Anaheim at Detroit (12/11/09)

The Anaheim Ducks came to town tonight to play the Red Wings. Giguere was the goalie for the Ducks and Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings.

There was more bad injury news for the Red Wings today. In the previous game Dan Cleary was leveled by a hit that he didn’t see coming. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because it was a clean hit in my opinion and I thought he just got his bell rung. As it turns out he has a separated shoulder and will be out for month! It just keeps getting worse and worse for the Wings. Cleary will be replaced by Leino who’s been a healthy scratch for the previous two games. At least this will give Leino a chance to show Babcock that he still wants to play.

Early in the first period Rafalski took a puck in chops and went off for repairs. He ended up needing about 15 stitches but he still came back and played.

Late in the first period there was a mess in front of the Red Wings net. Parros crashed into Howard and the puck was heading across the goal line. Ericsson was right there and swept it away before it crossed the line. In the end it didn’t matter though because Parros was called for goalie interference so it wouldn’t have counted even if it did cross the line unless it was knocked in by the Red Wings.

In the second period Lebda was hit by Koivu in what looked like a harmless play but he seemed to have an injured shoulder. He was trying to get off the ice but he couldn’t. Meanwhile the Ducks got the puck into the zone and went tic-tac-toe back and forth from Bobby Ryan to Dan Sexton and then to Saku Koivu who put it in the net. Howard didn’t have much of a chance since any of those guys could have shot the puck and there were no defensemen in good enough position to stop any of the passes. So the Ducks had the one to nothing lead as they approached the halfway point of the game.

Later in the second period there was a bit of mayhem. Leino was elbowed in the face accidentally by Perry, and then Abdelkader hit Perry in the back and knocked him down. Getzlaf came in and knocked down Abdelkader about the same time that Bertuzzi was being knocked into his own bench. Perry and Abdelkader ended up fighting but Abdelkader was already down. Perry was on top of him so Abdelkader was punching up at him. It only lasted a few seconds and they both went off for fighting.

Late in the period Sexton shot the puck from such a bad angle that it was pretty much parallel to the goal line. Howard had his skate against the post but somehow the puck got through and went in the net giving the Ducks the two to nothing lead with less than a minute left in the second period. It was a freak goal. 99 times of out of 100 that puck wouldn’t go in.

Early on in the third period the Red Wings were on the power play. Leino got the puck to Holmstrom in the slot. Holmstrom burned Giguere with a great shot that picked the top corner of the net and finally scored a goal for the Wings.

A bit later Detroit had just finished their ninth power play which was their eighth unsuccessful one if you’re counting. Bertuzzi had the puck behind the net and banked it off Giguere’s back and into the net. That tied the game at two.

Late in the game Brad Stuart saved a goal. The puck had popped up in the air was coming down right behind Howard and in front of a wide open net. Stuart swatted the puck away before it came down. If he hadn’t done that the Ducks almost certainly would have taken the lead.

Then Boynton was called for hooking. The power play started with 13 seconds left in the game. The Red Wings almost ended it but Datsyuk just couldn’t get anything on his shot. Regulation time ended so the Wings would start the overtime with a power play, four on three.

In the overtime period with the Wings on the power play Stuart passed to Bertuzzi down low. Bertuzzi stepped up towards the net and shot a perfectly placed puck. He found the tiny hole below the crossbar and above Giguere’s shoulder to win the game for the Wings.

This was kind of a crazy game. There were 16 penalties called, crazy bounces, weird goals and tricky calls. For the most part the Wings played pretty well. Jimmy Howard did a good job again. Of the two goals against, one was impossible to stop and the other was a fluke. I say leave him in. He’s getting great experience and gaining confidence every game. He’s giving them a chance to win every game.

This was a great moral victory for the Red Wings. They battled back from being behind two to nothing and they showed signs of regaining their scoring touch. It was really great to see Bertuzzi get a few goals since he’s been really snake bit for most of this season.

This 2-3 win brings us to:
35 points

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