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Colorado at Detroit (12/31/09)

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

The Colorado Avalanche were in town tonight to play the Red Wings in this New Year’s Eve game. The goalies for tonight’s game were Craig Anderson for the Avs and Jimmy Howard for the Wings. Patrick Eaves was out with the flu so Leino was back in the lineup to replace him.

The Avs came out ready to play. In the first 10 seconds they had a scoring chance and the Red Wings took a penalty trying to stop them so they went shorthanded right off the bat. The Red Wings killed it off and Helm actually drew a penalty during the kill so they had a power play as well. No goals were scored on the power plays and things settled down a bit after that.

The first period ended with no goals but at the very end of the period Yip was called for delay of game when he put the puck over the glass with just 1.8 seconds left. Detroit started the second period on the power play. The Avs killed off the power play though so the game remained scoreless.

In the second period Datsyuk took the puck into the Avs zone and ripped a wicked shot into the top corner of the net. It was a heck of a shot and it burned Anderson cleanly making it one to nothing Detroit.

Towards the end of the second period the Avs were on the power play. Draper cleared the puck out to center ice. Hejduk was heading towards the puck nonchalantly not realizing that Helm was approaching to do some fore checking. Helm noticed he was unexpected and jumped on the opportunity. He grabbed the puck and took off all alone towards the Avs goal. He took it in and blasted it into the same top corner of the net that Datsyuk hit earlier. It was a shorthanded goal and it made it two nothing Wings. That play really showed Helm’s speed and skill. He’s such a great penalty killer.

With just 8 seconds left in the penalty the puck bounced way up in the air and dropped down in the slot. Howard came out to try to clear it but he missed it. It got behind him and Yip was there to put it in the net. Howard had kind of gambled on the poke check and he was just a bit too late to get it cleanly away.

In the third period Holmstrom was sent to the box for a crosscheck in front of the Colorado net. During the penalty Tucker passed to Yip in front of the Wings goal. Rafalski was there but he tripped over Howard’s skate and Yip scored tying the game at two.

Late in the third period Meech released a shot from the point. Leino knocked it down out of the air and it bounced down and between Anderson’s skates and into the net. They had to review the play to see if it was a high stick but it was called a good goal so Leino had made it three to two Red Wings.

With 1:59 to go in the game Filppula was called for tripping on a terrible call. There was no trip at all. If anything they could have called a hook but even that would have been a weak call. Colorado pulled their goalie for the power play. During the penalty kill Helm got the puck in the Red Wings end and sent it down the ice and into the empty net. It was Helm’s second shorty of the night and it made it four to two Red Wings.

This was a very important win for the Wings since they’re chasing Colorado in the standings. It was critical for the Red Wings to get two points tonight without allowing Colorado to get any.

Helm had an amazing game tonight. Datsyuk also played really well. In fact the team as a whole was pretty much on tonight. They sure didn’t look like a team that’s decimated by injury.

This 2-4 win brings us to:
46 points

Detroit at Columbus (12/28/09)

Monday, December 28th, 2009

The Red Wings were in Columbus tonight to give the Blue Jackets their chance at revenge after the Wings beat them two nights ago. Jimmy Howard was in net again for the Wings and Steve Mason was in for the Jackets.

Both teams came out looking ready to play. There was a fast pace to the game and both teams had a lot of energy.

In the first period Rafalski was crushed into the wall by Boll. It didn’t look like a particularly dirty hit but it was powerful. Brad May decided to stick up for Rafalski and got into a fight with Boll. It took a while for the fight to get going as they both seemed to be waiting for the other to make the first move. Once they got going though it was pretty good. May connected with Boll on one punch that just about leveled him. Somehow Boll stayed on his feet though and the fight continued. The fight was pretty even. Boll probably through more punches but May had the best one. They each got five minute majors.

The first period ended with no scoring although there was a lot of good back and forth action.

