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Dallas at Detroit (11/30/09)

Monday, November 30th, 2009

The Dallas Stars were at the Joe tonight for a rematch against the Red Wings. The Wings played pretty poorly the last time they hosted the Stars. That was the game with the slow/quick whistle and the disallowed goal for Brad May. Turco was the goalie for the Stars and Howard was in for the Wings.

The first period had a really good pace with very few whistles. The Red Wings gave up a good scoring chance or two but luckily the Stars didn’t connect. The Red Wings had a few good shots but nothing too serious.

Then about three quarters of the way through the period it looked like the Wings had iced the puck. Drew Miller hustled back and pushed Skrastins’ stick away just as he was about to touch it for the icing. Then Miller took the puck and threw it to the front of the net. It hit Daley and bounced into the top corner of the net to make it one to nothing Red Wings. That was just a fantastic effort by Miller. If he keeps showing that kind of determination he will do well as a Red Wing.

Late in the first period Dallas went on the power play after somewhat of a phantom call. The Wings killed off the penalty but just after it expired and with just a few seconds left in the period, Dallas scored. Robidas had it at the point and walked up to the top of the circle. He shot it and Morrow tipped it in front of the net. There was no chance for Howard on a redirection like that.

With less than three second left in the period Ericsson was called for a hook so the Stars started the second period with the man advantage. Detroit was able to kill off the penalty so no harm done.

In the second period Bertuzzi passed the puck to Draper as he entered the zone. Draper made a beautiful pass through everybody to hit Helm right on the tape. He had a nearly open net and he buried it. That put the Wings up two to one. It was a great goal for Helm to get especially after missing an open net a few times in the game against St. Louis the other night. Even so he still played really well in that game. This should be a nice confidence boost for him.

A bit later in the second Zetterberg passed the puck to Cleary behind the net. Cleary shot and the rebound came all the way to the point where Rafalski held it in and threw it back to the net. It ended up next to the net where Cleary picked it up, pulled it back and put it in the net to give the Wings a two goal lead.

In the third period Bertuzzi brought the puck into the zone near the wall. About even with the faceoff dot he let it rip. The puck hit the stick of Daley and changed direction a little and started fluttering. It went under Turco’s arm and into the net. That made it four to one Red Wings.

The rest of the game was pretty uneventful as Detroit locked it down. Detroit played a very solid game tonight although Dallas didn’t do much about it. This was a good bounce back game. Even though the Wings won in St. Louis it took a shootout to get it done. This was the first game they’ve won handily in quite some time. I love the way guys like Miller and Helm are stepping up their games to fill gaps caused by injuries and attrition. Also, Jimmy Howard played a fantastic game tonight. He’s really starting to gain some confidence and it’s reflected in his play.

This wraps up a stretch of seven games in eleven nights. The Red Wings get a few days before their next game which is on Thursday. Hopefully, they’ll get at least a day or two off before then.

This 1-4 win brings us to:
30 points

Detroit at St. Louis (11/28/09)

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

The Red Wings rolled into St. Louis tonight with hopes of snapping their streak of bad luck. Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings and Chris Mason was the Blues’ goalie. The Blues also played last night. They beat Nashville three to one.

The Blues scored first when Perron brought the puck into the zone, moved into the slot and ripped it. The puck changed direction a few times and ended up going off of Backes and into the net give the Blues the one nothing lead.

A few minutes later Polak shot from the blue line with a ton of traffic in front of Howard. There were probably four or five people in his way. He never really picked it up and it went into the net to make it two to nothing Blues.

The Red Wings looked pretty bad in the first period. The Blues had way more scoring chances and shots than the Red Wings. The shots that the Red Wings did have were pretty ineffectual. It looked more like they were passing the puck to the goalie than shooting. The Wings were lucky to get out of that period only down two to nothing. They weren’t playing well offensively or defensively.

Early in the second period the tough play of Helm drew the attention of Johnson. He came over and tried to start something with Helm was called for high sticking. The Red Wings went on the power play. They finally broke their goal drought with a classic Red Wings power play goal. Datsyuk passed from one faceoff dot to the Zetterberg at the other dot. Zetterberg passed to Holmstrom in the middle and Homer tapped it by the goalie. It was just like they drew it up. That made it two to one Blues.

Throughout the second period the Red Wings played much better than they had in the first. They had a lot more energy, were better defensively, and were more effective offensively.

