Detroit at Ottawa (2/2/11)

The All-Star break is officially over and the Red Wings were back in action tonight in Ottawa. The time off was helpful for Dan Cleary who returned to the lineup tonight. Datsyuk wasn’t quite ready to go yet but he’s expected to play some time this weekend.  The starting goaltenders were Jimmy Howard and Robin Lehner.

This was a crazy game full offense and not very much defense. Ken and Larry joked that the teams were still in All-Star form, in the sense that they were all about scoring and not doing much defensively.

Franzen scored five goals in this game including the empty netter at the end. Rafalski bagged his 500th career point. Halfway through the second period the Senators made a goalie change and Brian Elliott came in. He became the goalie of record when the Sens tied it up on his watch.

This was one of those crazy games where everything seems to go in the net. The Wings were lucky to win this game after giving up 5 goals. They’re going to have to buckle down a lot more defensively from now on.

This 7-5 win brings us to:
68 points

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3 Responses to “Detroit at Ottawa (2/2/11)”

  1. Charly says:

    I was casually watching the Wings game last night – 02/02/11 vs the Sens (cooking dinner at the same time,) and I heard Ken Daniels mention something about a player who got a staph infection after a knee surgery, and that they had to “remove all the metal screws trying to get to it,” and that for a bit “they were worried about saving his leg.” Did andybody else hear this and remember who the player was? Thanks in advance.

  2. SuperFan says:

    Yeah, that caught my attention as well. He was talking about Milan Michalek. Sounds like quite an ordeal!

  3. Charly says:

    Thanks a ton!

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