In the second period Janik was hit by Picard and flattened. He got up angry and he and Picard dropped the gloves and went at it. It was another pretty spirited fight. You could tell that both teams really wanted this one.

There was also no scoring in the second period. There were some incredible saves at both ends. Howard and Mason both stood on their heads to keep the game scoreless. It was turning into a major defensive and goaltending battle.

Regulation time ended with still no score. For a game without any goals, this one was anything but boring. There was incredible end to end action and amazing saves. There were also very few whistles.

Late in the overtime period Modin brought the puck into the Red Wings zone and shot one at Howard. Howard stopped the shot but the rebound happened to come right back to Modin who had moved through the slot to the other side of the ice. There was no way Howard could get over to the other side in time to stop the second shot. Modin had a wide open net and he put it in for the overtime game winner.

The Wings played really well tonight and you have to hand it to Jimmy Howard. He did about all he could do. Everybody had really good energy in this game. If Mason hadn’t been absolutely on the top of his game, this would have turned out much differently. It was a shame to lose it but at least they got a point.

This 0-1 overtime loss brings us to:
44 points

Columbus at Detroit (12/26/09)

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

The Red Wings hosted the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight. Mathieu Garon was the starting goalie for the Jackets and Jimmy Howard was in for the Wings.

The best news today was that Valtteri Filppula was back in action for the Red Wings. He was on a line with Leino and Eaves. Rafalski was also back in the lineup tonight after recovering quickly from the flu.

The Blue Jackets came out firing. They seemed to have a bit more energy than the Wings in the first few minutes of the game. Jimmy Howard had to make a few good saves early on.

With about eight minutes left in the first period Meech tried to make an outlet pass that was picked off by Voracek. He shot it and Howard made the stop but the rebound came to Vermette. He took another shot at it and got it by Howard to put the Jackets up one to nothing.

That was the only goal of the period and it was lucky for the Wings. They were badly out shot and out chanced. Fortunately, Jimmy Howard made several really good saves to keep this one from getting out of hand early. Power play time was even so you can’t claim that as a reason for the lopsided stats.

In the second period Stuart shot one from the point that hit one post and traced the goal line all the way across behind Garon and then hit the other post and bounced out. It was unbelievable but pretty much par for the course lately. The Red Wings have had no luck except bad luck.

Later in the second Detroit was on the power play. Lidstrom gave Datsyuk the puck at center ice. Datsyuk took it into the zone with Bertuzzi just coming off the bench. Bertuzzi went straight to the net and Datsyuk passed it to him. Garon, expecting a quick shot, over-committed to the side Bertuzzi was on. Bertuzzi just held onto the puck for an extra second then when Garon slid out of the way he put it in the wide open net. That tied the game at one and ended the Red Wings goal drought that’s been going for more than two games.

Late in the second period Columbus was on the power play. The puck was on the ice in front of Howard and he sprawled out on the ice to cover the puck. Before he could cover it though somebody hit it with their stick and it was chipped up and over Howard. As the puck was coming down in the net Helm went in behind Howard. He swatted at the puck with his stick and popped it up in the air. Then he batted it with his glove to get it the rest of the way out of there. It really looked like a goal but the referee was right there to say no goal. It was only on the replay that you could really tell what happened. Helm saved a goal and kept the game tied. Great job by him!

The second period was a lot better for Detroit. They evened up the scoring chances and brought the shots on goal almost even.

Early in the third period Bertuzzi sent the puck from behind the net to Rafalski at the point. Then Bertuzzi went to the side of the net. Rafalski’s shot went wide but it drew Garon’s and everyone else’s attention to that side of the net. The puck bounced off the end boards and came straight to Bertuzzi who was standing at the other side of the net with nobody even looking at him. He put it into the wide open net again for his second goal of the night. That put the Wings up two to one.

The Blue Jackets pulled their goalie with a little over a minute to go. The Wings had two or three shots at the empty net but weren’t able to get the freebie.

The Wings won the game one to two. It was great to see the team rally the way they did after a subpar first period. They played really well the rest of the game.

