Calgary at Detroit (10/21/10)

The Flames were in Detroit tonight to face the Red Wings. The goalies were Jimmy Howard and Miikka Kiprusoff. Franzen was back in the lineup after being medically cleared to play.

The Red Wings got off to a bit of a slow start but luckily Jimmy Howard was red hot from beginning to end. He only allowed two goals on 36 shots. That’s too many shots but few enough goals to give the Red Wings a chance to win. Howard stood on his head to stop the puck, making several incredible saves.

The Flames scored twice. Both goals came in the first period and both were scored by Backlund. Jimmy Howard wasn’t to blame on either goal.

The Red Wings were outshot by Calgary in the first and third periods but they made their shots count. The Wings’ first goal was a thing of beauty. Datsyuk stole the puck and made an outlet pass to Holmstrom. Then he jumped back into the play. Holmstrom passed it back to Datsyuk who by now was on the attack. Datsyuk served it up to Zetterberg on a platter and Hank buried a one-timer.

The Wings’ second goal came in the second period and it was another example of Datsyuk’s magic. He did some fancy stick handling and turned his defender inside out along the boards then passed it to Lidstrom who wound up and fired a slap shot from near the blue line. Kiprusoff had trouble seeing the puck because of traffic in front and it got by him.

In the third period Franzen scored an amazing goal. He didn’t have any room for a shot so he elevated the puck and banked it in off of Kiprusoff’s mask. The puck landed on his shoulder and he tried to balance it but it fell behind him into the net.

Then to seal the deal Bertuzzi scored a great goal unassisted. He stole the puck, took it up ice and threaded the needle over Kiprusoff’s shoulder.

It was a good win for the Wings after a sluggish start. Credit Howard for making it possible as the Flames played a solid road game. The Wings’ goals were fantastic, they just need to work on starting on time and making fewer mistakes early in the game.

This 2-4 win brings us to:
9 points

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