Detroit at Chicago (4/12/09)

This afternoon Detroit was in Chicago to play the second half of back to back games against the Blackhawks and the final game of the season for both teams. The goalies for today’s game were Osgood for us and Khabibulin for them. Lidstrom was out for this game just getting some rest.

This was another meaningless game for the Wings. The more meaningful game was the Blues and the Avalanche. If the Blues win the Wings will play the Blue Jackets in the first round. If they lose we’ll get the Ducks. Either team will be tough to play but the travel involved playing Anaheim will be rough. Not to mention the late night games that are really tough for us East coast folks to stay away for and then get up for work the next morning. So, not slight to the Blue Jackets, but I’d rather see the Wings face them instead of the Ducks.

Each team hit a post early in the game so at least the bad luck was even (or good luck if you’re thinking of it from the goalie’s point of view).

Chicago got the first goal of the game and they made it look easy. Byfuglien had the puck and he circled behind the net with it. He came back out towards the point and eventually passed to Seabrook. Seabrook passed it through the slot to Ladd who was all alone with a wide open net. It was a pretty major defensive breakdown for the Wings. It looked like everybody was just standing around watching Byfuglien skate. That gave the Hawks the early one nothing lead. Osgood had no chance on that shot.

A bit later in the first period Chicago scored again when Toews took the puck through the crease and pushed it towards Osgood. It somehow made it right between Osgood’s legs and into the net.

A few minutes later Detroit went on the power play. The Blackhawks took a second penalty with 1:04 left on the first one so the Red Wings had a fairly long 5 on 3. Detroit had a lot of shots during the power play but couldn’t beat Khabibulin. The power play looked a little sloppy. They had a lot of chances but the passes weren’t quite crisp enough. Everybody seemed to be almost in the right place at the right time but not quite.

There was no more scoring in the first period so the Wings went to the dressing room down two goals to none.

There were no goals in the second period. Khabibulin was playing very well but Detroit really didn’t seem to have much urgency. There were few flurries where the intensity seemed to ramp up a little but nothing too serious. At the end of the period Kronwall was called for slashing so the Hawks would start the third on the power play.

The Wings killed of the penalty to start the third period but a few minutes later the Blackhawks went on the power play again. Chelios lost his stick and was unable to prevent a pass from the corner to Bolland moving up in the slot. He took a hard slap shot that beat Osgood to make it three to nothing Hawks. Byfuglien was in front of the net causing trouble and a few Red Wings were there as well.

That was the end of the scoring for this game. Khabibulin got the shut out. The Red Wings didn’t really care. They didn’t bother pulling the goalie and seemed to be running out the clock for the last couple of minutes. The goal for this game was to just get through it with no injuries and they did that.

Osgood played pretty well. He was sharp especially on a few occasions when Chicago had breakaways or shorthanded chances.

That does it for the regular season and what a great season it was. The slumps seemed to be a little bit worse this season that they were last season but the numbers don’t lie. This was a fantastic season. Now the real fun starts!

This 0-3 loss brings us to:
112 points

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