Chicago at Detroit (12/23/09)

Tonight the Red Wings got another crack at the Blackhawks after playing poorly and losing to them in Chicago on Monday night. This time they’ll face off at Joe Louis Arena.

Rafalski was out with the flu tonight so Kindl was in to replace him. Ritola was also in to fill some of the gap caused by all the injuries. Niemi was the goalie for the Blackhawks and Howard was in for the Wings.

This was the first game back at the Joe for Hossa since becoming a Blackhawk. He was injured the one time the Hawks played there previously. He was booed by the fans every time he touched the puck. I don’t think that was really appropriate. I guess it was all in good fun, but come on. The guy took less money to come and play in Detroit last year. This year the Wings just couldn’t afford him. Do the fans think he should play for free? Besides that, if his goal is to win a Stanley Cup, then he’s in a pretty good position to do so playing in Chicago. Time will tell, but that might turn out to have been a brilliant move. I don’t have a boo in me for Hossa. I wish him well, and I appreciate what he did in Detroit last season.

Detroit put a lot of pressure on the Blackhawks in the first period. They looked much better than they did in the previous game. Jimmy Howard was great, especially on one play in which Hossa had a breakaway. Howard stayed with him and stopped the shot.

Late in the first period the Wings were called for too many men on the ice. The penalty carried over to the second period and the Hawks scored a power play goal within the first few seconds. Kane shot from the point and Brouwer was in front taking away Howard’s line of sight. Howard never saw it coming and Kane placed it perfectly into the wide open side of the net giving the Blackhawks the first lead of the game.

There were no other goals in the second period. The Red Wings just weren’t able to put much together offensively. The shots on goal were pretty even but Detroit just wasn’t capitalizing on the few good chances they had.

In the second period Keith shot the puck and Howard gave up a rebound that came to Sharp. He shot it and Howard stopped that one, too. Then the puck hit Drew Miller’s foot and came right back to Sharp again. By this time Howard was down and out of position and Sharp shoved the puck into the net. That gave the Blackhawks the two to nothing lead.

With just over a minute left in the game Toews swept the puck toward the net and it got between Howard’s legs and went in. That made it three to nothing and pretty much put a bow on this one.

It was another fairly lackluster game for the Wings. They had some good pressure early but as the game went on they were just outplayed. Chicago was just too good defensively.

This 0-3 loss brings us to:
41 points

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