Detroit at Los Angeles (1/15/09)

Tonight the Red Wings were in Los Angeles to play the Kings.  Ty Conklin was the starting goalie for the Wings and Jon Quick was in for the Kings.

Detroit drew first blood with a gravy goal scored by the fourth line.  The Kings turned the puck over behind their own net.  Draper took it and put it to the front where Maltby picked it up and sent it into the net.  After the goal Maltby was mugged by several Kings.  When the penalties were assessed Detroit ended up with a power play.

Conklin made at least two monstrous saves in the first period.  He was looking very sharp early on.  It’s a good thing because otherwise the Kings could have had an early lead instead of the other way around.

Later on in the first period Detroit scored a great power play goal.  They moved the puck very well from Hudler to Zetterberg and then to Franzen in front of the net for the tap in.  Tic tac goal.

In the second period Hudler set up a nice goal by Samuelsson.  Everybody thought that Hudler was going to shoot so they sort of lost track of Sameulsson.  Instead of shooting Hudler passed it to Sameulsson who was near the net on the opposite side of the goalie.  He got the pass and tipped it into the open side of the net.  

Later in the second period the Wings got another goal from their fourth line when Draper scored.  Kopecky took the pass from Maltby and sent it to the front of the net.  Draper was there to take the pass and ripped it into the net.  That made it four nothing Red Wings.

That was the end of the scoring for the game.  The third period came and went more or less uneventfully.  The Red Wings were able to move the puck well and the Kings weren’t able to do much besides take penalties.  It was a great shutout for Conklin who played brilliantly.  The Wings dominated the entire game.

This 4-0 win brings us to:
68 points

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