought with his favorite dance partner Krys Barch. It was a pretty long fight. They were throwing punches until they were both completely out of gas. You couldn’t say either one was the winner but they both seemed to enjoy it.

Later in the first period Datsyuk got the puck and played it ahead to Bertuzzi who was charging to the net. It was almost out of reach so he leaned for forward and just chipped it at the net. It bounced off Turco to the middle of the crease and Holmstrom came in and shoved it into the net. The Wings had the early lead one to nothing.

After Dallas’ initial flurry, Detroit was the better team. They ended up outshooting the Stars eleven to seven by the end of the period and quality chances were seven to three Detroit.

Early in the second period Detroit had a bit of a defensive breakdown and the Stars scored. Both defensemen were on the same side of the ice and Ribeiro passed it across to Skrastins on the other side who one-timed it in. It was a bang bang play. Howard didn’t have much of a chance.

Later in the second period Richards took the puck up the wing. He passed it to Neal in the slot. Along the way the puck hit Rafalski, then hit Neal’s skate and stick, then it hit Bertuzzi’s skate and deflected into the net. It was another goal that Howard didn’t have a chance of stopping. There wasn’t even a shot on goal. It just bounced around and finally went it. It was a fluky goal but it put the Stars up two to one.

A few minutes later Bertuzzi threw the puck toward the net with Datsyuk between him and the goal. Datsyuk touched it slightly but it didn’t look like the puck changed direction at all. The puck went right through Turco’s legs and the Wings tied it up.

Then just a little over a minute later the Stars were pressuring. Skrastins shot from the point and it hit Brad Stuart. Howard lost track of the puck and it bounced the opposite way that he though it did. By the time he found it again it was too late. Neal shot it into the mostly open net as Howard dove for it. The Stars were back up by a goal.

With about a minute left in the second period Miller did a nice job to take the puck away and keep it in the zone. Datsyuk ended up working it behind the net. He sent it back to Bertuzzi in the slot who ripped it with Miller in front. I don’t think Miller touched it but it got through and into the net to tie the game at three.

The stats were even more lopsided after two periods. The Wings were outshooting the Stars 24 to 14, and out-chancing them 14 to 8.

Early in the third period Skrastins released a shot that was nothing special but it seemed to surprise Howard. I think it might have hit the stick of Doug Janik who was right in front of the net. The puck came up and went in the top corner so the Stars had the lead again.

The score held until the end of the game. The Red Wings ended up losing a game in which I felt they played very well. They made a few mistakes but for the most part they looked great.

Datsyuk and Bertuzzi were very good and Helm was just incredible. It’s such a joy to watch him play. I’m glad he’s back.

This 3-4 loss brings us to:
41 points

Dallas at Detroit (11/30/09)

Monday, November 30th, 2009

The Dallas Stars were at the Joe tonight for a rematch against the Red Wings. The Wings played pretty poorly the last time they hosted the Stars. That was the game with the slow/quick whistle and the disallowed goal for Brad May. Turco was the goalie for the Stars and Howard was in for the Wings.

The first period had a really good pace with very few whistles. The Red Wings gave up a good scoring chance or two but luckily the Stars didn’t connect. The Red Wings had a few good shots but nothing too serious.

Then about three quarters of the way through the period it looked like the Wings had iced the puck. Drew Miller hustled back and pushed Skrastins’ stick away just as he was about to touch it for the icing. Then Miller took the puck and threw it to the front of the net. It hit Daley and bounced into the top corner of the net to make it one to nothing Red Wings. That was just a fantastic effort by Miller. If he keeps showing that kind of determination he will do well as a Red Wing.

Late in the first period Dallas went on the power play after somewhat of a phantom call. The Wings killed off the penalty but just after it expired and with just a few seconds left in the period, Dallas scored. Robidas had it at the point and walked up to the top of the circle. He shot it and Morrow tipped it in front of the net. There was no chance for Howard on a redirection like that.

With less than three second left in the period Ericsson was called for a hook so the Stars started the second period with the man advantage. Detroit was able to kill off the penalty so no harm done.

In the second period Bertuzzi passed the puck to Draper as he entered the zone. Draper made a beautiful pass through everybody to hit Helm right on the tape. He had a nearly open net and he buried it. That put the Wings up two to one. It was a great goal for Helm to get especially after missing an open net a few times in the game against St. Louis the other night. Even so he still played really well in that game. This should be a nice confidence boost for him.

A bit later in the second Zetterberg passed the puck to Cleary behind the net. Cleary shot and the rebound came all the way to the point where Rafalski held it in and threw it back to the net. It ended up next to the net where Cleary picked it up, pulled it back and put it in the net to give the Wings a two goal lead.

