Edmonton at Detroit (11/17/08)

Tonight the Edmonton Oilers came to town to play the Red Wings.  Roloson was the starting goaltender for the Oilers and Conklin was in for the Wings.  Cleary was still out with what they’re calling an eye infection.  I hope that’s all it is but it doesn’t seem like an infection should be taking this long to clear up (no pun intended).  Let’s hope he gets well soon!

Early in the game McCarty fought with Stortini.  It was a pretty good fight that was clearly won by McCarty.

Detroit scored a power play goal during a 5 on 3.  Hudler passed to Zetterberg down low.  Zetterberg passed to Kronwall in the slot and Kronwall beat Roloson for the goal.  The scoring chance was actually set up by Conlin who made a nice outlet pass catching the Oilers in a sloppy change.

Late in the period Detroit killed off a 5 on 3 and then got another power play of their own.  It looked like Lidstrom had scored but the puck went from one post to the other and then dropped on the goal line and never crossed.  That’s about as close as you can get without scoring.

Holmstrom was called for a very iffy hooking penalty with 3 seconds left in the period so the Red Wings started the second period on the penalty kill.  Detroit killed that penalty and a couple of minutes later Samuelsson got a goal on a really nice pass from Lebda.  He put it right on Samuelsson’s stick in front of the net even though there were three Oilers in the same area.  

Detroit scored another goal in the second.  Filppula made a cross ice pass to Hudler.  Hudler tried to pass it to the Kopecky for the tip in but it deflected off of an Oiler player and into the net.  

In the third period Franzen did it again.  He held the puck and patiently waited for Roloson to make a move.  As Franzen neared the goal line he shot from a bad angle and put it over Roloson into the net.  What a monster he is; he just gets better and better.

From that point on the Red Wings just shut the game down.  They continued to dominate.  The Oilers weren’t able to do anything offensively.  The Wings got the win and Conklin got the shut out.  The two teams will meet again on Thursday so we’ll see if the Oilers have some more jump then.  They’ll probably have something to prove after this performance.

This 4-0 win brings us to:
27 points

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