Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 5 (4/18/08)

The big news at the start of this game was the surprise scratching of Arnott and Legwand for the Predators. 

The Red Wings played a textbook first period. They were great defensively.  Filppula scored the first goal with wicked shot.  The Wings had tons of scoring chances and pretty much shut the Predators down.  It was just what they needed to start the game.  Osgood bobbled the puck a few times but he kept things under control. 

The second period was even better than the first from a defensive standpoint.  The Red Wings had tons of shots and held the Predators to just three.  The saves that Osgood made were even more impressive considering the long stretches where he had nothing to do.  He was sharp when he had to be.  The Red Wings had lots of chances to score but Ellis was up to the challenge.

The Red Wings continued to play incredibly well during the third period.  The only problem was that Dan Ellis was playing the game of his life.  He held the Wings scoreless in the third.  With about a minute and a half to go Barry Trotz pulled the goalie and the Predators started playing for their lives.  Osgood tried to weather the storm but he got beat beat by a game tieing goal with only 43 seconds left.  Unlike the previous two games, Detroit played well for a complete 60 minute game.  Incredibly, because of some excellent goaltending, that was only enough for a tie.

The overtime didn’t last long.  The Predators turned the puck over in the neutral zone and Kronwall found Franzen with a brilliant pass.  Franzen went in all alone against the goalie and beat him.  Franzen picked a perfect time to continue his recent game-winning-goal scoring ways!  What a relief!  It would have been really hard to accept playing that well and not winning the game.  One more win and we can forget about the Predators.  I’m looking forward to it!

This 2-1 overtime win brings this Western Conference Quarterfinal series to 3-2 Detroit.

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