In the third period Bertuzzi brought the puck into the zone near the wall. About even with the faceoff dot he let it rip. The puck hit the stick of Daley and changed direction a little and started fluttering. It went under Turco’s arm and into the net. That made it four to one Red Wings.

The rest of the game was pretty uneventful as Detroit locked it down. Detroit played a very solid game tonight although Dallas didn’t do much about it. This was a good bounce back game. Even though the Wings won in St. Louis it took a shootout to get it done. This was the first game they’ve won handily in quite some time. I love the way guys like Miller and Helm are stepping up their games to fill gaps caused by injuries and attrition. Also, Jimmy Howard played a fantastic game tonight. He’s really starting to gain some confidence and it’s reflected in his play.

This wraps up a stretch of seven games in eleven nights. The Red Wings get a few days before their next game which is on Thursday. Hopefully, they’ll get at least a day or two off before then.

This 1-4 win brings us to:
30 points

Dallas at Detroit (11/18/09)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Tonight it was the Dallas Stars in Detroit to take on the Red Wings. Alex Auld was the Stars’ goalie and Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings for the fourth straight game. Osgood is still recovering from the flu. Jimmy Howard has won the last three games in a row.

About halfway through the first period Modano was on a breakaway and Rafalski was called for hooking him. On Dallas’ power play Ribeiro entered the zone and tried to pass the puck through the slot. Ericsson went down and was sliding feet first towards the net. He swept his stick along the ice attempting to cut off the pass. Instead he tipped the puck by Howard and into his own net. Dallas was up one to nothing.

The Red Wings best scoring chance of the period came in the final few minutes when Zetterberg made a great pass up the middle to feed Cleary on the breakaway. He shot it but Auld came up with a nice save and kept the Wings off the board. So the period ended with the Stars still up one to nothing.

Early in the second period the Stars were applying some pressure. Howard made several good stops in a row. Then Richards got the puck and passed it back to Niskanen at the blue line. He released a quick shot with a lot of traffic in front of the net. Jimmy Howard never saw the puck but it somehow found its way through all the bodies and into the net. That gave the Stars the lead two to nothing.

Later in the period Zetterberg took a pass from Leino at the blue line and brought it to the net. He went forehand to backhand and shot it up and over Auld for a Red Wings goal.

A few seconds later Brad May fought with Krys Barch. They have a long running history of fights stemming to May’s time with the Ducks. This was their fifth fight in the last three seasons. It was a pretty good fight. I’d say May was the clear winning. They grabbed a hold of each other’s jerseys right away with their right hands and were throwing lefts. May landed several solid punches. Pretty good stuff!

In the third period Brad May scored a goal but nobody noticed that it went in the net. On the replay the puck was clearly in the net long before the whistle blew and long before there could have possibly been intent to blow the whistle. It was sitting in the net for at least two seconds before the whistle. Unbelievably, they didn’t allow the goal even after reviewing the play and conferring with Toronto. I can’t wait to hear an explanation of this one because it was so obviously the wrong call. If he intended to blow the whistle before the puck was in the net then he must have been thought the play was dead before the puck even reached Auld and that’s completely ridiculous.

Later Ericsson was called for holding. On the power play Neal passed it through the slot to feed Eriksson in front of the net. Howard didn’t get over in time and Eriksson tapped it in. That gave the Stars the lead three to one. Of the three goals that was the only one that Howard even had a chance at stopping. His play was pretty good tonight for the most part.

The Wings pulled the goalie in the final minute but weren’t able to score. The final score was Dallas three, Detroit one.

The officials in tonight’s game were the worst I’ve seen all season and possibly in the last few seasons. There were some pretty bad penalty calls against both teams. There were several hooking calls that were very weak, a delay of game call against Auld that was pretty nitpicky and several missed calls. The disallowed game tying goal was just the icing on the cake. It very well could have cost the Red Wings the game or at least a point. It definitely cost Brad May his first goal of the season and he doesn’t score many goal so it really sucks for him. In general I think the NHL does a great job of applying common sense and making sure the right call is made. They really blew it tonight though.

This 3-1 loss brings us to:
23 points

Dallas at Detroit (1/29/09)

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

The Dallas Stars came to town tonight to face the Wings.  The goalies for this game were Osgood and Turco.  The Red Wings put Brad Stuart on IR because of the torn rib cartilage he suffered when he crashed head first into the boards in Phoenix.  Zetterberg was also still out with back spasms.  The Wings called up Ville Leino, and Aaron Downey to fill the gaps.  Downey was in tonight’s game and Leino will be in on Saturday.

Detroit got off to a sloppy start again in this game.  The Stars looked sharp and ready to play.

In the first period Detroit was penalized for a very questionable holding call.  On the ensuing power play Dallas scored.  Richards took the shot and it was tipped in by Ott.

