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Chicago at Detroit (12/30/08)

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Tonight the Blackhawks came to Detroit for a preview of the Winter Classic coming up on New Year’s Day.  Lidstrom wasn’t ready to play yet after injuring his ankle but further tests have shown that there’s no fracture.  He’s expecting to play on Thursday in the outdoor game.  Samuellson was also out since he wasn’t feeling well.  Meech was playing forward to fill in for him.  The Hawks came into this one streaking on an incredible nine win run which is a franchise record.  The goalie for Chicago was Khabibulin and Conklin was in for the Wings.

In the first period Patrick Kane was hit by Cleary and had to leave the bench.  His right leg twisted awkwardly under him.  It looked like it might have been bad but he was able to return in the second period.  That’s good news for the Hawks and for hockey fans in general who like to see great players.

Detroit got the first goal of the game.  It was scored a power play in the first period.  Holmstrom was screening the goalie and Datsyuk snapped the puck into the corner of the net.  That was some good teamwork by the power play unit.

That was the only goal of the first period.  There were a lot of good saves at both ends.  Chicago was badly out-shooting the Wings halfway through the period but by the end of the first Detroit had caught up and passed them on the shot total.

In the second period things got a little chippy and more physical.  This matchup is turning out to be a pretty good rivalry (again).  The two teams don’t seem to like each other all that much.

Later in the second Detroit got another power play goal.  They were moving the puck well and it came to Franzen down low.  He had absolutely no room to shoot at but somehow he picked the top corner so well that it hit Khabibulin on top of the shoulder and just barely snuck in under the crossbar.  That was one of the most precise shots I’ve ever seen.

That was the only goal in a very exciting second period.  Holmstrom took a puck in the face and left the ice to get stitches.  He was in front of the net on a power play and got hit by a long slap shot.

Just 37 seconds into the third period Franzen added to his goal tally.  The puck went to the boards behind the net and Franzen went after it and forced his way to the front of the net.  He pushed the puck into the net between the goalie’s legs.  That was a great example of how strong he is.

Past the halfway mark of the third period Filppula caught the puck in the Red Wings end with his glove.  He turned with it, dropped it and then started up ice.  It probably should have been a penalty but it wasn’t caught.  That created a breakaway chance and he passed up ice to Kopecky.  He made a move with it and blew it past the goalie putting the Wings up four nothing.

This was a great game.  Even though the score was lopsided the Hawks still played pretty well.  Some of the passion from this game will hopefully carry over to New Year’s Day.  The Red Wings played very well for the entire game and Conklin was very sharp as well.

This 4-0 win brings us to:
53 points

Chicago at Detroit (12/6/08)

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

The Chicago Blackhawks faced the Red Wings tonight in a preview of the Winter Classic which will be played New Year’s Day at Wrigley Field.  Tonight the starting goalies were Conklin for the Wings and Huet for the Hawks.  I always love to see these two teams play.  They both have such a long and legendary history.  Ken Daniels said that this was the 699th meeting between the two teams!

It took the Wings less than two minutes to score the first goal.  Cleary passed the puck to Filppula and he shot it on goal.  Huet got a piece of it but it got through him and trickled over the line.  Hudler didn’t get an assist but he was a big factor in that goal.  He was right in front of the net distracting Huet.  That gave Detroit a goal on their very first shot.

Then a short time later the so called third line struck again by capitalizing on a big mistake by Huet.  He went behind the net to play the puck but he wasn’t able to clear it.  Filppula took it away from Huet and sent it out front.  It was on Hudler’s tape in front of the empty net before Huet had time to get back.  Hulder didn’t hesitate and just like that it was two nothing Wings.

Later in the first period Filppula was sent to the box for a very weak hooking call.  On the power play Patrick Kane made a beauty of a pass to Patrick Sharp who rifled it past Conklin.  It was a bang bang play that Conklin never had a chance at stopping.

Then with about three or four minutes left in the first period, Toews tied the game with an amazing goal.  He made a great move around Dan Cleary and then faked out Conklin big time.  Conklin followed the fake to his right and Toews went left.  He had an empty net for the tap in.  It’s tough to swallow but it sure was a pretty goal.

At the end of the first period Hossa was called for hooking.  The Hawks went on the power play and with four seconds left Toews took a shot and Conklin went down to his knees exposing the top of the net.  Toews roofed it off of Conklin’s shoulder and into the net.  Just like that a two goal lead was turned into a three to  two deficit heading into the first intermission.