They’ll face Columbus again on Monday, on the road this time.

This 1-2 win brings us to:
43 points

Chicago at Detroit (12/23/09)

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Tonight the Red Wings got another crack at the Blackhawks after playing poorly and losing to them in Chicago on Monday night. This time they’ll face off at Joe Louis Arena.

Rafalski was out with the flu tonight so Kindl was in to replace him. Ritola was also in to fill some of the gap caused by all the injuries. Niemi was the goalie for the Blackhawks and Howard was in for the Wings.

This was the first game back at the Joe for Hossa since becoming a Blackhawk. He was injured the one time the Hawks played there previously. He was booed by the fans every time he touched the puck. I don’t think that was really appropriate. I guess it was all in good fun, but come on. The guy took less money to come and play in Detroit last year. This year the Wings just couldn’t afford him. Do the fans think he should play for free? Besides that, if his goal is to win a Stanley Cup, then he’s in a pretty good position to do so playing in Chicago. Time will tell, but that might turn out to have been a brilliant move. I don’t have a boo in me for Hossa. I wish him well, and I appreciate what he did in Detroit last season.

Detroit put a lot of pressure on the Blackhawks in the first period. They looked much better than they did in the previous game. Jimmy Howard was great, especially on one play in which Hossa had a breakaway. Howard stayed with him and stopped the shot.

Late in the first period the Wings were called for too many men on the ice. The penalty carried over to the second period and the Hawks scored a power play goal within the first few seconds. Kane shot from the point and Brouwer was in front taking away Howard’s line of sight. Howard never saw it coming and Kane placed it perfectly into the wide open side of the net giving the Blackhawks the first lead of the game.

There were no other goals in the second period. The Red Wings just weren’t able to put much together offensively. The shots on goal were pretty even but Detroit just wasn’t capitalizing on the few good chances they had.

In the second period Keith shot the puck and Howard gave up a rebound that came to Sharp. He shot it and Howard stopped that one, too. Then the puck hit Drew Miller’s foot and came right back to Sharp again. By this time Howard was down and out of position and Sharp shoved the puck into the net. That gave the Blackhawks the two to nothing lead.

With just over a minute left in the game Toews swept the puck toward the net and it got between Howard’s legs and went in. That made it three to nothing and pretty much put a bow on this one.

It was another fairly lackluster game for the Wings. They had some good pressure early but as the game went on they were just outplayed. Chicago was just too good defensively.

This 0-3 loss brings us to:
41 points

Detroit at Chicago (12/20/09)

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

The Red Wings rolled into Chicago tonight to play the Blackhawks. Osgood got the start tonight for the Wings and it was Huet for the Hawks. The Red Wings had just played yesterday having lost to the Stars in a game in which they actually played very well. This is the first time the Wings faced Hossa; he was injured for their previous meeting.

The Blackhawks scored first before the halfway point of the first period. They were on the power play after a very questionable call on Bertuzzi for hooking. Duncan Keith walked it along the blue line looking for an opening. He saw one and ripped it. It looked like it might have hit somebody along the way and beat Osgood giving the Hawks the one to nothing lead.

With about four minutes left in the second period the Blackhawks scored again. Sharp brought the puck in and passed it back to Campbell. He hesitated for a second and then shot it and got it between Osgood’s legs. That made it two to nothing Hawks.

Then, to make matters worse, with just 32 seconds left in the period the Hawks scored their third unanswered goal. This time it was Byfuglien who carried the puck into the zone and shot one from the very high slot. It was about a fifty-footer and Osgood had a good look at but he just missed it. If it wasn’t so close to the end of the period we might have seen a goaltender change.

In the final few minutes of the game there were some penalties assessed and Bertuzzi and Ladd both got game misconducts. It wasn’t much of an altercation and if it hadn’t been so close to the end of the game they probably wouldn’t have been penalized for more than two minutes. They exchanged some words and then Bertuzzi tapped Sharp with his stick. Ladd didn’t like it so he shoved Bertuzzi in the back. That was about all there was to it.

