Detroit at Chicago (12/20/09)

The Red Wings rolled into Chicago tonight to play the Blackhawks. Osgood got the start tonight for the Wings and it was Huet for the Hawks. The Red Wings had just played yesterday having lost to the Stars in a game in which they actually played very well. This is the first time the Wings faced Hossa; he was injured for their previous meeting.

The Blackhawks scored first before the halfway point of the first period. They were on the power play after a very questionable call on Bertuzzi for hooking. Duncan Keith walked it along the blue line looking for an opening. He saw one and ripped it. It looked like it might have hit somebody along the way and beat Osgood giving the Hawks the one to nothing lead.

With about four minutes left in the second period the Blackhawks scored again. Sharp brought the puck in and passed it back to Campbell. HeĀ hesitatedĀ for a second and then shot it and got it between Osgood’s legs. That made it two to nothing Hawks.

Then, to make matters worse, with just 32 seconds left in the period the Hawks scored their third unanswered goal. This time it was Byfuglien who carried the puck into the zone and shot one from the very high slot. It was about a fifty-footer and Osgood had a good look at but he just missed it. If it wasn’t so close to the end of the period we might have seen a goaltender change.

In the final few minutes of the game there were some penalties assessed and Bertuzzi and Ladd both got game misconducts. It wasn’t much of an altercation and if it hadn’t been so close to the end of the game they probably wouldn’t have been penalized for more than two minutes. They exchanged some words and then Bertuzzi tapped Sharp with his stick. Ladd didn’t like it so he shoved Bertuzzi in the back. That was about all there was to it.

That was also all there was to the game as the third period ended without the Wings scoring a goal. They just weren’t able to get anything going tonight and the Hawks were just too good defensively.

This Blackhawk team is scary good this year. They could be on a collision course with the Red Wings. It would be sweet if the Hawks and the Wings could meet in the playoffs, assuming the Wings are healthy by then. That would be a great matchup and the start of a really good rivalry. The Red Wings have a long way to go though before they’re ready to compete against these Blackhawks.

This 0-3 loss brings us to:
41 points

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