St. Louis at Detroit (11/17/10)

The Red Wings’ opponent tonight was the St. Louis Blues. The goalies were Howard and Halak. Both goalies came into the game with great numbers, near the top of the league.

This turned out to be a tale of two games. For about the first forty minutes or so the Wings were nearly terrible. It seemed like they just couldn’t get going. The Blues were playing much better than the Red Wings. The Wings had more rest than the Blues though so the hope was that once they got their legs going the Blues would tire sooner.

Luckily, Jimmy Howard was playing very well from the start and he kept the Wings in the game with some spectacular and timely saves. At the other end Halak was doing a good job for the Wings as well! The first goal came on a shot by Miller that popped up in the air in front of the net. Halak tried to slap it away and it hit the shaft of his stick. Then it caught the blade as he was following through with the swing and it shot straight behind him and into the net. It was a freaky way for the Wings to get the first goal of the game.

The score went back and forth through most of the game and halfway through the third period it was tied at three.

Then the Red Wings exploded. In the final ten minutes of the game they had four goals. They were all over the Blues who became very frustrated and took penalties which just made things worse. Two of the four third period goals were power play goals. Cleary had two goals on the night and Rafalski had three assists. Those two along with Abdelkader were the three stars of the game. It wouldn’t have been possible without Jimmy Howard keeping the team in the game so I’d call him an honorary star.

This was a wonderful for the Wings from the perspective that they still found a way to win even though they weren’t on the top of their game. They were playing poorly at first but they didn’t let it get out of control and they didn’t give up. Way to go, Red Wings!

This 3-7 win brings us to:
25 points

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