Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 2 (4/18/09)

Tonight it was game two between the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets. The Red Wings looked awesome in game one and I expected Columbus to come out with something to prove and with a lot of energy. The goalies were once again, Osgood and Mason.

Cleary was called for interference within the first 10 seconds of the game. Osgood came up strong again on the penalty kill when the Blue Jackets had a great scoring chance and Osgood closed the door.

As it turned out the Red Wings had more jump than the Blue Jackets in the first period. They were throwing the body big time, especially Helm and Datsyuk.

The Wings opened the scoring in the first period with a power play goal. Lidstrom got the puck to Rafalski at the top of the circle. Holmstrom was in front of the net causing havoc with Tyutin guarding him. Rafalski released the shot and it deflected off Tyutin and into the net. That was the third goal out of five in this series to go in Columbus’ net off one of their own players. That made it one to nothing Red Wings.

That was the only goal in the first period. The Red Wings outshot the Blue Jackets 14 to 4 in the period. It was more of the same domination that we saw in game one.

In the second period Detroit scored another power play goal. This one was created by a beautiful pass from Hossa to Datsyuk who was standing just outside the crease. Mason was expecting a shot from Hossa so all Datsyuk had to do was tip the pass into the net. Mason was in position for the Hossa shot so the net on Datsyuk’s side was mostly wide open.

Later in the second Zetterberg got the puck from Franzen near the faceoff dot. He skated to the hash marks and released a pinpoint wrister that beat Mason over the glove to make it three to nothing Red Wings. It was a beautiful shot by Zetterberg.

The second period ended with the Red Wings in a flurry looking for their fourth goal. They had a power play and continued the pressure after it expired. They didn’t get it to go in but they had several good scoring chances and Columbus used their timeout to get a breather after they finally iced the puck.

Osgood looked great again in the second period and there were great plays by the Wings all over the ice. The line of Hudler, Filppula and Samuelsson continued to rack up the scoring chances. Brad Stuart made a great defensive play. The entire team was playing like a machine. There were lots of big hits and smart plays. It was just a pleasure to watch.

In the third period Detroit kept their power play rolling. Kronwall shot from the point and the rebound came to Hudler along the goal line. He took a shot and it hit the post. Then it bounced out and hit Mason and bounced back into the net. It was another crazy goal that you couldn’t really blame on Mason. This whole series so far has been proof that good things happen when you get the puck to the net.

That did it for this game. The Red Wings won four to nothing and Osgood got the shutout. It was another textbook performance by the Wings. Obviously, Osgood has found the best way to silence his critics. The crowd was really into it and cheering for him the entire game.

We’ll see on Tuesday what kind of difference it’ll make playing in Columbus. It’ll be easier for the Blue Jackets to get the matchups they want so they might do a little better there.

This 0-4 win brings this Western Conference Quarterfinal series to 2-0 Red Wings.

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