Stanley Cup Finals, Game 2 (5/26/08)

The Red Wings got off to great start in this game.  They picked up right where they left off in game 1.  Detroit shut down Pittsburgh’s offense and pretty much had their way with them.  The Penguins where barely able to get the puck into Detroit’s end before the Red Wings had it back and were moving it quickly up the ice. 

Detroit opened the scoring when Brad Stuart let a hard shot go that Fleury got a piece of, but not enough.  Later in the period Detroit got the second goal of the game by working in the Penguins end, keeping the puck alive like they do.  It came to Zetterberg who shoved it toward the net.  It got passed Fleury who reached back for it.  It was out of his reach but it was slowing down as it headed for the goal line.  Holmstrom was there to reach in with his stick and push it the rest of the way into the net.

This was a perfect period for the Red Wings.  Pittsburgh only had 6 shots on goal, and those all came when Detroit was short handed.  Detroit had 12 shots on goal.  Osgood was there to bail out his team when they left any openings for the Penguins.  This excellent period ended with the Red Wings ahead 2 to 0.

In the second period there was no scoring but Pittsburgh seemed to generate a little bit of momentum.  They were more effective both offensively and defensively.  Most notably, their fore checking was much better.  Fleury came up big with some great saves to keep his team in the game.  Osgood was there when he was needed but most of Pittsburgh’s best scoring chances missed the net or didn’t reach him.  Detroit was as good as they had to be, but they need to be better in order to prevent Pittsburgh from gaining too any confidence.

The third period was pretty much all Detroit again.  Pittsburgh fell apart and took lots of penalties, especially towards the end of the game.  Detroit added to their total when Franzen made a nice pass to Filppula who beat his man and the goalie with a diving shot.

Towards the end, a couple of the Penguins started taking cheap shots of Franzen’s head.  Nothing too hard but just the fact that they were doing it was pretty low.  It was clear that they were intentionally trying to aggravate his concussion symptoms.  They also took a shot at Osgood which led to somewhat of a brawl that took several minutes to sort out.

It didn’t rattle Ozzie at all though as he coasted to his second shutout in a row.  That’s an incredible achievement against an offense as powerful as the Penguins.  A lot of the credit also goes to the guys in front of Osgood though.  Anytime he gave up a rebound they were right there in the middle to clear it away.  Again it was a team effort tonight and it’s just great to see the Red Wings playing so well.  The Penguins look really outgunned.  I hope the Red Wings can keep it up in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

This 3-0 win brings this Stanley Cup final series to 2-0 Detroit.

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