Stanley Cup Finals Game One Preview

It’s good news for us Red Wings fans! Helene St. James at the Detroit Free Press is reporting that Ericsson and Lidstrom will both be able to play tonight in game one. Datsyuk is questionable and Draper is out. The rumor is that Draper and Lidstrom both have groin problems. Lidstrom is ready to go but Draper has a ways to go yet. Datsyuk is close to returning from his foot injury. They all skated in practice yesterday except for Ericsson but he’s still expected to play.

It’s hard to believe that Ericsson will be able to play so soon after have an appendectomy. He must be one tough hombre!

I think it’s very important that Lidstrom play and that he’s fully healthy. He did such a great job last year, along with the rest of the defense, of shutting down Crosby and Malkin. In fact, as I recall, Hossa was the Penguins most effective player last year.

The Penguins are a better and more experienced team this year, but so are the Red Wings. If the Wings can stop Crosby and Malkin as well as they did last year this should be a slam dunk. But that’s easier said than done. I won’t be surprised if Crosby and Malkin are a lot better against the Wings than they were last year. If that happens we could be in for a game seven.

Let’s hope the Red Wings can do it again! Go Wings!!!

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