Early in the third period the Red Wings were continuing to grind it out. Jimmy Howard made a great save to keep the Wings within a goal and then at the other end Helm was working hard with the puck behind the Blues’ net. Eaves was in front fighting for position. Helm brought the puck to the side of the net, spun around and passed it to Draper who was charging up the slot. Draper shot it quickly and tied the game.

About halfway through the third period Detroit was really pressuring especially with the fourth line guys. Then at the other end Howard had made some great saves but he reached his limit when Boyes got the puck in front of the net. Howard stopped the first whack at it but Boyes maneuvered around Howard’s pad and shot it in. That gave the lead back to the Blues.

As time was running out in the third period Detroit pulled their goalie. There was a mad scrum around the Blues goal. Zetterberg had the puck behind the net and backhanded it to the front. It hit Jackman’s arm in front of the net and went in. That tied the game at three each with less than a minute to go.

The score remained tied at three the game headed to overtime.

There were plenty of chances in the overtime but no goals so the game went to a shootout.

McDonald shot first for the Blues. He faked to the right and went left beating Howard. Datsyuk was up next. He did pretty much the same thing as McDonald but with some fancier puck work. He beat Mason for the goal. Boyes was up next for the Blues. Howard showed nice patience. He waited him out and snagged his shot out of the air. Zetterberg came up next. He shot and hit Mason’s pads. Then it was Perron’s turn. He put it into Howard’s pads trying for the five hole but Howard kept it locked down. Cleary was up next for the Wings. He took the puck in on Mason and tried to get him to open up the five hole but Mason was having none of it. Then Oshie tried to go forehand and lost the puck. It was all up to Bertuzzi who swung out wide to the left and cut across to the right. He backhanded it up and over Mason into the top of the net for the game winner.

That snapped Detroit’s losing streak. They didn’t look good in the first period but looked great for the rest of the game. They’re lucky to have come away with the win when they didn’t really play well for part of the game. That first period put them in a two goal hole but they fought out of it and won anyway.

Howard played very well, as did Helm, Abdelkader and Draper among others. Hopefully tonight’s scoring will open the floodgates and they’ll start racking up the goals.

This 4-3 win brings us to:
28 points

Calgary at Detroit (11/27/09)

Friday, November 27th, 2009

The Calgary Flames were tonight’s opponent for the Red Wings. Osgood was Detroit’s goalie and Kiprusoff was in net for the Flames. The Red Wings were on a stretch of games where they’ve been playing pretty well but not scoring. They hoped to snap that streak tonight.

It only took 28 seconds for the Calgary to score on the Red Wings. The Red Wings were all hanging around in front of their net. Jokinen got the puck and passed it to Lundmark in the slot. He was wide open for the tap in. The Red Wings just didn’t seem ready; it was like they hadn’t really got going yet.

In the first period it looked as though Detroit had finally broken their streak of bad puck luck when they appeared to score a power play goal. The goal was waived off though because they said Cleary had interfered with Kiprusoff’s ability to do his job. It was a terrible call. Cleary was on the edge of the crease. He may have brushed up against Kiprusoff a little bit but that didn’t stop him from being exactly where he wanted to be and doing what he wanted to do. Cleary didn’t prevent him from doing anything. It was par for the course though the way things have been going lately for the Wings.

Near the end of the first period Moss and Dawes entered the Red Wings’ zone with Ericsson back. Moss tried to pass across but Ericsson broke it up. Then Ericsson tried to gather the puck and Dawes poked it back into the slot. Datsyuk was there by that time and took the puck. Dawes poked it again, off Datsyuk’s stick this time, it went into the net. It was a really crazy play. That made it two to nothing Flames. The bad luck just continued to pile up. It was almost becoming comical. How much bad puck luck can one team have?

After two periods the Red Wings still hadn’t scored even though they had 32 shots on goal to Calgary’s 11. And don’t forget they even had one shot go in the net but even THAT didn’t earn them a goal. I suppose that one didn’t count as a shot on goal since the play was disallowed. I don’t know what more they can do. They’re playing well, they’re shooting from everywhere, and they’re even putting the puck in the net once in a while. Eventually they’ll have to get a goal. I have a feeling that when they start scoring it’s going to be a flash flood of goals.

Just 25 seconds into the third period the Red Wings were caught off guard again. Lundmark passed it to Jokinen who ripped it from the faceoff circle and beat Osgood high on the short side. That made it three to nothing Flames.

