Philadelphia at Detroit (3/17/09)

Tonight the Red Wings faced the Philadelphia Flyers in Detroit. Osgood was our goaltender and theirs was Biron. Holmstrom and Filppula were both out for this game. Holmstrom with a knee problem and Filppula was still nursing his back.

It wasn’t shown on Versus, but the Red Wings honored Kirk Maltby before the game for playing 1000 games in the NHL. They had a ceremony similar to the one they had for Draper a few weeks ago.

This game started with a lot of energy and scrappiness. Early on the Red Wings had some good power play chances including a lengthy 5 on 3 but they weren’t able to convert.

Then, with 3:26 left in the first period The Flyers got the puck on a breakaway. Hartnell ended up in ahead of Hossa. Hossa was dogging him and pretty much doing all he could do without taking a penalty. Hartnell shot the puck and beat Osgood to give the Flyers the one nothing lead.

Less than five minutes into the second period, The Flyers brought the puck into the Red Wings zone. Carter passed to Lupul who scored on Osgood. Brad Stuart was there taking away the pass back to Carter. Kronwall was also there next Carter. This was one that Osgood has to stop. It was a good shot but he just didn’t react quickly enough with the glove hand.

Nearing the end of the second period Datsyuk got the puck at center ice. He a made a few great moves to beat some defenders then snapped one that beat Biron through a tiny sliver of net that he left open. It was an amazing shot. That cut the lead in half and made one to two Flyers. That score held until the end of the period.

During the intermission Versus cut away to follow Marty Brodeur’s historic 552nd win to become winningest goalie in NHL history. It was an amazing moment, although I would have preferred to watch it later and see the Red Wings game live. They rejoined the game about three and a half minutes into the third period. The score was unchanged so hopefully we didn’t miss too much action. Seeing that made me wonder how many cups the Red Wings would have won if they’d had Marty Brodeur. All of them I suppose. :-)

Not long after they returned to coverage it looked like Datsyuk’s stick got caught in Hartnell’s skate. Hartnell went down very heavily. It’s a good thing he was wearing a helmet. It was not intentional, but I’m really surprised they didn’t call a trip anyway. If I was a Philly fan I would have been livid. As a fan of the game it probably should have been a penalty.

Halfway through the third period Datsyuk made an absolutely brilliant play. He made a move around the defender to get the puck and immediately passed it across the ice to Franzen who nailed it home to tie the game. It was truly a thing of beauty.

Then just a few minutes later Ericsson dished to Samuelsson who hit Zetterberg as he was nearing the net on the rush. Zetterberg took his time, ripped one and beat Biron. Suddenly the Red Wings were leading two to three.

Detroit held on to win even though Philadelphia had quite a push at the end. This was a great win for the Wings. Overall I’d say they played very well.

Detroit had tons of great chances but Biron made some incredible saves. The Flyers had fewer chances but they made the most of them. Detroit approximately doubled Philly’s shots on goal. We needed 100% more shots to score 50% more goals. This tells me that our goaltending doesn’t even have to be as good as the opposition’s. If they’re just half as good that’ll be enough to win on most nights. For the most part I thought Osgood played well tonight. There are just those few mistakes that can cost you the game a lot of the time. It was a great comeback win though, no complaints. We got to hear the Irish jig three times tonight. Too bad Shanny wasn’t there to hear it.

This 2-3 win brings us to:
103 points

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