Ready To Roll!

Well, the 2008/2009 season has officially begun.  The Lightning are currently playing The Rangers in Prague.  Ottawa and Pittsburgh play later today in Stockholm and then they both do it all again tomorrow.  For the Red Wings the season begins on Thursday (10/9) at home against the Maple Leafs.  That’s a nationally televised game on Versus.

The Wings are the odds on favorite to win the cup again this season but I don’t put too much stock in that.  I also don’t think a “cup hangover” will be a factor.  This is a season like any other.  It’s a long road; there will be ups and downs.  No one on the Red Wings is expecting to coast to a championship this year.  In fact, I’d expect the opposite; they know exactly how much work is in store for them if they want to do it again.

The Red Wings should be even better this season than they were last season.  The only departures are Hasek and Dallas Drake, and we’ve added Hossa.  On paper it’s a no-brainer, but on the ice anything can happen.  I think it’s pretty funny though that this year everybody’s picking the Wings to go all the way, when last season nobody did even though it was virtually the same team.

Well, it sure is great to be watching some hockey again.  The Lightning should be the most improved team this year and I expect they’ll be a lot of fun to watch.  Since I live in the Tampa Bay area I try to catch the Lightning when the Red Wings aren’t playing.  This game is really whetting my appetite for Red Wings hockey.  I can’t wait until Thursday!


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