Detroit at Vancouver (11/24/08)

The Red Wings were in Vancouver tonight to play the Canucks.  Osgood was our goalie and for the Canucks it was Curtis Sanford.  He was filling in for the injured Roberto Luongo.  Strangely, they’ve announced that Luongo is “week to week”.  That’s one you don’t hear very often.  He has a strained groin but it is not torn so he shouldn’t be out for too long.  That’s the sort of injury that can nag a goalie for the entire season though if he doesn’t let it heal completely so I’m sure they’re being very careful.

Detroit scored first with a goal near the midpoint of the first period.  It was a breakaway where Samuelsson got the puck while flying towards the net all alone against the goalie.  He released a hard backhand that beat Sanford for the goal.

After the next faceoff McCarty had a fight with Hordichuk.  It was a pretty spirited fight.  They both landed several blows and there was no dancing around before hand.  They just went at it.  I’m not sure how you score these things, but it seemed pretty even.  McCarty had trouble early on but he had a strong finish.

In the final few minutes of the first period the Canucks were buzzing big time.  First, they hit the post and then a few seconds later they had a wide open net to shoot at after a puck came off the back boards.  Ozzie dove and got the puck out of mid air.  It was a great desperation save.  Ideally however that type of save should not be necessary.  Luckily he was able to pull it off to keep the good guys up by one.

Early in the second period the Canucks scored to tie the game.   The puck was poke checked away from Hudler to Pyatt.  He shot the puck and beat Osgood before he could get set.

After that early goal there was no more scoring in the second period.  The Red Wings had a few power play chances but didn’t capitalize.

With about five minutes to go in the third period and the score still tied, Detroit went on the power play.  They moved the puck well and it came back to Datsyuk.  He held it patiently and then shot the puck between the legs of the defender and into the net.  It was a great pinpoint shot.

Then a few seconds later the Canucks were pressing hard.  They shot from the point and Daniel Sedin redirected it in front of the net.  There was no chance for Ozzy to stop it.  That tied the game again with just a few minutes left.

The tied score held until the end of regulation.  Once again the Canucks and the Wings would need more than 60 minutes to determine a winner.

During the overtime Franzen got tangled up with his man and was called for interference.  The Canucks had all sorts of room in the four on three power play.  They moved the puck at will and eventually Salo took a shot and scored the overtime game winner.

This 3-2 overtime loss brings us to:
32 points

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