Nothing changed throughout the rest of the third period. The Red Wings lost three to nothing and were shut out for the second game in a row. It’s frustrating to watch and I’m sure way more frustrating for the team but there are always periods like this in a hockey season. It makes for a pretty boring game when the game winning goal was scored just 28 seconds into the first period. The Red Wings are trying to stay positive and they’re shooting the puck like crazy. Those are both good things. They’ll come out of this slump soon and score a ton of goals. They’ll have another chance to score tomorrow night when they play in St. Louis.

This 3-0 loss brings us to:
26 points

Atlanta at Detroit (11/25/09)

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

The Atlanta Thrashers came to town to face the Red Wings tonight on the eve of Thanksgiving. Ondrej Pavelec was the goalie for the Thrashers and Jimmy Howard was in for the Wings.

In the first period Detroit was generating a ton of offense but Pavelec was standing strong. Then the Thrashers entered the Red Wings zone on the rush. Afinogenov passed across the slot to Antropov. Leino tried to cut off the pass but he didn’t act quickly enough to stop it. The puck hit his skate but still made it across to Antropov who tapped it in for the goal. It was the familiar situation of the Red Wings playing very well but making one costly mistake and falling behind.

The Red Wings’ first power play of the game was amazing. They had the puck in the Thrashers’ zone the whole time. They put on a passing clinic but Atlanta did a good job of clogging up the middle and Pavelec was on fire.

The amount of offense by the Wings in the first period was as much as some teams have in a whole game but they didn’t get a goal. They had 19 shots and 10 scoring chances but nothing to show for it. The period ended with Atlanta up one to nothing.

In the second period the Red Wings continued playing well. They had a great scoring chance when Pavelec came out to play the puck near the faceoff dot. He poked it back but not out. Leino got it before it exited the zone and passed it to Zetterberg. In the meantime Pavelec had moved back into position. Zetterberg one timed it and Pavelec snagged it out of the air with his glove. It was a heck of a save because he didn’t have time to get set.

A short time later Lebda was called for slashing. With only about 10 seconds left on the Thrashers’ power play, Kovalchuk made a perfect pass to spring our old friend Slava Kozlov who had just come off the bench. He took the puck to the net all alone, made a few moves and beat Jimmy Howard giving the Thrashers a two to nothing lead.

The second period wasn’t as lopsided offensively as the first was. Atlanta was catching up in shots on goal. Detroit seemed to have lost a little jump even though they were still playing pretty well.

Detroit continued to generate offense in the third period but they were never able to score. They pulled the goalie with a minute and forty seconds left but Cleary had been hit with a phantom interference call so the extra skater just got them back to even strength.

It was all for naught as Detroit ended up with forty shots and no goals. Pavelec got the shutout and he deserved it. He played a great game. The Red Wings were doing everything right tonight for the majority of the game. The only thing they need is maybe some confidence. They just seem to be snake bit right now.

This 2-0 loss brings us to:
26 points

Laraque Suspended For Five Games

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The NHL suspended Georges Laraque for five games today for the intentional knee on knee hit to Kronwall. That’s nothing compared to the amount of time that Kronwall is going to miss but it’s about as much as they could reasonably give him. Kronwall will miss four to eight weeks with a sprained MCL. Let’s hope Laraque learns from this experience and starts to play with a little more honor.

Detroit at Nashville (11/23/09)

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Tonight the Red Wings travelled to Nashville to face the Predators. Pekka Rinne was the goaltender for the Predators and Osgood was in net for the Wings. The Wings were in an extra tough spot having lost so many players to injury especially now with a lot of games packed into a short time. Meech was in as a defenseman because of the injury to Kronwall.

In the first period Bertuzzi was called for interference and Nashville went on the power play. Arnott ended up with the puck in front of the Red Wings net. All of the penalty killers were right there but nobody stopped him. He had one whack at it that bounced back to him so he took another whack at it and scored. I’m not sure what they were thinking there on the PK; they looked like they were just standing around. I’m guessing everybody thought somebody else was going to stop Arnott. In any case it was one to nothing Predators.

At the end of the first period Holmstrom was called for hooking. It wasn’t much of a hook, but there you go.

The first period ended with no additional scoring.

