Detroit at Dallas (10/14/10)

The Red Wings were in Dallas tonight for Mike Modano’s homecoming game against the Stars. The goalies were Osgood and Lehtonen.

Modano got a warm reception from the fans in Dallas but that was where the pleasantries ended. The Red Wings looked really sluggish in this game. I got the impression that the ice was bad because it looked like they were all laboring to get going and the puck was bouncing around a lot. If that was the case, though, both teams had to deal with it equally so it’s no excuse.

The one bright spot was that the Red Wings held the Stars to just 15 shots on goal. Unfortunately, four of them went in the net. I didn’t have the sense that Osgood was playing poorly though. It just seemed like a lot of bad breaks.

Offensively the Red Wings weren’t able to put much together. They turned the puck over a lot and often had trouble handling passes cleanly. When they did mount an attack Lehtonen was a brick wall.

The Wings did score one goal near the end of the game. It was a fast play from Hudler and Bertuzzi that found Kronwall on the doorstep with Lehtonen out of position. Kronwall was able to get the puck under Lehtonen’s arm before he moved over. It was a pretty goal, but it was too little too late.

Franzen was hit in the first period by Fistric. It happened very quickly and it was hard to tell what happened on the replay. It looked like Fistric might have hit Franzen in the face with his shoulder. Franzen went down and was slow getting up. He left the ice and did not return. We’ll have to wait for word on the injury and the nature of the hit.

Babcock wasn’t too upset with the play of his team so they must have been trying harder that it looked like they were on TV. To me they seemed lethargic for most of the first two periods. Maybe the Stars were just playing that well. Regardless it’s a four one loss for the Wings.

This 1-4 loss brings us to:
5 points

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