Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 3 (4/14/08)

The scoring in this game started when Draper scored a beautful goal on a nice dish from Hudler.  He showed incredible patience waiting for the puck to settle down and for Ellis to move out of position.  It was great for Detroit to get the first goal.  Hasek also played very well to keep the Predaotrs off the board in the first period.

Kronwall made one of the biggest hits I’ve ever seen about halfway through the second period.  It looked like his elbow might have come up a little bit but I think what really happened was that the Nashville player (Bonk) tried to duck at the last second.  Kronwall wasn’t penalized so it was a clean hit.

Hudler scored a goal a bit later by getting to the front of the net.  He was in the right place at the right time for an easy tap in goal.

Nashville got a goal in the second period and that really seemed to ignite them.  Just a few minutes later Nashville scored again after creating a turnover and getting a two on one.  It was very much like the previous game where we were up by two and then bang bang it’s a tie game.  It’s a very distrubing trend.  The period ended all tied up at two.

In the third period Datsyuk had a takeaway that he brought into the Nashville zone.  He sold the pass really well and fired a laser into the net.  That unassissted goal put the Wings back up by one.

After Datsyuk’s goal the Predators seemed to settle down a little and it looked like the Wings were going to wrap things up without too much trouble. 

Then the wheels came off…for real this time.  With about 4 minutes to go Nashville scored twice in 9 seconds.  The Wings pulled Hasek for an extra skater when it got to the last minute and Nashville capped things with an empty netter.

I don’t even know how this happened.  It’s quite a shock.  Nashville defeinitely took a game that they didn’t deserve to win.  We can’t afford to let that happen again.

This 5-3 loss brings this Western Conference Quarterfinal series to 2-1 Red Wings.

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