San Jose at Detroit (2/25/09)

Tonight the Sharks came to town to play the Red Wings. Nabokov was the goalie for the Sharks and Conklin was in for the Wings. This was the Wings first game against the Sharks since the return of our old nemesis Claude Lemieux.

The bad blood started early in this one when Cleary hit Thronton from behind and he went heavily into the boards. That started a scrum and it wouldn’t be the last. From that point on, they all wanted a piece of Cleary. In his defense Thornton did turn his back to the hit at the last minute. There’s no way Cleary could have pulled up in time.

A few minutes later Detroit went on the power play. Hossa got the puck near the boards, went to the net and shot. Nabokov got some of it but not enough to stop it from getting through. That gave Detroit the early lead.

Later in the first period Detroit’s fourth line scored a great goal. The puck hit Draper in front of the net and bounced up. Leino swatted it out mid-air into the net.

A few seconds it looked like San Jose had scored but after a long review they overturned the call. The referee called it a goal from right behind the net. It wasn’t definitive but the replay looked like it probably didn’t go in. Surprisingly, they reversed the call even though the replay wasn’t very clear.

Early in the second period Zetterberg scored on a shorthanded breakaway. He pulled up just before he got to the net and did a 360 to lose his defender. Then he beat Nabokov with a quick shot. Before the breakaway it looked like the puck hit the netting which should have resulted in a whistle but it wasn’t caught. Ironically, the Sharks scored a goal against the Red Wings last season when the same thing happened. As Ken Daniels pointed out, that’s justice albeit a year later.

A few minutes after that San Jose scored a power play goal. It was a shot that came from near the blue line but Conklin was screened and never had a good look at the puck. That made it three to one.

Hossa left the game in the second period after a hard hit to the head. It wasn’t intentional. He fell awkwardly from one hit into another; it was just bad luck. He left the ice and went straight to the dressing room.

In the third period they were 4 on 4 because of offsetting unsportsmanlike calls. Then Datsyuk drew a penalty on Dan Boyle. He hit him with his butt and Boyle got frustrated. He came back at Datsyuk and slashed his stuck breaking it in half. That earned him two minutes and made it 4 on 3 for about a minute.

On the power play Zetterberg got the puck behind the net. He snuck it in the back door and made it four to one.

That was it for this game and what a game it was. Both teams played with playoff level intensity. There were lots of hits and great action. It was a little bit chippy; both teams played with an attitude. Conklin made a lot of great saves. The only downside was the injury to Hossa. Hopefully, that won’t turn out to be anything serious.

This 1-4 win brings us to:
88 points

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