That was also all there was to the game as the third period ended without the Wings scoring a goal. They just weren’t able to get anything going tonight and the Hawks were just too good defensively.

This Blackhawk team is scary good this year. They could be on a collision course with the Red Wings. It would be sweet if the Hawks and the Wings could meet in the playoffs, assuming the Wings are healthy by then. That would be a great matchup and the start of a really good rivalry. The Red Wings have a long way to go though before they’re ready to compete against these Blackhawks.

This 0-3 loss brings us to:
41 points

Detroit at Dallas (12/19/09)

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

This afternoon’s opponent for the Wings was the Dallas Stars who played host to Detroit and were just two points behind the Red Wings in the standings. The starting goaltenders were Jimmy Howard and Marty Turco.

Well, my wishful thinking didn’t help after the last game. Henrik Zetterberg has a partial shoulder separation and will miss two to four weeks. There was a spot of good news though as Helm returned to the lineup today.

The Stars got off to a good start in this game. They had an early power play and had a lot of good shots in a short period of time. Jimmy Howard was great though and made a few world class saves.

Then Brad May fought with his favorite dance partner Krys Barch. It was a pretty long fight. They were throwing punches until they were both completely out of gas. You couldn’t say either one was the winner but they both seemed to enjoy it.

Later in the first period Datsyuk got the puck and played it ahead to Bertuzzi who was charging to the net. It was almost out of reach so he leaned for forward and just chipped it at the net. It bounced off Turco to the middle of the crease and Holmstrom came in and shoved it into the net. The Wings had the early lead one to nothing.

After Dallas’ initial flurry, Detroit was the better team. They ended up outshooting the Stars eleven to seven by the end of the period and quality chances were seven to three Detroit.

Early in the second period Detroit had a bit of a defensive breakdown and the Stars scored. Both defensemen were on the same side of the ice and Ribeiro passed it across to Skrastins on the other side who one-timed it in. It was a bang bang play. Howard didn’t have much of a chance.

Later in the second period Richards took the puck up the wing. He passed it to Neal in the slot. Along the way the puck hit Rafalski, then hit Neal’s skate and stick, then it hit Bertuzzi’s skate and deflected into the net. It was another goal that Howard didn’t have a chance of stopping. There wasn’t even a shot on goal. It just bounced around and finally went it. It was a fluky goal but it put the Stars up two to one.

A few minutes later Bertuzzi threw the puck toward the net with Datsyuk between him and the goal. Datsyuk touched it slightly but it didn’t look like the puck changed direction at all. The puck went right through Turco’s legs and the Wings tied it up.

Then just a little over a minute later the Stars were pressuring. Skrastins shot from the point and it hit Brad Stuart. Howard lost track of the puck and it bounced the opposite way that he though it did. By the time he found it again it was too late. Neal shot it into the mostly open net as Howard dove for it. The Stars were back up by a goal.

With about a minute left in the second period Miller did a nice job to take the puck away and keep it in the zone. Datsyuk ended up working it behind the net. He sent it back to Bertuzzi in the slot who ripped it with Miller in front. I don’t think Miller touched it but it got through and into the net to tie the game at three.

The stats were even more lopsided after two periods. The Wings were outshooting the Stars 24 to 14, and out-chancing them 14 to 8.

Early in the third period Skrastins released a shot that was nothing special but it seemed to surprise Howard. I think it might have hit the stick of Doug Janik who was right in front of the net. The puck came up and went in the top corner so the Stars had the lead again.

The score held until the end of the game. The Red Wings ended up losing a game in which I felt they played very well. They made a few mistakes but for the most part they looked great.

Datsyuk and Bertuzzi were very good and Helm was just incredible. It’s such a joy to watch him play. I’m glad he’s back.

