Detroit at Columbus (12/28/09)

The Red Wings were in Columbus tonight to give the Blue Jackets their chance at revenge after the Wings beat them two nights ago. Jimmy Howard was in net again for the Wings and Steve Mason was in for the Jackets.

Both teams came out looking ready to play. There was a fast pace to the game and both teams had a lot of energy.

In the first period Rafalski was crushed into the wall by Boll. It didn’t look like a particularly dirty hit but it was powerful. Brad May decided to stick up for Rafalski and got into a fight with Boll. It took a while for the fight to get going as they both seemed to be waiting for the other to make the first move. Once they got going though it was pretty good. May connected with Boll on one punch that just about leveled him. Somehow Boll stayed on his feet though and the fight continued. The fight was pretty even. Boll probably through more punches but May had the best one. They each got five minute majors.

The first period ended with no scoring although there was a lot of good back and forth action.

In the second period Janik was hit by Picard and flattened. He got up angry and he and Picard dropped the gloves and went at it. It was another pretty spirited fight. You could tell that both teams really wanted this one.

There was also no scoring in the second period. There were some incredible saves at both ends. Howard and Mason both stood on their heads to keep the game scoreless. It was turning into a major defensive and goaltending battle.

Regulation time ended with still no score. For a game without any goals, this one was anything but boring. There was incredible end to end action and amazing saves. There were also very few whistles.

Late in the overtime period Modin brought the puck into the Red Wings zone and shot one at Howard. Howard stopped the shot but the rebound happened to come right back to Modin who had moved through the slot to the other side of the ice. There was no way Howard could get over to the other side in time to stop the second shot. Modin had a wide open net and he put it in for the overtime game winner.

The Wings played really well tonight and you have to hand it to Jimmy Howard. He did about all he could do. Everybody had really good energy in this game. If Mason hadn’t been absolutely on the top of his game, this would have turned out much differently. It was a shame to lose it but at least they got a point.

This 0-1 overtime loss brings us to:
44 points

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