Detroit at Tampa Bay (11/13/08)

Tonight the Red Wings were in town to play my local team the Tampa Bay Lightning.  No, I didn’t go to the game.  It’s too expensive, and I procrastinated too long, and also I hate to root against the Lightning in their own building because I do like them, too….but not today!

Osgood started for the Red Wings and Kolzig was in for the Lightning.

The game started out with a lot of energy.  Kronwall was gunning for people and nailed Prospal early on.  There were a lot of chances both ways but the Lightning were the first to capitalize.  They scored just after the expiration of a power play.  Mark Recchi got the goal.  He made a couple of dekes with his shoulder and then released a shot that hit the far post and went in.

A couple of minutes later the Lightning scored a power play goal.  They moved the puck very well.  They made a cross ice pass to Jokinen and he hit the net before Osgood had a chance to get over.

Early in the second, Detroit got on the board.  Lidstrom ripped a shot and Datsyuk tipped it in for the goal.  There was nothing Kolzig could do about that one.

In the second period there was lots of excitement and good battles but no more goals.  At the end of the second period the Lightning got called for three penalties in a row.  That meant that the Red Wings would start the third period with a long 5 on 3 and when that finished another 5 on 3 would start.

The Red Wings scored a gritty goal just after the end of the first 5 on 3.  Franzen kept banging away at it at the side of the net and Zetterberg came along and smacked it in.  That ended the second penalty so the Red Wings went to a one man advantage.  On that power play the Red Wings scored again.  Samuelsson shot the puck and it was deflected off a Lightning player.  That put Detroit up by one goal.

A few minutes later Detroit got another goal when Franzen scored his trademark goal.  Zetterberg got the puck and passed it to Franzen through the top of the crease.  When Franzen got the puck Kolzig was still moving across so he had a nearly empty net to shoot at.  Franzen made no mistake and gave the Red Wings a two goal lead.

After making a save with Holmstrom in his kitchen, Kolzig threw a little temper tantrum.  He slammed his stick on the ice and it looked like he broke the stick over his knee, but that was out of frame so I’m just going by body language.  The announcers sure did talk a lot about Holmstrom’s play.  They seem surprised that Holmstrom was there trying to ensure a goal.  Their complaining about it got a bit tiresome.  Holmstrom has every right to be there as long he doesn’t interfere with the goalie’s ability to make a play.  He doesn’t have to allow the goalie to see the puck and he doesn’t have to give him any elbow room.  Get over it!

Later in the third the Red Wings failed to clear their zone when Stuart sent it back into a congested area.  The Lightning took it back to the net and the puck ended up on the goal line.  The net was dislodged as the puck crossed the line and it also looked like it might have been kicked.  After a lengthy review they called it a good goal.  The Lightning were back within one.

The Lightning pulled their goalie with a minute and a half left to try for the equalizer but they were not able to tie it up.

The Wings did better defensively this game.  The Lightning shot total was pretty low.  

This 4-3 win brings us to:
23 points

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