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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Tonight the Red Wings played the Thrashers in Atlanta.  Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings and for the Thrashers it was Pavelec.

This was not a good night for the Red Wings. The Thrashers beat them at their own game. Atlanta had the puck most of the night and outshot the Wings, especially in the second period. The Wings turned the puck over a lot and Jimmy Howard got shelled for two periods. Had Howard not been on top of his game it probably would have been five to nothing at the first intermission. He kept it close in the first by making some great saves but Atlanta broke it open in the second.

By the third period it was four to one Atlanta. Babcock put in Joey MacDonald for the third period. Not that it was Howard’s fault but it was a chance to shake up the team a little and get MacDonald some minutes.

All the games lately where the Red Wings have been out played and still found a way to win have been leading to this one. You can’t keep getting outplayed and keep winning. Eventually it’ll catch up with you and that’s happened in Atlanta. The Thrashers outworked the Wings and they deserved to win.

This 1-5 loss brings us to:
28 points