This 3-4 loss brings us to:
41 points

Tampa Bay at Detroit (12/17/09)

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Tonight’s game featured a rare visit by the Tampa Bay Lightning. Doug Janik was called up from Grand Rapids to replace Ericsson who will likely be out for at least two weeks after suffering a bruised knee on Monday in the game against Phoenix. Jimmy Howard was the starting goaltender for Detroit and Mike Smith was in for Tampa Bay.

In the first period Rafalski made a long pass to Drew Miller who was already in the offensive zone. The puck came to him in mid-air and he knocked it down and got it under control. Then he went in on Mike Smith, faked him out and scored. It looked like it should have been offside and I’m not sure why it wasn’t. It was hard to tell on the replays but the only thing I can think of is that the puck was hit by a Lightning player before Miller got it. That can’t be what they were planning but somehow it worked. The Red Wings had the early lead.

Later in the first Brad May danced with Zenon Konopka. They each got in a few shots but nothing serious. I’d call it a draw.

Near the end of the period Zetterberg got rightly clobbered by Ohlund. It looked like he was blindsided but after seeing the replays I think he saw it coming but it was at the last second; there just wasn’t enough time to react. It was a clean hit but Eaves came charging in to defend his teammate. It was unnecessary to do that on a clean hit and he was called for roughing because of it.

There was no scoring in the second period. To that point the game seemed pretty evenly matched. The Lightning had slightly more shots and chances than the Wings. Howard was playing very well and the rest of the team was, too.

In the third period the Wings were pressuring and the Lightning had trouble clearing the puck. Datsyuk stole a clearing attempt and dumped it back to Holmstrom. He stepped toward the front and passed it to Bertuzzi who was driving towards the net. Bertuzzi keep his stick down and tapped it in.

About halfway through the third period Lidstrom was deep in the offensive zone with the puck. He passed it to Eaves who was moving through the slot all alone. Eaves made a beautiful move to put the puck around Smith and into the net to give the Wings a three to nothing lead. That was a four-on-four goal because Maltby and Ohlund had both received coincidental minors.

That was it for the scoring. The Red Wings looked good in this game. They had a lot fewer shots than usual and gave up a lot more, but apparently they shot all they needed to. Jimmy Howard was stellar. He got the shutout after turning away 30 shots. Keep in mind though that the Lighting are in a terrible slump right now. They’ve been losing a lot lately so we can’t let this go to our heads.

Zetterberg never returned to the game after the monster hit by Ohlund. The way it looked I don’t think it’ll be anything serious. He definitely had his bell rung but I didn’t see anything that should keep him out for long. The only potential problem I can think of from that hit would be concussion or whiplash. Hopefully, he’ll just need some rest. That could be just wishful thinking though. Let’s hope it’s not a real problem…fingers crossed, everyone!

This 0-3 win brings us to:
41 points

Phoenix at Detroit (12/14/09)

Monday, December 14th, 2009

The Phoenix Coyotes faced off against the Red Wings tonight at Joe Louis Arena. Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings. Ilya Bryzgalov was the goalie for the Coyotes. Helm was out with an injured wrist. Hopefully, that won’t be a long term problem. To fill his position they called up Kris Newbury from Grand Rapids.

On Newbury’s first shift he went hard to the net and bumped Bryzgalov a little. They called him for goalie interference. His very first shift as a Red Wing and he was sent to the box. Luckily, the Wings were able to kill off the penalty so no harm done.

After the penalty expired Newbury stayed on the ice. They went on the rush and Draper attempted to pass it to Miller in the slot. It went by Miller to, guess who, Kris Newbury. He was in the right place at the right time and he made the most of it. Bryzgalov had no chance whatsoever. Newbury got a goal on what was just his second shift as a Red Wing and made up for his earlier penalty. You couldn’t script it any better than that!

Later in the first period Newbury was out there again and got called for tripping. During the penalty kill Eaves got the puck and took off shorthanded to the Coyotes net. He released a blistering wrister that burned Bryzgalov for the shorty and gave the Wings the early lead two to nothing. If this keeps up, when Babcock sends out Newbury he’ll just say, “Go out there and get a penalty!” It’s been pretty good luck so far.

