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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Tonight the Red Wings played the Thrashers in Atlanta.  Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings and for the Thrashers it was Pavelec.

This was not a good night for the Red Wings. The Thrashers beat them at their own game. Atlanta had the puck most of the night and outshot the Wings, especially in the second period. The Wings turned the puck over a lot and Jimmy Howard got shelled for two periods. Had Howard not been on top of his game it probably would have been five to nothing at the first intermission. He kept it close in the first by making some great saves but Atlanta broke it open in the second.

By the third period it was four to one Atlanta. Babcock put in Joey MacDonald for the third period. Not that it was Howard’s fault but it was a chance to shake up the team a little and get MacDonald some minutes.

All the games lately where the Red Wings have been out played and still found a way to win have been leading to this one. You can’t keep getting outplayed and keep winning. Eventually it’ll catch up with you and that’s happened in Atlanta. The Thrashers outworked the Wings and they deserved to win.

This 1-5 loss brings us to:
28 points

Atlanta at Detroit (11/25/09)

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

The Atlanta Thrashers came to town to face the Red Wings tonight on the eve of Thanksgiving. Ondrej Pavelec was the goalie for the Thrashers and Jimmy Howard was in for the Wings.

In the first period Detroit was generating a ton of offense but Pavelec was standing strong. Then the Thrashers entered the Red Wings zone on the rush. Afinogenov passed across the slot to Antropov. Leino tried to cut off the pass but he didn’t act quickly enough to stop it. The puck hit his skate but still made it across to Antropov who tapped it in for the goal. It was the familiar situation of the Red Wings playing very well but making one costly mistake and falling behind.

The Red Wings’ first power play of the game was amazing. They had the puck in the Thrashers’ zone the whole time. They put on a passing clinic but Atlanta did a good job of clogging up the middle and Pavelec was on fire.

The amount of offense by the Wings in the first period was as much as some teams have in a whole game but they didn’t get a goal. They had 19 shots and 10 scoring chances but nothing to show for it. The period ended with Atlanta up one to nothing.

In the second period the Red Wings continued playing well. They had a great scoring chance when Pavelec came out to play the puck near the faceoff dot. He poked it back but not out. Leino got it before it exited the zone and passed it to Zetterberg. In the meantime Pavelec had moved back into position. Zetterberg one timed it and Pavelec snagged it out of the air with his glove. It was a heck of a save because he didn’t have time to get set.

A short time later Lebda was called for slashing. With only about 10 seconds left on the Thrashers’ power play, Kovalchuk made a perfect pass to spring our old friend Slava Kozlov who had just come off the bench. He took the puck to the net all alone, made a few moves and beat Jimmy Howard giving the Thrashers a two to nothing lead.

The second period wasn’t as lopsided offensively as the first was. Atlanta was catching up in shots on goal. Detroit seemed to have lost a little jump even though they were still playing pretty well.

Detroit continued to generate offense in the third period but they were never able to score. They pulled the goalie with a minute and forty seconds left but Cleary had been hit with a phantom interference call so the extra skater just got them back to even strength.

It was all for naught as Detroit ended up with forty shots and no goals. Pavelec got the shutout and he deserved it. He played a great game. The Red Wings were doing everything right tonight for the majority of the game. The only thing they need is maybe some confidence. They just seem to be snake bit right now.

This 2-0 loss brings us to:
26 points

Detroit at Atlanta (3/20/09)

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Detroit headed into Atlanta tonight to face the Thrashers. We had Osgood starting for us again tonight. He’s been playing pretty well lately. Filppula returned from injury in this game and it was also his 25th birthday. Holmstrom was still out. He didn’t go on the road trip so he’ll be out for at least the next two games as well. Hopefully, that time off will help him get back to 100% before the playoffs. Lehtonen was the starting goaltender for the Thrashers.

Detroit had some good scoring chances early in the game. It seemed like they had a lot of jump. You got the sense that it would be only a matter of time until they cracked Lehtonen. Atlanta had a power play early on. Osgood made several key saves to keep them off the board.

Later in the first Detroit got a power play because Atlanta had too many men on the ice. The Wings did great on the power play. They kept the puck in the Atlanta end for a long time and cycled it well. Just after the power play ended the puck came to Rafalski and he snapped it home for the first goal of the game. Technically it wasn’t a power play goal but Detroit still had a man advantage at the time because the Atlanta player hadn’t rejoined the play yet.

Atlanta had another power play close to the end of the first period. Osgood made an incredible save during the kill. The Atlanta crowd, which was apparently loaded with Red Wings fans, started the Ozzie chant. I don’t think I remember ever hearing that in a road game before. It happened again in the second period after another particularly awesome save. The crowd was also doing the let’s go Red Wings chant. That must REALLY annoy the home team.

In the second period there was some 4 on 4 play. Kronwall passed to Franzen who dished it to Datsyuk at the top of the circle on the rush. He fired a laser beam that beat Lehtonen making it two to nothing Detroit.