The Predators started the second period on the power play. The Red Wings killed off most of it, but with one second left Erat scored with a hard one-timer from the top of the circle that beat Osgood to put the Predators up two to nothing.

Later in the second period the Red Wings were being outworked and outplayed by the Predators. Finally Drew Miller had had enough. He got the puck in the corner, muscled his way along the goal line to the front of the net, and jammed the puck in to put the Wings on the board. It was an awesome play by Miller who’s been fairly quiet since joining the Wings a few weeks ago. I’d love to see him keep making plays like that! That play really seemed to spark the Red Wings and they played a lot better from then on.

In the third period the Wings continued to play with a lot of jump. They had many good scoring chances but Rinne stopped them all.

Late in the third period Osgood made an incredible save with his stick. On the next faceoff though, Erat struck again. Once again it was a shot from the top of the circle. This time it beat Osgood low. That made it three to one Predators with only a few minutes left.

The Red Wings pulled Osgood for an extra skater and generated a few more good scoring chances but weren’t able to get a goal. Zetterberg hit a post with a bad angle shot at a mostly wide open net but that’s as close as they came.

This was a really exciting game that was hotly contested by both teams. Although the Wings lost I think they learned a lot about who is stepping up to fill the skates of injured players. Drew Miller had a great game as did Stuart, Ericsson and Helm.

The bottom line is the Wings were outplayed in this game thanks in large part to a great performance by Pekka Rinne and a team effort for a full sixty minutes by the Predators. The Wings didn’t look bad especially in the third period but it just wasn’t enough.

This 1-3 loss brings us to:
26 points

Kronwall Out Four Weeks / Laraque A Gutless Coward

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

The update on Kronwall is not great, but not as bad as it could have been. He has a sprained MCL but he has no ACL damage so that’s relatively good news. He’s expected to miss at least four weeks.

Georges Laraque intentionally stuck his leg out to hit Kronwall knee on knee in last night’s game against the Canadiens. Of course he denies it and uses the fact that they only called tripping to back up his story.

The league is reviewing the play and will determine if a suspension will be handed down. In a case like this, when there’s obvious intent to injure, I would be very much in favor the league suspending the player for however long the injured player is out. Laraque shouldn’t play until Kronwall does. Of course we’ll be lucky if he’s suspended for a game or two.

That was just a purely gutless move on Laraque’s part. He went out there on that shift with one goal. He wanted to even up the Canadiens’ chances by taking out some Red Wings players. The Kronwall hit happened right after Laraque had just high sticked Helm in mouth. It was the very same shift! There’s no place in hockey for that kind of dishonorable play. I’m disappointed and he should be ashamed. There’s no reason he couldn’t have gone out on that shift and cleanly hit Helm and Kronwall. That would have had a big positive impact on his team. He wouldn’t have cost his team six minutes of penalty time and two goals and it would have been awesome instead of spineless.

Detroit at Montreal (11/21/09)

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Tonight’s matchup was a classic rivalry between Detroit and their old foe the Montreal Canadiens. It’s a great original six battle that we don’t get to see that often. It was a road game for the Wings who were coming off a disappointing loss last night to the Florida Panthers. Jimmy Howard started in net for the Wings and Carey Price started for the Canadiens. The Canadiens were wearing a special jersey that was from 1909-1910 season. That’s quite a classic!

About halfway through the first period Georges Laraque came out and first he high-sticked Helm in the mouth, then we stuck his leg in front of Kronwall to purposely hit him knee on knee. Kronwall had to be helped off the ice and went straight to the dressing room. It didn’t look good. Laraque got four minutes for the high stick since Helm was cut, and two minutes for kneeing. He should have been ejected but the referees don’t get to see the replay to determine penalties. I believe he should be suspended for the knee because it looked intentional. There’s no way you can do that without meaning to injure someone. I’m sure the league will be reviewing this one tomorrow.

The Canadiens killed off about half of the six minutes of power play time and then Brad Stuart shot from the blue line. It looked like Leino got a stick on it and it changed direction slightly. Price couldn’t get it and the Red Wings went up one to nothing. They gave the goal to Stuart but I’m not so sure that Leino didn’t touch it. The goal came during the second of the three minors so there was still two minutes of power play time left.

Then Mara crosschecked Holmstrom about a dozen or so times and finally got called for it. That resulted in a 5 on 3 power play for almost a minute and a half. Just as the 5 on 3 was ending Lidstrom passed it to Rafalski who passed it to Datsyuk at the side of the net. Datsyuk just kept his stick down and banked the puck into the net. It was two to nothing Wings.

