Anaheim at Detroit (10/23/10)

The Ducks were back in town tonight for a rematch of opening day. The goaltenders were Howard and McElhinney.

The Red Wings wanted to address their slow starts and they did so in this game. They got off to great start in the first period and absolutely dominated Anaheim all over the ice. The only real low point of the game for the Wings was the start of the second period. They took a few minutes to get going in that one but after Babcock called a timeout they pulled it together and got back on track.

Things got a bit fiery in the first period after Kronwall hit Selanne in the chin with his shoulder. It wasn’t a blindside hit but he did make contact with the head and Selanne was very slow getting up. The Ducks thought there should have been a penalty so they decided to take things into their own hands. Beleskey took a run at Franzen and tried to elbow him in the head as payback. Later Franzen collided with Perry and Perry was called for interference. Mickey Redmond thought that it should not have been a penalty because it looked more like an accidental collision than interference. I agreed that it wasn’t interference but I thought it was unsportsmanlike conduct because to me it looked like another attempted run at Franzen when he wasn’t looking.

The score went back and forth in this game and was also tied for long stretches. The Ducks tied it up the first time in the final seconds of the first period. Then they scored two unanswered goals in the second. The Wings scored two more to tie it up again then Selanne scored a beauty of a goal after stealing the puck and beating Kronwall up ice. Holmstrom got his first goal of the season with a classic Holmstrom redirect in front of the net.

The Wings had some great goals in this game but what was even more impressive were the plays where they didn’t score. They had a ton of incredible scoring chances. Datsyuk was a machine stealing the puck and setting up shots for his line mates. McElhinney made about a dozen incredible saves to keep the score close.

The score was tied at four as the clock was winding down but Datsyuk continued to work his magic. His line was out there controlling the puck in the attacking zone for what seemed like a full minute. They had the Ducks all turned around. Lidstrom passed it to Datsyuk as he moved towards the net. Datsyuk made a few moves around people and then roofed it into the corner of the net to take the lead with only 12 seconds left in regulation. Anaheim took one more stab at it but Datsyuk’s goal held up as the game winner.

This was a really exciting game to watch. The Wings played hard and looked great with the exception of one small stretch in the second period. Now they have some more time off with no games until Thursday night.

This 4-5 win brings us to:
11 points

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