A few minutes later Ericsson was hit knee on knee by Doan. It looked like he caught Doan’s knee on the inside of his left knee possibly up higher in the thigh area. He went down and stayed down but the Coyotes were on a scoring chance so they couldn’t blow the whistle. Pyatt had the puck in front of the Red Wings net. He tried to pass it across and Howard shifted that way. But the puck hit Rafalski and came right back to Pyatt who now had an open net to shoot at. It was just bad luck for the Red Wings. There wasn’t much else Howard could have done. So the Coyotes cut the lead to a goal and took out Ericsson on the same play. It was a clean hit by Doan; it didn’t look like it was at all intentional.

Early in the second period Meech took a long shot almost from the blue line. It hit Bryzgalov in the glove and somehow he just missed it. It went through his glove and into the net making it three to one Wings.

With just a few seconds left in the second period Vrbata released a long shot from the wall about at the top of the circle. It hit something along the way and changed direction and went in top shelf on Howard putting the Coyotes back within a goal.

The Coyotes really stepped it up in the third period. They had a lot of shots but luckily Howard was sharp. He stopped them all giving the Red Wings the win.

This was a very exciting game. The Wings looked great tonight. Their offense is getting better every game. Eaves was fantastic and so was Jimmy Howard. Kris Newbury also made quite an impression in his first game as a Red Wing.

Ericsson never returned and there was no word on his condition by the end of the game. This can’t be good!

This 2-3 win brings us to:
39 points

Detroit at Nashville (12/12/09)

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

The Red Wings were on the road tonight playing the Predators in Nashville. Pekka Rinne was the goalie for the Predators and Osgood was in for the Wings.

The first period was pretty uneventful. Detroit drastically outshot the Predators and out chanced them. Both teams traded power plays, with two each. Even with all the chances though, neither team was able to score so the first period ended zero to zero.

Early in the second period Drew Miller passed up ice to Bertuzzi who entered the zone with speed. He brought the puck in, did a spin-o-rama and backhanded a shot that beat Rinne to give the Red Wings the lead one to nothing. It’s encouraging to Bertuzzi score a goal. If he gets hot that could really turn things around for the Red Wings. It’s definitely a morale boost to see him score like that.

Later in the period Helm took a stick in the face. It was a similar situation to the one where Brad May was hit in the face a few games back. It was a follow through on a shot so there was no penalty. That probably didn’t make it feel any better though. Helm is a tough kid and he wasn’t off the ice for long.

A bit past the halfway point of the second period Datsyuk brought the puck in to the zone and shot it. Rinne got a piece of it and it popped up, hit the crossbar and started to drop down. Drew Miller was right on the doorstep and he swatted it out of the air and into the net giving the Red Wings a two to nothing lead.

Later in the period the Predators were on the power play. Sullivan ripped one from the top of the circle. Either Jones or possibly Rafalski tipped it in front and it changed direction. There was no chance for Osgood to react that quickly.

By the end of the second period the Predators had turned things around. They were outshooting and out chancing the Red Wings.

The Predators tied the game early in the third. Legwand scored the goal. He got the puck up and over Osgood’s shoulder. Osgood had been scrambling just prior to the shot and wasn’t really set.

The score was still tied at the end of regulation so they headed to an overtime period.

Early in the OT Datsyuk stole the puck just as the Predators were entering the Red Wings zone. Bertuzzi was already heading up ice and Datsyuk hit him with a perfect pass. Bertuzzi took it to the net. He made a move that got Rinne down and then put it around him into the wide open net for the win. That was the second time in as many nights that Bertuzzi got the game winning goal in overtime.

Bertuzzi had another great game tonight. Hopefully, he’ll stay hot because it sure does help!