Almost immediately after the goal Travis Moen was called for roughing. During the power play O’Byrne slashed Datsyuk’s stick in half and was called for it so the Wings were on another 5 on 3 power play, again for almost a minute and a half. I don’t know what the Canadiens were thinking playing that way. They killed off the penalties but I don’t think you want to be in the penalty box that much against the Red Wings.

Close to the end of the first period Abdelkader hit Georges cleanly but he didn’t like and got up pushing and shoving. Georges’ stick ended up under Abdelkader’s arm and he held on to it. Georges just let go of it at that point and Abdelkader was called for holding the stick. The Wings killed it off until the end of the first period so the Canadiens would start the second period with 51 seconds of power play. The Red Wings were able to kill off the rest of the power play with no trouble.

Kronwall did not come back out in the second period and it was announced that would not be back for the rest of the game. Not a good sign.

There was no scoring in the second period. The Red Wings continued to dominate but didn’t score. Howard looked great when called upon but he didn’t have much work.

At the beginning of the third period the Red Wings turned the puck over along the boards in the neutral zone. Kostitsyn dropped it off for Cammalleri at the blue line. He ripped one that burned Jimmy Howard and brought the Canadiens back to within one goal. It was a heck of a shot but Howard just didn’t seem ready for it.

Nearing the halfway mark of the third period Lidstrom sent the puck around behind his own net but there were no Red Wings in the area. Kostitsyn took it and put it in front of the net to Cammalleri who tapped it in behind Howard. That tied it up at two. I’m not sure why Lidstrom turned the puck over. Maybe he expected a Red Wings player to be there or maybe it was just a mistake. If so, we can’t complain too much as it would probably be the first mistake I’ve ever seen him make!

The Canadiens really turned it up in the third period. They looked like a different team. It may have been more the result of the Red Wings being tired. Considering it was the second of back to back games and they were down a defenseman through most of this one, I’d expect them to be pretty worn out.

The tie held until the end of regulation so both teams got a point. The game headed to overtime to determine the recipient of the extra point.

The pace was crazy in the overtime period. They really opened it up and went back and forth with good scoring chances at both ends. Neither team scored though so they headed for the shootout.

Cammalleri went first in the shootout. He came in fast and shot high. Howard stopped it with a great glove save. Datsyuk was the first shooter for Detroit. He made a few dekes which Price bit on and then Datsyuk buried it for a goal. Plekanec was up next for the Canadiens. He swung all the way out to the wall and then cut back across to the front of the net. He shot and hit a post. Then Zetterberg was up. He shot and got it through the five hole for the game winner.

So the Red Wings came away with two points. After dominating most of the game it would have been a big disappointment to lose again in overtime so it was great that they were able to get the win.

This 3-2 win brings us to:
26 points

Florida at Detroit (11/20/09)

Friday, November 20th, 2009

The Florida Panthers were in town tonight to play the Red Wings. Scott Clemmensen was the goalie for the Panthers. For the Red Wings, Chris Osgood was finally back after kicking the flu. Jimmy Howard did a great job in his absence. Maltby was also back for this game after recovering from the flu. Maltby took the place of Brad May.

The first period had a fast pace but no goals. The Red Wings were pretty much on fire offensively. They had a ton of great scoring chances. I think they had at least five good scoring chances before Florida even had a shot on goal. In the entire first period Florida only had two shots on goal compared to eleven for Detroit. Not much work for Chris Osgood! The Red Wings also out-hit the Panthers 20 to 5 in the first period and out-chanced them 8 to 1. It was pretty much all Red Wings. For all the quality chances, however, each time the Red Wings either just missed connecting, or Clemmensen made a big save.

The second period was pretty boring. Gone was the fast pace of the first. There were a lot of whistles because Florida was doing a better job of playing their trap style defense. They clogged up the neutral zone and made it tough for the Wings to get anything going.

Late in the period Detroit was on the power play and Rafalski and Zetterberg worked the puck in the corner and got it to Datsyuk in front of the net. Datsyuk shot it into Clemmensen’s pads but stayed with the rebound. On his second chance he put it around him and into the net. That made it one to nothing Red Wings. The score held until the end of the period.