In the opening minutes of the second period Chicago scored for the fourth time.  Andrew Ladd was the late man entering the zone and none of the Red Wings paid him any attention.  The puck came back to him and he nailed it past Conklin.  There was a lot of traffic in front of Conklin which made it tough for him to see the puck.

A few minutes later it looked like Detroit had scored on the power play.  Unfortunately it was just an optical illusion.  Huet had lifted the net a bit when he put his skate up against the post.  The puck went under the net and in instead of between the pipes.  It was a great job by the replay officials and the camera crews to get the good looks at the play.  It was unfortunate for the Wings but at least they made the right call.

In the third period Conklin recognized that the Hawks were in a line change at the end of a Wings power play.  He came way out and moved the puck up ice to Franzen.  Franzen passed to Zetterberg coming up the slot.  Zetterberg shot the puck and scored to bring the Wings back to within one goal.  That was a really heads up play by Conklin but for some reason he was not credited with an assist.  I hope they get that changed because he deserves the point.

Around the mid point of the third period Hossa scored the tying goal.  It was a highly skilled, pinpoint shot.  He picked the far corner and nailed it surprising Huet a bit.  It was a beautiful shot

The tied score held until the end of regulation and then again until the end of the overtime.  Once again these two teams were headed to a shootout.

Datsyuk was the first shooter.  He waited out Huet and scored.  Then Toews went and Conklin stopped him.  Zetterberg shot next and Huet stopped it.  Sharp was up next and Conklin stoned him.  That left it up to Hossa once again.  He wasn’t able to score so Kane was up and Conklin stopped him to win it for the Wings.

This was another crazy one against that Hawks.  It’s always entertaining when these two teams play.  The Red Wings have a lot to improve upon after this game.  They can be happy though that they basically stole two points tonight.  It shows a lot of poise to rally back after giving up a lead the way they did.  Kinda messy, but we’ll take it!

I was really impressed with Conklin.  He gave up a lot of goals on a few shots but he didn’t get rattled.  At least a few of the goals weren’t his fault.  Nobody could have stopped them.  Not only did he keep it together but he got involved offensively as well and then made some huge saves to hold the tie.  Then he won the shootout by getting the final save.  Great job by Conklin!

This 5-4 win brings us to:
40 points

Detroit at Chicago (10/25/08)

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Detroit started Ty Conklin for this game since it was the second half of back to back games.  Khabibulin was in net for the Blackhawks.  Lilja was back in tonight after missing only two games following his emergency appendectomy.  McCarty was in as well for the first time this season because Maltby was out.

Detroit scored early in this game.  It was on a power play and Franzen got the puck near the corner.  He brought it towards the net and banked it in from behind off the goalie’s skates.

Chicago answered with their own power play goal towards the end of the first period.  It was a juicy rebound to an open area on the open side of the net.  Conklin had no chance to get back over in time.

Even though the period ended even, Chicago seemed to have more energy and more good scoring chances.  The stats said that the Red Wings had more chances but it seemed like Chicago was really playing hard.

During the first intermission they unveiled the new throwback jerseys that Detroit and Chicago will wear on New Year’s Day for the Winter Classic which is played outdoors.  This season it’ll be played at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Early into the second period Chicago scored on a lucky shot.  It looked like Conklin had it but it snuck between his legs and trickled into the net.  Just like that Detroit was behind.

Marian Hossa scored another power play goal for Detroit in the second period.  They really showed how it’s done on that one, great puck movement capped off with a great shot by Hossa.  That tied it up at two.

The tie didn’t last long however.  Havlat had the puck behind the net and he walked it out front, and put it in the top corner of the net over Conklin’s glove.

The Hawks continued pouring it on.  Right off of a face off they took a shot that was deflected and went into to the net.  At that point the Red Wings were down four to two.

The second period closed with Detroit down by two and missing Franzen.  He collided knee on knee with one of the Chicago players and left the game.  It’s not known yet how serious it is.

In the third period the Red Wings scored to close within one.  Kronwall ripped one from the point.  It looked like it changed direction in flight and it somehow got past the goalie.

It only took a few seconds after that goal for the Wings to score again.  This one was another highlight goal.  Great work between Hossa and Datsyuk.  Hossa made a great feed to Datsyuk in the middle and then Datsyuk lured Khabibulin out of position and put the puck around him.  It was a thing of beauty.  That tied the game up at four.

