New York Islanders at Detroit (3/27/09)

Tonight the Islanders were in Detroit to face the Wings. We don’t get to see the Islanders very often so the Red Wings didn’t really know what to expect from this game. Even Mike Babcock admitted that he knows very little about the Islanders because he never watches Eastern Conference games.

The goaltender for the Islanders was ex-Red Wing Joey MacDonald and for the Wings it was Chris Osgood.

The first period was pretty exciting. Detroit had some good scoring chances and good energy but weren’t able to score. The Wings were out-shot, out-chanced and out-hit in the first period so those weren’t good signs. Osgood looked pretty sharp in the first period. He seemed to have shaken off the poor showing in his previous start. Like all good goalies he has a short memory.

In the second period Detroit had some great scoring chances again. Hossa got a crossbar, and Samuelsson was robbed thanks to a diving save by MacDonald. It was starting to seem like one of those nights where nothing goes into the net.

With the Red Wings on the power play in the second period they got burned for a shorthanded goal. Okposo took the puck up the ice and passed it through Samuelsson to Nielsen. He faked to the left and Osgood bit leaving the right side of the net wide open. Nielsen chipped it into the net for the shortie.

With about five minutes to go in the second period, the Islanders had the puck behind the Red Wings net. Jackman tried a wrap-around shot. Osgood was there but the puck when through his legs to other side of the net which was wide open. Bailey jumped on it and popped it in to give the last place Islanders a two to nothing lead over the mighty Red Wings.

Detroit came out in the third period with their tails on fire. They were in Islanders end taking shot after shot for most of the first three minutes. Filppula had a great chance that hit another goal post and came right back out. Unfortunately, the only thing to show for all the pressure they applied was a goaltender interference call on Cleary.

They killed off the penalty and went back to work. The Wings earned a power play during which Datsyuk and Franzen each hit goal posts but nothing went in. Detroit pulled their goalie and turned up the heat a little more but they weren’t able to score.

It was Joey MacDonald’s first shutout of his career and he earned it. He and his three irons should be charged with burglary after this game. He robbed Samuelsson a few times and Datsyuk at the end. When he wasn’t in position to make the save the goal posts or crossbar had his back.

This was not a good performance by the Wings. They didn’t really start pressuring until the third period and by then it was too late. It was pretty clear that they didn’t care much about this game at first. Or, more precisely, I think they thought they could win without having to try very hard and that’s never going to be the case. Every team shows the Red Wings their best game. Any team in the league can beat any other team on any given day. As they say, that’s why they play the games.

The Red Wings should learn a lesson from this one and then just shake it off and move on. It has no bearing on their season overall.

This 2-0 loss brings us to:
107 points

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