Edmonton at Detroit (12/3/09)

The Edmonton Oilers were at the Joe tonight to face the Red Wings. Jimmy Howard was in for the Wings as he’s been on a hot streak. Jeff Deslauriers was the goalie for the Oilers. Rafalski was out with back spasms so Jakub Kindl made his NHL debut.

The Red Wings fathers were with the team today as they’ll be joining them on the New York road trip for the weekend.

Early in the game the Oilers scored a fluke goal. Visnovsky brought it into the zone but kind of lost control of it. It hit Zetterberg’s stick and bounced up. Lebda hit it with his stick and it bounced forward and down landing right in front of Howard and bouncing into the net. The Oilers had the early lead one to nothing. I believe that was Kindl’s first shift. It wasn’t his fault but it’s probably a little bit disheartening just the same.

With about two and a half minutes left in the first period Robert Nilsson took a pass near the faceoff circle. He made a move around Ericsson and then faked out Jimmy Howard and scored. It was quite a play; he made a few people look silly.

With almost no time left in the first period Lidstrom made and incredible pass from his own corner to hit Bertuzzi perfectly at the Oilers’ blue line. Bertuzzi took the puck in and passed it back to Cleary in the slot. Cleary one timed it and scored with just nine tenths of a second left in the period. That brought the Wings back to within a goal.

Detroit had a few good chances in the first period but Edmonton had a lot more. They also had more shots on goal even though the Red Wings had a power play and the Oilers did not. In short, the Oilers were playing really well and Detroit was just trying to keep up. It was huge that they were able score the late goal to get back in the game.

In the second period Abdelkader was the recipient of a high hit. I didn’t see a great replay but it looked like he was hit in the face. He went down hard but he seemed fine. Right after that Maltby and May got into a scuffle with a few of the Oilers. The end result was a power play for Edmonton but Detroit was able to kill it.

Later in the second period the O’Sullivan tried to make a centering pass but it hit Datsyuk’s stick and redirected towards the net. Howard was already moving to position himself for a shot from the other side of the ice. He wasn’t able to close the five hole in time and it puck rolled right through and into the net. It was another fluky goal and it put the Oilers back up by two.

Just a few minutes later O’Sullivan brought the puck in on Howard who somehow got caught way out of the crease. O’Sullivan went around him and put the puck in the net. That made it four to one Oilers.

After the second period the Red Wings were still being badly outplayed. The Oilers were playing well and were also getting lucky bounces. The Wings needed three goals just to tie.

In the third period Ericsson left the game injured. It looked like he might have rolled his ankle a little bit. Hopefully, it won’t be serious. Pretty soon they’ll just have to take the entire Griffins roster and put them in lineup.

That was about it for this game. The Red Wings didn’t play very well. I think the bad bounces might have taken the wind out of their sails a little bit. This continues the trend of the Wings playing poorly when their dads are watching.

This 4-1 loss brings us to:
30 points

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