Western Conference Semifinals, Game 1 (4/24/08)

This game started out looking pretty evenly matched.  Colorado opened the scoring early in the first period.  Taking a page from the Nashville Predators, Detroit answered just 53 seconds later.  It was a perfectly executed give and go from Zetterberg to Datsyuk and back to Zetterberg for the tieing goal.  Later Dan Cleary scored with a blast that popped up in the air.  Everybody lost sight of it and it dropped in behind Jose Theodore and into the net.  Towards the end of the period Detroit scored again, this time on a power play.  Franzen made a beautiful redirect right in front of the net.  Theodore never had a chance.  Franzen’s hand-eye coordination was incredible, even in slow motion.  The period ended with Detroit leading 3-1.

Early in the second period Franzen scored another beautiful goal.  This one was a one-timer and he picked the corner.  There was very little room but he nailed it perfectly.  At that point Colorado pulled Jose Theodore and put in Peter Budaj.  From then on the Avs slowly started stepping up their play.  They scored a goal that found an opening on Osgood where it didn’t look like there was an opening.  They kept playing better and better and ended up with an odd man rush.  They scored on that play making it 4-3 Detroit. 

In the first half of the third period Detroit seemed to be getting back some of the momentum.  However, in the second half of the third Colorado really stepped it up.  They pressured hard for almost 10 minutes straight and Detroit had to be very defensive.  Osgood made several stellar saves and the Avalance were not able to tie the game.

This 4-3 win brings this Western Conference Semifinal series to 1-0 Detroit.

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