A few minutes later Detroit was really jumping. First Stuart laid a big hit in neutral ice along the boards, then Lebda sprung Hudler with a breakaway pass. Hudler split the D, and charged the net all alone. He took the shot and burned the goalie for Detroit’s third goal.

In the third period the Red Wings scored on the power play. Lidstrom took the shot and Lehtonen stopped it. The rebound dropped in front and Franzen poked it between Lehtonen’s legs. It trickled towards the goal line and probably wouldn’t have crossed but Franzen stayed with it and poked it again to get their fourth goal of the night.

Later in the third Atlanta scored a power play breaking the shutout. They had the puck down low and got it to Little in the slot. Stuart was guarding him and also apparently trying to prevent a shot from the guy on the goal line. Little backed away from the net and Stuart gave him the separation. That was enough room for him and he one timed it into the net.

A few minutes later Zetterberg entered the zone with the puck and passed it to the crossing Hossa. He skated in and shot one that beat Lehtonen making it five to one Red Wings.

Just a few seconds later the Thrashers scored on the power play. Kozlov ripped the shot over Osgood’s shoulder before he had a chance to react. I think the crowd cheered much more loudly when the Red Wings scored than when the Thrashers did.

With about three and a half minutes left in the third period Zetterberg got the puck to Cleary in the slot. Cleary shot it quickly and scored to make it six to two Wings.

A short time later Samuelsson started pushing and shoving with Oystrick. It quickly escalated into a fight and Samuelsson got the crap beat out of him. Oystrick got him in a headlock right away and hit him several times in the face and then in the head after pulling off his helmet. I don’t think Samuelsson even landed a punch. It was a bit of a bummer but at least he tried. He should have some nice shiners to show for it.

Just to screw up his numbers, Osgood gave up another goal with about 30 seconds left in the game. He ended up way over to the left side of the net and the puck came out to the other side. It was an easy goal for Stuart who had a mostly wide open net.

This was a great road win for the Wings. Osgood played very well although his numbers probably won’t show it because of the late goals that weren’t really his fault.

This 6-3 win brings us to:
105 points

Atlanta at Detroit (10/24/08)

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Tonight Atlanta played Detroit for just the tenth time in history.  The game started with a bang when the Red Wings got a Power play just 23 seconds in.  Atlanta was attempting to clear and Zetterberg made a great play to knock the puck down and keep it in the zone.  A few passes later it came back to Zetterberg in front of the net.  He picked a corner and made it look easy, giving the Wings an early one to nothing lead.

Later in the first Atlanta attacked and took a shot that Osgood stopped.  The rebound came right back out in front and bounced off of Lebda’s skate and into the net.  That tied the game at one apiece.

Just a few seconds later Marian Hossa showed his old team what he’s capable of.  He stole the puck at the blue line just before the Thrashers would have brought it out.  Then he made a series of incredible moves which resulted in the goalie diving towards him and leaving the net exposed.  He went forehand to backhand one last time and I swear he was already behind the net at that point.  It was a truly amazing goal and an impressive individual effort.  This goal will surely be one of the highlight goals of the year.  Even though he scored the game winner in OT the other night, this one, to me, had more of an impact.  I could almost feel him becoming a Red Wing after that goal.  That kind of effort will go a long way towards becoming accepted on a new team.  Not only that, but it also must have really hurt the morale of the Thrashers.

In the second period Detroit scored another beautiful goal.  Hossa made a great pass to Kronwall who carried the puck in deep.  He made a really unexpected and difficult pass back to Hossa right in the middle of the slot.  Hossa one-timed it into the net.  It was a bang bang play that you wouldn’t really expect to see between Kronwall and Hossa, but it sure was pretty.

Just over a minute later the game turned ridiculous when the Red Wings scored AGAIN.  Franzen shot the puck and Zetterberg, all alone at the side of the net, put it into the top corner making it four to one.  The Red Wings were really firing on all cylinders at that point.  

In the third period Atlanta scored a goal during a 5 on 3 power play making the score four to two and leaving them with 1:33 left on the power play.  Then Detroit put the puck in the seats from their own end so the Thrashers had another 5 on 3 power play and this was a long one.  Ozzie made some saves and got lucky with a goal post and the Wings were able to kill off the 5 on 3.  Then Atlanta got a penalty and Detroit went on the power play.  Several more penalties and no goals later the game settled down into a rhythm again.

With 3:49 left in the game Atlanta scored again to bring them within one goal of tying the game.  It was kind of a scrum in front of the net and Sterling whacked at it.  Osgood got a piece of it but not enough and Sterling poked it again to make sure it crossed the line.

The Thrashers pulled their goalie at the end of the game and Cleary scored the empty net goal to wrap up the game.  The game ended with the Red Wings winning five to three.

This 5-3 win brings us to:
11 points