Halfway through the third period the Red Wings took back the lead.  Kronwall shot and the rebound came to Samuelsson with a wide open net.  He had a terrible angle tough for right handed shooter and he missed the net.  Luckily, the puck went straight through the crease to Jiri Hudler who was standing on the other side.  He had plenty of time to handle the puck and put it in.  All this took place in just a couple of seconds and it was all happening in behind the goalie who was still pretty far out of the net because of his positioning for Kronwall’s original shot.

A few minutes later Chicago ended up with a 5 on 3 power play.  They moved the puck well and Kane scored to tie the game at five.

Regulation ended with the game still tied so they headed to overtime.

Overtime didn’t settle anything so we went to a shootout.  Conklin stopped Kane, then Datsyuk beat Khabibulin.  Then Toews beat Conklin and Habby stopped Zetterberg.  Conklin stopped Sharp and then Habby stopped Hudler.  Still no winner.  Conklin stopped Havlat’s shot and then it was Hossa’s turn.  He came into the slot and just ripped it.  He went high on the glove side to beat the goalie and score the game winner.

This 5-6 win brings us to:
13 points

Chicago at Detroit (4/6/08)

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

The Red Wings used a lot of their young players for this game. It was a chance for them to show Mike Babcock what they can do. They were basically competing for spots in the playoffs. We had a preseason lineup with a playoff atmosphere. It made for an interesting game.

In the first period the Red Wings had lots of scoring chances and several that I still don’t know how they didn’t go in. A few times the puck seemed to go everywhere in the world except over the goal line. McCarty got his first assist since his return when he made a great pass from the boards behind the net that found Hudler right in front for the goal.

At the other end, Hasek also had his share of circus-style saves. One that he snatched out the air just in front of the goal line and another that he popped up with his shoulder and it came down on top of the net just behind the crossbar.

Towards the end of the second period the Red Wings got a 5 on 3 power play. Cleary screened in front of the net and Lidstrom fired a one-timer bullet that found a hole for their second goal.

In the third period Mark Hartigan made a mistake at his own blue line by getting robbed of the puck before he got it out of the zone. It resulted in a great scoring chance for the Blackhawks and earned Hartigan the evil eye from Mike Babcock. Well, later in the period Hartigan made up for it by taking the puck away from a Chicago player and scoring unassisted. It was a great play by him and gave the Red Wings their third goal of the game.

Lidstrom scored the forth goal for the Red Wings on another power play. He took a shot from close to the blue line that was actually more of a pass. It bounced off the skate of a Chicago player right into the net.

Patrick Kane scored for the Blackhawks with around 2 minutes to go to rob Hasek of the shutout.

The Red Wings looked pretty good and ready for the playoffs. It seems like a long wait until Thursday when the playoffs will most likely start. Let’s go Red Wings!

This 4-1 win brings us to:
115 points

Chicago at Detroit (3/11/08)

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

This Original Six match up was Dallas Drake’s 1000th game. Bud Lynch announced it in the arena and the crowd gave him a nice ovation. His family traveled from Traverse City to attend the game. Drake also picked up his 300th assist on Maltby’s goal so it was a good day for him all around.

Chelios returned to the lineup tonight after recovering from a chipped fibula. He appears to be back in form.

For the first two minutes of the game it looked like a power play for Chicago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, the Wings were just having a bad start. They failed to clear a couple of times and ended getting stuck in their own zone on a long shift. Luckily, Osgood was great, as usual, and kept things under control. After that first shift things settled down and the played moved into the Hawks end for most of the rest of the game. By the end the shots on goal were really lopsided in favor of Detroit.

At one point there was scuffle along the boards and everybody’s sticks came up. Samuelsson ended up getting cross-checked in the face by Wisniewski. Sammy got 2 minutes for slashing and Wisniewski got a 5 minute major and a game misconduct. The league will review the play today and decide if he should be suspended. It did look like he did it on purpose, but it wasn’t really that hard of a cross-check, it just caught Sammy in a soft spot. It could have been a lot worse if he’d really wanted to hurt him.

There was an exciting moment when Robert Lang was awarded a penalty shot. Ozzy came up big and made the stop.

Franzen got the empty goal to clinch it the game.

The broadcast crew announced during the game that Dan Cleary signed a 5 year deal with the Wings today worth $14 million. That’s excellent news for the Wings. Cleary is expected to return March 25 after being out with a broken jaw. As a side note, I really wish all the players would wear face shields. If an injury like Cleary’s happens at the wrong time to the wrong player, it could mean the difference between winning the Stanley Cup and losing it. Is it really worth that kind of risk? I don’t think it should be mandatory, but I do think they should all choose to wear one.

This 3-1 win brings us to:
98 points