St. Louis at Detroit (12/15/10)

The Red Wings hosted the Blues tonight at Joe Louis Arena. The goalies were Howard and Halak.

The Wings looked good again tonight but at first it seemed like the scoring trouble from the Kings game had carried over to this one. In the first period the Red Wings had tons of great chances but just couldn’t get anything through Halak. It was starting to look like the entire team was snake bit.

Then in the second period Lidstrom snapped the streak and the floodgates were opened.

During the pre-game commentary it was mentioned that Datsyuk had the second most two goal games without getting a hat trick and it also came up that Lidstrom had the fifth most. Well, for Lidstrom at least, that streak was broken along with the goal drought. After his first goal he scored a power play goal and then an empty netter at end to earn his first career hat trick. It was a four point night for Lidstrom and Cleary had three points. Kronwall and Cleary also had goals for the Wings.

The game winning goal was scored by Cleary during a power play that was the result of a ridiculous crosscheck by Backes on Holmstrom. It was away from the play as Backes was going off for a change. Holmstrom was just standing there and Backes nailed him in the ribs which seemed to hurt pretty badly. Hopefully, there won’t be any cracked ribs. Holmstrom did not leave the game so that’s a good sign.

Datsyuk did a little hot-dogging on a shot in the third period. He had a breakaway and he put the stick between his legs and shot the puck from that position. He didn’t score but it was a pretty good shot. Mickey Redmond and Larry Murphy thought that some people might take offense to that because it seemed like he was rubbing it in. I don’t know about that though. The Wings were only up by two goals and the outcome was still in question so there wasn’t really anything to rub in at that point. I think that was just a legitimate attempt to surprise the goalie and score a goal. I thought it was pretty entertaining.

It’s good to see that the Wings haven’t lost their scoring touch and Lidstrom’s hat trick was awesome. It was a great night for the Red Wings!

This 2-5 win brings us to:
43 points

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