Detroit at New York Islanders (1/12/10)

The Red Wings went back on the road tonight to play the New York Islanders. They were only home for a few days after their long west coast road trip and didn’t even play a game there before heading back on the road. The goalies for tonight’s game were Roloson and Howard.

After just 1:29 of the first period the Islanders scored. They got the puck in deep behind the Red Wings net and quickly passed it back out to the slot. Moulson was there and nobody really seemed to notice him. They were all focusing behind the net and the puck came out so quickly that by the time they looked at him he had already tipped the puck in.

A few seconds later the exact same thing almost happened again. Howard was ready for it this time and stopped it with his stick.

Towards the end of the first period Helm was gathering the puck in his own end he wiped out along the boards. He made a last ditch attempt to clear it as he went down but ended up turning it over to Gervais. He then fed it to Schremp in the slot who shot it quickly and scored for the Islanders’ second unanswered goal.

The Islanders outplayed the Red Wings in the first period. The Wings only had seven shots on goal and the Islanders had 13.

More than halfway through the second period Stuart tried to pass across the ice in front of his own net. He fanned on the pass and put it on a platter for Schremp right in the slot. He was all alone in front of Howard. He made a move and got Howard to commit one way then put the puck around him the other way to make it three to nothing Islanders. A few seconds later there was a goaltending change. I don’t really think any of the goals were all that terrible, it was really just the team playing poorly in front of Howard. The change was probably just supposed to shake up the team rather than punish Howard.

After Osgood came in it continued to be a shooting gallery as the Red Wings gave up three or four really good scoring chances almost immediately.

A few minutes later Maltby was called for slashing and the Islanders had the first power play of the game. The Wings almost killed it off but with just a few seconds left the Islanders got the puck over to Streit. He stepped up and shot it beating Osgood and making it four to nothing Islanders. This game was becoming hard to watch. It looked like a different team from the San Jose game.

The Red Wings only had two shots in the second period and only nine total compared to 26 for the Islanders. It was pretty awful.

About halfway through the third period the Islanders scored again. If anybody still cares, it was a faceoff in the Red Wings end and they got the puck to Okposo. He shot it from the top of the circle and Tavares was in front of the net. He either screened or distracted Osgood but either way it was five to nothing.

A few minutes later Gervais got the puck in the offensive zone and he took a few steps along the blue line with it and ripped it. Of course it went in the net making it six to nothing. It may have hit Meech’s skate but does anybody really care?

I don’t know if the Red Wings were just worn out from the long road trip or what but this is the worst they’ve played in a long time. They just didn’t show up tonight. They were completely dominated by the Islanders. I’ve never been so happy to see time run out in a game.

This 0-6 loss brings us to:
52 points

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