Detroit at St. Louis (11/28/09)

The Red Wings rolled into St. Louis tonight with hopes of snapping their streak of bad luck. Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings and Chris Mason was the Blues’ goalie. The Blues also played last night. They beat Nashville three to one.

The Blues scored first when Perron brought the puck into the zone, moved into the slot and ripped it. The puck changed direction a few times and ended up going off of Backes and into the net give the Blues the one nothing lead.

A few minutes later Polak shot from the blue line with a ton of traffic in front of Howard. There were probably four or five people in his way. He never really picked it up and it went into the net to make it two to nothing Blues.

The Red Wings looked pretty bad in the first period. The Blues had way more scoring chances and shots than the Red Wings. The shots that the Red Wings did have were pretty ineffectual. It looked more like they were passing the puck to the goalie than shooting. The Wings were lucky to get out of that period only down two to nothing. They weren’t playing well offensively or defensively.

Early in the second period the tough play of Helm drew the attention of Johnson. He came over and tried to start something with Helm was called for high sticking. The Red Wings went on the power play. They finally broke their goal drought with a classic Red Wings power play goal. Datsyuk passed from one faceoff dot to the Zetterberg at the other dot. Zetterberg passed to Holmstrom in the middle and Homer tapped it by the goalie. It was just like they drew it up. That made it two to one Blues.

Throughout the second period the Red Wings played much better than they had in the first. They had a lot more energy, were better defensively, and were more effective offensively.

Early in the third period the Red Wings were continuing to grind it out. Jimmy Howard made a great save to keep the Wings within a goal and then at the other end Helm was working hard with the puck behind the Blues’ net. Eaves was in front fighting for position. Helm brought the puck to the side of the net, spun around and passed it to Draper who was charging up the slot. Draper shot it quickly and tied the game.

About halfway through the third period Detroit was really pressuring especially with the fourth line guys. Then at the other end Howard had made some great saves but he reached his limit when Boyes got the puck in front of the net. Howard stopped the first whack at it but Boyes maneuvered around Howard’s pad and shot it in. That gave the lead back to the Blues.

As time was running out in the third period Detroit pulled their goalie. There was a mad scrum around the Blues goal. Zetterberg had the puck behind the net and backhanded it to the front. It hit Jackman’s arm in front of the net and went in. That tied the game at three each with less than a minute to go.

The score remained tied at three the game headed to overtime.

There were plenty of chances in the overtime but no goals so the game went to a shootout.

McDonald shot first for the Blues. He faked to the right and went left beating Howard. Datsyuk was up next. He did pretty much the same thing as McDonald but with some fancier puck work. He beat Mason for the goal. Boyes was up next for the Blues. Howard showed nice patience. He waited him out and snagged his shot out of the air. Zetterberg came up next. He shot and hit Mason’s pads. Then it was Perron’s turn. He put it into Howard’s pads trying for the five hole but Howard kept it locked down. Cleary was up next for the Wings. He took the puck in on Mason and tried to get him to open up the five hole but Mason was having none of it. Then Oshie tried to go forehand and lost the puck. It was all up to Bertuzzi who swung out wide to the left and cut across to the right. He backhanded it up and over Mason into the top of the net for the game winner.

That snapped Detroit’s losing streak. They didn’t look good in the first period but looked great for the rest of the game. They’re lucky to have come away with the win when they didn’t really play well for part of the game. That first period put them in a two goal hole but they fought out of it and won anyway.

Howard played very well, as did Helm, Abdelkader and Draper among others. Hopefully tonight’s scoring will open the floodgates and they’ll start racking up the goals.

This 4-3 win brings us to:
28 points

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