Calgary at Detroit (11/27/09)

The Calgary Flames were tonight’s opponent for the Red Wings. Osgood was Detroit’s goalie and Kiprusoff was in net for the Flames. The Red Wings were on a stretch of games where they’ve been playing pretty well but not scoring. They hoped to snap that streak tonight.

It only took 28 seconds for the Calgary to score on the Red Wings. The Red Wings were all hanging around in front of their net. Jokinen got the puck and passed it to Lundmark in the slot. He was wide open for the tap in. The Red Wings just didn’t seem ready; it was like they hadn’t really got going yet.

In the first period it looked as though Detroit had finally broken their streak of bad puck luck when they appeared to score a power play goal. The goal was waived off though because they said Cleary had interfered with Kiprusoff’s ability to do his job. It was a terrible call. Cleary was on the edge of the crease. He may have brushed up against Kiprusoff a little bit but that didn’t stop him from being exactly where he wanted to be and doing what he wanted to do. Cleary didn’t prevent him from doing anything. It was par for the course though the way things have been going lately for the Wings.

Near the end of the first period Moss and Dawes entered the Red Wings’ zone with Ericsson back. Moss tried to pass across but Ericsson broke it up. Then Ericsson tried to gather the puck and Dawes poked it back into the slot. Datsyuk was there by that time and took the puck. Dawes poked it again, off Datsyuk’s stick this time, it went into the net. It was a really crazy play. That made it two to nothing Flames. The bad luck just continued to pile up. It was almost becoming comical. How much bad puck luck can one team have?

After two periods the Red Wings still hadn’t scored even though they had 32 shots on goal to Calgary’s 11. And don’t forget they even had one shot go in the net but even THAT didn’t earn them a goal. I suppose that one didn’t count as a shot on goal since the play was disallowed. I don’t know what more they can do. They’re playing well, they’re shooting from everywhere, and they’re even putting the puck in the net once in a while. Eventually they’ll have to get a goal. I have a feeling that when they start scoring it’s going to be a flash flood of goals.

Just 25 seconds into the third period the Red Wings were caught off guard again. Lundmark passed it to Jokinen who ripped it from the faceoff circle and beat Osgood high on the short side. That made it three to nothing Flames.

Nothing changed throughout the rest of the third period. The Red Wings lost three to nothing and were shut out for the second game in a row. It’s frustrating to watch and I’m sure way more frustrating for the team but there are always periods like this in a hockey season. It makes for a pretty boring game when the game winning goal was scored just 28 seconds into the first period. The Red Wings are trying to stay positive and they’re shooting the puck like crazy. Those are both good things. They’ll come out of this slump soon and score a ton of goals. They’ll have another chance to score tomorrow night when they play in St. Louis.

This 3-0 loss brings us to:
26 points

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