About halfway through the third period Florida tied it up. Horton had the puck and took it behind the Red Wings net and out front to Osgood’s right. Osgood was all the way over to that side hugging the post and Rafalski was also operating on that side. Horton passed it through the crease to Weiss who had a wide open net in front of him. Osgood started to come across and Weiss swatted at the puck and missed it and then had time to shoot it again before Osgood made it over to his side of the net. That tied the game at one each.

The third period was wasn’t much more exciting than the second. There were no goals so at the end the score was still tied at one. We were to be subjected to more of this boring game.

In the overtime period the Panthers finally started to play some offense. Just 40 seconds into the period Weiss passed it from the point to McCabe who shot it from the top of the circle and it got under Osgood’s arm and into the net for the game winner.

This game was another case of a team getting badly outplayed but somehow hanging around until the end and then coming away with the win. The Panthers were out-shot in this game 20 to 40. They had no business walking away with two points but there you go. The Wings had a ton of chances to make this game a blowout but it just wouldn’t click. That’s the way it goes some nights.

The Wings now head up to Montreal for tomorrow night’s game against the Canadiens who also played tonight. They beat the Capitals on the road in Washington.

This 2-1 overtime loss brings us to:
24 points

Dallas at Detroit (11/18/09)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Tonight it was the Dallas Stars in Detroit to take on the Red Wings. Alex Auld was the Stars’ goalie and Jimmy Howard was in net for the Wings for the fourth straight game. Osgood is still recovering from the flu. Jimmy Howard has won the last three games in a row.

About halfway through the first period Modano was on a breakaway and Rafalski was called for hooking him. On Dallas’ power play Ribeiro entered the zone and tried to pass the puck through the slot. Ericsson went down and was sliding feet first towards the net. He swept his stick along the ice attempting to cut off the pass. Instead he tipped the puck by Howard and into his own net. Dallas was up one to nothing.

The Red Wings best scoring chance of the period came in the final few minutes when Zetterberg made a great pass up the middle to feed Cleary on the breakaway. He shot it but Auld came up with a nice save and kept the Wings off the board. So the period ended with the Stars still up one to nothing.

Early in the second period the Stars were applying some pressure. Howard made several good stops in a row. Then Richards got the puck and passed it back to Niskanen at the blue line. He released a quick shot with a lot of traffic in front of the net. Jimmy Howard never saw the puck but it somehow found its way through all the bodies and into the net. That gave the Stars the lead two to nothing.

Later in the period Zetterberg took a pass from Leino at the blue line and brought it to the net. He went forehand to backhand and shot it up and over Auld for a Red Wings goal.

A few seconds later Brad May fought with Krys Barch. They have a long running history of fights stemming to May’s time with the Ducks. This was their fifth fight in the last three seasons. It was a pretty good fight. I’d say May was the clear winning. They grabbed a hold of each other’s jerseys right away with their right hands and were throwing lefts. May landed several solid punches. Pretty good stuff!

In the third period Brad May scored a goal but nobody noticed that it went in the net. On the replay the puck was clearly in the net long before the whistle blew and long before there could have possibly been intent to blow the whistle. It was sitting in the net for at least two seconds before the whistle. Unbelievably, they didn’t allow the goal even after reviewing the play and conferring with Toronto. I can’t wait to hear an explanation of this one because it was so obviously the wrong call. If he intended to blow the whistle before the puck was in the net then he must have been thought the play was dead before the puck even reached Auld and that’s completely ridiculous.

Later Ericsson was called for holding. On the power play Neal passed it through the slot to feed Eriksson in front of the net. Howard didn’t get over in time and Eriksson tapped it in. That gave the Stars the lead three to one. Of the three goals that was the only one that Howard even had a chance at stopping. His play was pretty good tonight for the most part.

The Wings pulled the goalie in the final minute but weren’t able to score. The final score was Dallas three, Detroit one.

The officials in tonight’s game were the worst I’ve seen all season and possibly in the last few seasons. There were some pretty bad penalty calls against both teams. There were several hooking calls that were very weak, a delay of game call against Auld that was pretty nitpicky and several missed calls. The disallowed game tying goal was just the icing on the cake. It very well could have cost the Red Wings the game or at least a point. It definitely cost Brad May his first goal of the season and he doesn’t score many goal so it really sucks for him. In general I think the NHL does a great job of applying common sense and making sure the right call is made. They really blew it tonight though.

This 3-1 loss brings us to:
23 points