This 3-2 win brings us to:
37 points

Anaheim at Detroit (12/11/09)

Friday, December 11th, 2009

The Anaheim Ducks came to town tonight to play the Red Wings. Giguere was the goalie for the Ducks and Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings.

There was more bad injury news for the Red Wings today. In the previous game Dan Cleary was leveled by a hit that he didn’t see coming. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because it was a clean hit in my opinion and I thought he just got his bell rung. As it turns out he has a separated shoulder and will be out for month! It just keeps getting worse and worse for the Wings. Cleary will be replaced by Leino who’s been a healthy scratch for the previous two games. At least this will give Leino a chance to show Babcock that he still wants to play.

Early in the first period Rafalski took a puck in chops and went off for repairs. He ended up needing about 15 stitches but he still came back and played.

Late in the first period there was a mess in front of the Red Wings net. Parros crashed into Howard and the puck was heading across the goal line. Ericsson was right there and swept it away before it crossed the line. In the end it didn’t matter though because Parros was called for goalie interference so it wouldn’t have counted even if it did cross the line unless it was knocked in by the Red Wings.

In the second period Lebda was hit by Koivu in what looked like a harmless play but he seemed to have an injured shoulder. He was trying to get off the ice but he couldn’t. Meanwhile the Ducks got the puck into the zone and went tic-tac-toe back and forth from Bobby Ryan to Dan Sexton and then to Saku Koivu who put it in the net. Howard didn’t have much of a chance since any of those guys could have shot the puck and there were no defensemen in good enough position to stop any of the passes. So the Ducks had the one to nothing lead as they approached the halfway point of the game.

Later in the second period there was a bit of mayhem. Leino was elbowed in the face accidentally by Perry, and then Abdelkader hit Perry in the back and knocked him down. Getzlaf came in and knocked down Abdelkader about the same time that Bertuzzi was being knocked into his own bench. Perry and Abdelkader ended up fighting but Abdelkader was already down. Perry was on top of him so Abdelkader was punching up at him. It only lasted a few seconds and they both went off for fighting.

Late in the period Sexton shot the puck from such a bad angle that it was pretty much parallel to the goal line. Howard had his skate against the post but somehow the puck got through and went in the net giving the Ducks the two to nothing lead with less than a minute left in the second period. It was a freak goal. 99 times of out of 100 that puck wouldn’t go in.

Early on in the third period the Red Wings were on the power play. Leino got the puck to Holmstrom in the slot. Holmstrom burned Giguere with a great shot that picked the top corner of the net and finally scored a goal for the Wings.

A bit later Detroit had just finished their ninth power play which was their eighth unsuccessful one if you’re counting. Bertuzzi had the puck behind the net and banked it off Giguere’s back and into the net. That tied the game at two.

Late in the game Brad Stuart saved a goal. The puck had popped up in the air was coming down right behind Howard and in front of a wide open net. Stuart swatted the puck away before it came down. If he hadn’t done that the Ducks almost certainly would have taken the lead.

Then Boynton was called for hooking. The power play started with 13 seconds left in the game. The Red Wings almost ended it but Datsyuk just couldn’t get anything on his shot. Regulation time ended so the Wings would start the overtime with a power play, four on three.

In the overtime period with the Wings on the power play Stuart passed to Bertuzzi down low. Bertuzzi stepped up towards the net and shot a perfectly placed puck. He found the tiny hole below the crossbar and above Giguere’s shoulder to win the game for the Wings.

This was kind of a crazy game. There were 16 penalties called, crazy bounces, weird goals and tricky calls. For the most part the Wings played pretty well. Jimmy Howard did a good job again. Of the two goals against, one was impossible to stop and the other was a fluke. I say leave him in. He’s getting great experience and gaining confidence every game. He’s giving them a chance to win every game.

This was a great moral victory for the Red Wings. They battled back from being behind two to nothing and they showed signs of regaining their scoring touch. It was really great to see Bertuzzi get a few goals since he’s been really snake bit for most of this season.

This 2-3 win brings us to:
35 points