Detroit at Phoenix (12/13/08)

Detroit was in Phoenix tonight to play the Coyotes at the ridiculously named Arena.  Bryzgalov was the starting goalie for the Coyotes and Osgood was back in net for the Wings.  Chelios was also back in the lineup for this game.

It took just over 30 seconds for Detroit to score.  Holmstrom dug the puck out along the boards and hit Zetterberg with it right on the faceoff dot.  Zetterberg snapped it and Bryzgalov got a piece of it but not enough.  It got through him and just like that the Red Wings were up one to nothing.

With about 30 seconds left in the period the Coyotes tied it up.  It looked almost exactly the same as the goal the Red Wings scored to start the period.  Lindstrom (not to be confused with Lidstrom) shot from just above the faceoff dot.  Ozzie was screened which prevented him from seeing it in time to stop it.

Early in the second period the Coyotes took the lead with a power play goal.  Doan took the long pass for a breakaway.  He ended up one on one against Ozzie.  He was going to the right and stopped on a dime.  Osgood kept going and ended up down on the ice which left the entire left side of the net wide open for Doan.  It was a really good move that Doan made.  Osgood didn’t have much choice but to bite on it.

A few minutes later Phoenix was on the power play again.  Franzen stole the puck at his own blue line and took off all alone to the Coyotes net.  He made a nice move and burned Brzygalov for the shorthanded, game-tying goal.

About halfway through the second period Detroit scored a power play goal.  Homer was in front of the net screening and battling for position.  Brzygalov was paying attention to him and wasn’t ready for the shot.  Rafalski released it from the blue line and Holmstrom tipped it passed the goalie to take the lead back for the Red Wings.

Near the halfway point of the third period Phoenix scored another goal on the power play.  Lindstrom made a nice cross ice pass just above the crease to Boedker.  He shot the puck into the net before Ozzie had to time to get over and get set.

Later in the third the Coyotes took the lead.  Osgood got a piece of the original shot but it got in behind him and hit the post.  It then bounced toward the middle of the net and sat on the goal line.  Reinprecht seized the opportunity and pushed it over the line giving Phoenix the lead three to four.

Detroit got a power play chance with less than two minutes left in the game.  They pulled Ozzie for the 6 on 4 advantage.  Since the Coyotes were shorthanded they didn’t have to worry about icing.  It was a free for all shooting at the empty net whenever they got the puck.  They had at least three chances but missed the net each time.  Then the Red Wings got the puck in deep behind the net.  Zetterberg passed it behind the net to Hossa.  He passed it to Franzen in front off the net and Franzen scored to tie the game.  Tic Tac Goal.  The score held until the end of the game so they went to overtime.

In the final minute of OT Datsyuk shot what looked like the game winner in full speed but it actually hit the post and came straight back out.  Nobody scored in the OT so they went to the shootout.

In the shootout Detroit went first.  Datsyuk was our first shooter.  He made some moves but Bryzgalov didn’t bite and made the stop with his right pad.  Next Mueller went for the Coyotes and he beat Osgood high on the stick side.  Zetterberg was up next.  He made a nice move and Bryzgalov went down.  Zetterberg put it up and over him into the net.  Lindstrom went next for the Coyotes.  He made some great moves and Osgood bit in the wrong direction but he put his stick back to cover the other side of the net.  He ended up making an incredible stop.  Franzen came up next and missed the net high.  Finally for the Coyotes it was Kyle Turris.  He also shot the puck over the net so they had to extend the shootout.  Hudler came up next.  He made some dekes and put it up into the corner.  That left it up to Doan to save the game for the Coyotes.  He tried to make some moves and go around Osgood.  He was up to the challenge and made the save giving the Wings the win.

The Wings blew another lead in this game which is quite the trend now.  They also managed to pull a win out of their keisters anyway which seems to be another trend.  The overall numbers aren’t that bad.  Shots on goal were 38 to 28 in favor of Detroit.  But there were stretches where they didn’t play well enough defensively.  For a road game though where they got into town at 1AM the night before, I guess this is a pretty good win.  We’ll always take a ‘W’.

This 5-4 win brings us to:
44 points

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