Here Come The Ducks

Can you feel the excitement? Round two starts tonight on Versus and I can’t wait!

This could turn out to be the best matchup of the playoffs. I expect the Ducks will be all that the Wings can handle. The way they knocked off the Sharks with apparent ease is extremely scary.

Round one proved that there is no issue with the Red Wings will to win. They’ll be up for this game. Babcock said that they have not taken two days off in a row during their time off so they’ve been skating at least every other day. They should be sharp and well-rested.

The Detroit media continues to hound Osgood about whether or not he’s up to the challenge. I wish they would leave him alone. He is confident and rightfully so, but it seems like the media’s goal is to make him doubt himself. Whose side are they on, anyway? I guess he’ll have to prove himself AGAIN. What will it take for people to admit that he’s one of the best goalies of all time?

Anyway, I can’t wait for the game to start. We have about an hour and a half to wait. Let’s go Red Wings!!!

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