Shortly after the goal, Chelios swung his stick around blindly as he was turning and caught a Stars player square in the teeth.  It drew blood so it was an automatic double minor.  On the first penalty the Stars scored again.  They moved the puck at will, got Osgood to one side and then shot it on on the other side.  That gave the Stars an early two nothing lead.

Near the end of the first period Draper was kicked out of the face off circle and Cleary took his place.  He lost the face off and the Stars put the puck right to the slot where Conner one-timed it for their third unanswered goal.

Babcock changed goalies to start the second period.  The goals weren’t really Osgood’s fault.  Babcock was hopping that putting in Conklin would give the team a spark.

Early in the second period Detroit took another penalty.  Eriksson went towards the net with the puck.  When Conklin committed he put it around him and into the net.  Four nothing Stars.

Then Detroit went on the power play and were finally able to get their first goal of the game.  Rafalski sent it from the point towards Hossa in the slot.  Hossa redirected it towards the net and Holmstrom tipped past Turco.  That made it four to one Dallas.

Detroit scored again late in the second.  Lilja shot the puck from the blue line.  It might have been redirected off of a Stars player in front of the net.  Either way it brought the Wings to within two.

The Red Wings came alive in the second period.  They started to play much more physically.  There were tons of big hits and scraps.  The crowd really got into it in the second as well.  The Wings actually should have had another goal at the end of the second period but it was waved off.  They said it was because Holmstrom made contact with Turco.  However, the replays showed the Turco first whacked him in the skate and then Holmstrom was pushed into Turco by a Stars player.

In the third period the Wings tried to come back and score but were never able to do so.  The game ended four to two.

This was a pretty entertaining game.  Unfortunately, the Red Wings had dug themselves such a big hole in the first period that when they started playing well it was too little too late.

This 4-2 loss brings us to:
69 points

Detroit at Dallas (1/12/09)

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Detroit started their six game road trip tonight in Dallas.  Osgood was the goalie for Detroit and Turco was in for the Stars.

In the first period Osgood was sharp and it’s a good thing because the Wings started out looking a little flat.  The Stars had an early power play so that made it tough for the Red Wings to get into their groove.  By the second half of the first period things started to shape up.  Holmstrom got the puck along the boards and sent it back to Rafalski at the blue line.  He shot it and it deflected into the net off of a Dallas player.  Then a few minutes later Datsyuk brought the puck into the zone, made a nice move and dished it back to Holmstrom in the slot.  Homer tipped it in and Detroit was up two to nothing.

A few minutes later Dallas scored a very unlikely goal.  Grossman, who’s never scored an NHL goal, shot the puck.  He got it to the net over two Red Wings that went down to block the shot and through two or three other people that were in front of the net.  Osgood never had much of a look at it because of all the traffic in front of him.  Grossman was originally credited with the goal but it was changed to Parrish so Grossman is still looking for his first.

Just a couple of minutes later the Red Wings got that one back.  Lidstrom shot from the point with Hossa on the doorstep.  Turco made the inital stop and Hossa scored on the rebound.

Less than a minute into the second period Robidas shot from close to the point.  The shot deflected off of Brad Stuart and into the net.

A few seconds later Osgood got into a pinch and played the puck outside of the trapezoid.  On the ensuing power play he made an incredible save.  He kept the puck out of the net even though he himself was shoved in.  After a lengthy review the call of no goal was upheld.  The Red Wings went on to kill off the rest of that penalty.  

Later in the second period Parrish scored again for Dallas.  He got the puck in the high slot and released it quickly.  There was traffic in front again.  It was probably hard for Osgood to see it coming until it was too late.  That goal tied the game at three.

In the final couple of minutes of the second period Osgood made some huge saves to keep the game tied.  However, he accidentally high-sticked one of the Stars as he skated by the net.  It ripped the guy’s lip open so it was a four minute penalty to Osgood.  Detroit got out of the period but would have a lengthy power play to kill in the third.

The Red Wings killed off the rest of the four minute penalty.  Then later in the third Datsyuk scored a great goal.  He muscled his way into the zone and burned Turco with a wrister to take back the lead.  It was one that Turco should have had but didn’t.

At the three minutes left mark Dallas tied the game with a power play goal that was scored by Ott.  They moved the puck very well and picked apart the Red Wings defense.

That goal held and regulation ended with a four to four tie.

The Stars scored the overtime goal for the win.  It got messy in front of the net and Daley came in cleaned it up.  Detroit was badly outshot by the Stars.  They were lucky to get a point out of this one.  Osgood was spectacular but I can’t say the same for most of the rest of the team.

This 5-4 overtime loss brings us to:
64 points