Detroit at Boston (11/29/08)

Tonight Detroit played the second half of a back to back series.  After hosting Columbus last night in Detroit, they faced the Boston Bruins on the road.  Ty Conklin was the starter for Wings and Manny Fernandez for was in for the Bruins.

Detroit had some glorious scoring chances early in the first period but didn’t capitalize.  The Wings also had a power play early on that Boston was able to kill off aided in part by a monster hit by Chara on Datsyuk that laid him out.  

Detroit was dominating the first period up until the eight minute mark.  Boston hadn’t had a single shot on goal at that point.  Kronwall was caught in a two on one with Lilja trying to catch up.  Nobody took away the passing lane and it came to Wheeler who one-timed it for the goal.  You can’t fault Conklin on that one since he has to rely on the defense to stop the pass.

Nearing the end of the first period there was some four-on-four play that looked more like a power play for Boston.  They were cycling the puck, then got it to the point.  They passed it back to Kessel in the middle and he picked the top corner for the Bruins second goal.  That one Conklin probably should have had.  He went for it with his glove and just missed it.

In the second period the trouble continued.  The Bruins forced a turnover by forechecking in the Wings end.  The pass went back to Kobasew in the slot who snapped it passed Conklin.  Three nothing Bruins.  That was the end of Conklin’s night as Ozzy came in to replace him.  Ozzy had just played the night before.

Detroit finally scored with about three minutes left in the second period.  They were on the power play and Zetterberg passed to Hudler down low.  Hudler centered the puck and it went in off the skate of one of the Bruins.

Boston continued to dominate in the third period.  They scored an even strength goal when the puck was passed to Krejci in the slot.  He beat Osgood with the shot through traffic.  It looked like Ozzy had trouble seeing that one around the bodies in front of him.

Detroit was never able to get anything going after that.  They didn’t look like their normal selves.  Who knows the reason.  I could be because of the back to back games, but it could just be that Boston is a really good team and the Wings weren’t ready for them.  During the times when Detroit had possession they couldn’t do much with it because the Bruins were always on them.  They played really well defensively.  When the Wings were able to get some separation and create a scoring chance, Fernandez was there to shut the door.  He was in the zone and made some really great saves.

Well, this is a game I’d like to forget but hopefully the Red Wings figure out what went wrong and learn from it.  This could be a preview of the Stanley Cup Finals so it’s important to figure these guys out.

This 4-1 loss brings us to:
34 points

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